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Comment posted by SolarEclipse912 deleted Mar 5th, 2016

I have a feeling that the Dragon of Night is the Tantabus or Luna... Still... I :heart: this story!

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Comment posted by Crimson Inferno deleted Nov 5th, 2016

*Gets captain hat* SunLight/TwiShimmer ship is about to depart. I repeat, the ship is about to depart! *sails the S.S. SunLight/TwiShimmer*

Nah I think I wrote that before I saw that episode, its an OC dragon for Monster Hunter I made for the story.

Have been taken a break, should have put on Hiatus. Probably going to continue working on it over the first half of summer to get a line of chapters released over July.

It's back! A lot of the Monsters Hunter crossovers have stop updating all together, so it's really nice to see this story again.

And boy do give us a big surprise with that new arrival.

Found some mistakes.

I gave her a polite was and took my seat on the log next to her.


What did you say they we made of again?


Putting my plate in fire dish rack to burn off the germs

Putting my plate in the fire dish rack to burn off the germs

that i had been given


eating the meet from the monsters


which direction the would like to go,

going back i did a side flip I

again i continued my spin


they were huge!.

he was huge!

with how little light was hear it was hard


as they came closer


When they came into full view I gasped.


They had lightly tanned skin


They hard shaggy black hair


Even with how far they were from us

he was

I could tell they could easily


Meh I wrote it at 4 am just thought I would upload it before I scrapped it like my last two attempts thought I owed that much to those who actually are following. I plan on editing this later this week and a new chapter every week after that.

Yeah Twilight sure did grow balls here, though I do understand her. I may not like hunting in real life, but playing Monster Hunter sure gives a thrill when you manage to down your target that are juggernauts.

Sunset may be laughing at the aspect of camping with royalty, but I'll sleep with one open eye.

Also if Sombra is gonna join their group of hunter, I suggest you give him a hammer. It would fit his brutal character and it always good to have an impact weapon on a team.

Oh and for Twilight's jab at Sombra.

Mistakes found:

Now listen her child!


I walked up to here towering at my full height.


I have a understanding of both the scientific


Lets go quite mode and slip past,


we tried scouring for some king of shelter


the gear had become increasing heavy


So when do we see the gloriousiness that is hammer show up and knock heads

ok as a fan of monster hunter I feel I need to tell you it is not called the "anti dragon" weapon " it is called the " equal dragon weapon"

Lol I really need to proof read but the only time I write is at like 2 am when I have ideas.

Nah but really I just forgot when I was speeding through the writing of that chapter, I am not sure which name I prefer though. Equal Dragon Weapon or Wyvern Machine Solider.

well the equal dragon weapon is easer to say

why would sunset take her journal through the portal that would have closed it it needs to be on the other side to keep it open

Only until the normal method of it opening would occur again. So depending on when that was it could be 4 weeks to just 1 day from when they were heading back so for the sake of the story lets go with it would have re opened on its own in 1 week and Sunset did not feel comfortable not having it on her.

Thanks for the feed back and I may edit the first chapter to mention this at a later date.

that image at the start is broken

Yeah it seems to only appear sometimes. I don't know how to fix that sadly. I might just use description in later chapters but I hoped the visual affect would help the readers who are unfamiliar with Monster Hunter.

Hopefully soon my new job has tied me down as I have now switched to night shift, luckily I now have a lot of free times on the weekends to write. I am planing on making this next chapter a longer one to make up for the lack of updates. Thanks to you and everyone who are still reading and hopefully enjoying this little story.

For anyone paying attention to this story I am currently in the process of editing chapters that I have already posted to make them both flow better and to remind myself what I have even wrote. I also am currently working on a longer chapter to post at the end of my editing. This all should be done within the next week or two. Monster Hunter World has really been a driving force in my creativity.

Will eements of MH: World or Stories be included in this?

Probably not the characters are in the old world. Some monster might make an appearance though and maybe when i complete this and start up a second part that will be a different case all together. :pinkiehappy:

I mean as in Stories monster riding. I even imagined the trio's Elder Dragons already.

Sombra-Kushala Daora

I am actually working on making the Kushala Doara armor set in Monster Hunter World. The biggest difference in this game seems to be the size of it's tornado's. The entire area I was in looked like a storm. I think changes like that make the new game seem way more exciting.

What? That wasn't relevant to what I was talking about at all.

Not wearing the monsters.

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the dual blades are a weapon of reckleness and skill, the bearer has no shield or way to block so there only option is too attack, and awaken the dmeon within.

the hammer on the other hoof

Might want to change that.

It was on purpose he was a pony until a week ago. Lol

Oh I misread that, I thought one of the humans said that.

hi is this story Monster hunter world or a anther Monster hunter what?

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