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This story is a sequel to The Chronicles of Dark Star: A Blade of Redemption

A thousand years is a very long time. Civilizations can rise and fall in a thousand years; landmarks can wither away and vanish; entire ideologies and belief systems can disappear as quickly as they appeared in the blink of a cosmic eye, leaving behind no trace or, at the very least, no explanation as to what things were like or how things were done in the ancient, by-gone days.

For Dark Star, it doesn't feel like a thousand years. The things he remembers are still fresh in his mind, like vivid pictures that were destroyed before he had the chance to enjoy them. The city he loved so much and knew so well is gone, reclaimed by the forest that had once been its salvation, and the ponies he grew up with are no more than a family name, if that. He is a stallion out of place in time, a pony from a different era struggling to grasp his place in this new world around him.

However, one night beneath the stars with Trixie opens up a door to a thousand years in the past, a window into the youth of a stallion who fell in love with a pony that he should not have... but now that Dark Star is freed from the bonds of his hatred, will those memories still have the same sweet taste that they did before? Or will the words of a childhood story bring a bitter clarity to the memories of the greatest of the Four Generals?

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