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Haylo Crossover Oneshot

In the recent months, the UNSC stationed at Reach have been experiencing a multitude of attacks on their facilities. Entire bases destroyed, supply depots raided and overrun, even entire UNSC battleships in orbit around Reach have either gone missing or promptly crashed into Reach's surface.

In hopes of discovering the threat, the Office of Naval Intelligence authorizes the use of seasoned, war-hardened SPARTAN-II operatives to discover the mysterious fate of those that fell to this ambiguous threat. Little do they know that the threat is much more colorful than they expect.

And more equine.


Started typing this up MONTHS ago. Just never finished the pickup scene. Which I wrote yesterday. I'm still working everything else; don't worry!

Also, if you haven't figured this out yet, this was based off of Sakojima 5555's Mane 6 video. Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmZ2a8sCzz4

Like the video, this is not to be taken seriously. Written for my own amusement; thought you guys would have wanted to see what I've been doing in my spare time.


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Comments ( 35 )

And so... Princess Molestia took Fiver away into her castle, and he was never seen again. :trollestia:

Also, first. :trollestia:

:rainbowderp: That was strange...

Ok I'm confused. You need a follow up. NOW.

Woah! Can you say outgunned? Spartans being outgunned seems near impossible. Good job, no one seemed overpowered and I loved it.

Oh, and fav. and watch. Silly me, I already watch you. o_o Always watching you.

Follow up, follow up, follow up...

i know whats happend..tf2 versions of them came into halo world...fucked shit up.....then died in a horrible crash...

good story, though it kinda seemed one sided don't you think?

*reads desc- :trixieshiftright:
*reads story-

741967 it's too late, there everywhere...
More please this is so good so far...:pinkiehappy::trollestia:

741890 Check out the YouTube video.

are you serious -.- ponys killing spartans? -.- WHERE IS MY HALO RING?!!

MOAR!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage: is so epic i cried:raritycry:

I suppose the UNSC on Reach is lucky that tac nukes weren't released for this mission.
Great story, am standing by for more.

1 buck, 2,000+ pounds, flying 7-8 feet. How did Applejack even use the controls? Needs Prequel from pony view, I think they lost Derpy (who is recon?) (Doesn't like fighting, death, etc.) and took out a Spartan team, marine team, with human weapons and YOU happened to survive (big surprise there) and get dragged out for questioning. On the world that the covenant glasses. This is all assumptions on my part:pinkiehappy:
Now for questions, why are they fighting the humans? Are they with the covenant? Why is there a Mech?:derpyderp1::applejackconfused::rainbowhuh:

745015 Just watch the video, and all shall become clear. :twilightsmile:

Link is in the description.

742691 seen it, but come on, at least should of given them a chance

These Spartans seem way to under-powered. Even though ponies are awesome, I doubt they would be able to take on 1 Spartan. OP Ponies are OP :twilightangry2:

Yeah... ponies killing UNSC... I'm gonna call that NOT bullshit when I see cow-pigs flying upside down through the air dropping nukes.

icanhas covenant-UNSC alliance against ponies?

Eat heavy plasma cannon, AJ!

:pinkiegasp:Just thought of this, Jun Vanished and no human know where he is.

I want to claim bullshit against this story... but when I saw the video that I already saw before reading this story I put it down as "plausible" although I highly doubt that they would be taken down with such ease, swords cannot go through spartan titanium-A MJOLNIR armour with ceramic outer shell (also the shields need to augmented more into the story)

against ordinary marines I have no problem, but when against Spartans...

other than that... good story :pinkiesmile:

I think that comment he left WAS the follow-up...
I thought this was all a little too lacking in purpose not to be a troll.

plaster the planet with mac rounds damnit!

Well if halo really came to equestria........

1298476 yes, the mane 6 would get the shit kicked out of them. The Spartans sent to equestria must have been REALLY FUCKING WEAK which seems near impossible since their Spartans. If the unsc gets into a war with pony kind equestria will be wiped off the face of the universe.

The ponies shouldn't have been able to do that to spartan 2's
A single spartan 2 could kill all six of the pony's no problem, a team would be able to destroy all of equestria with little problem


2056206 i agree. Although i love mlp, a team of spartans, or even one (if that one was master chief) could easily kill the mane 6, take out ponyville, and probably even destroy equestria. It doesn't even make sense to write a fic where the mane 6 have so much of a chance of winning, much less beating an intire team of spartans.

Blue team...

John 117, Kelly 87, Linda 58 and Frederic 104... i... i'm speechless!

3820936 he is vary much right even against all the marines...

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