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My Little Mane Six 2 - JusSonic

Justin reunites with the Mane Six for a little trip into vacation...and bringing along his new girlfriend and her sonw ith him, going on big adventures!

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Chapter 8: Friends At Last

Chapter 8: Friends At Last

Brad's mother as well as Justin and Hayley are talking with the Mane Seven. Starlight chuckles, "I gotta admit, this party has been great so far."

"As my big brother would say, eeyup!" Applejack spoke, making the others laugh.

"Hey everyone." Brad said as he came over to the others.

"Oh, hey, Brad!" Twilight exclaims with a smile.

"Hey Bradley!" The rest of the girls exclaims eagerly.

"Having fun with your Rara?" Mila ask her son teasingly, nudging her son a bit.

"Yeah, great...uh, say out of curiosity, do you remember anything that happened before?" Brad ask the group in concern. The boy is wondering if his friends and/or family remembered what happened.

"Like what?" Pinkie ask, moving her head around in a circle very eerily and creepily.

"Well, as in...someone attacking ponies, trying to kill us, all that?"

"Uh, we have no idea what you're on about, darling." Rarity said a bit puzzled.

"Right, everything has been turning out fine." Justin said a bit puzzled as well. "I mean, it's just us, spending vacation as well as being with friends and family. Remember?"

"Brad, are you all right?" Mila ask her son in concern. She is concerned that her baby boy has hit his head or something.

"Oh, nothing. Just a bit curious as it's your usual day in Equestria." Brad said a bit awkwardly as he quickly leaves. The others looks after him a bit puzzled.

"What is he on about?" Fluttershy ask the others worried. "It's like something happened and we aren't aware of it."

"Or maybe he made some wish that undo any nasty ugly thing that happened to us and he and Yuko are the only ones who remember!" Pinkie exclaims happily while making a big squee.

"Pinkie, you are so random." Hayley sighs, shaking her head while smiling a bit.

Brad did some thinking as he trotted across the room. No one but him remembered what has happened...no one but him and...unless...

'I got to know.' Brad thought in his mind as he gallops over to the one pony who will give him all the answers. Yuko was drinking punch when he trotted up to her. "Hey, Yuko. Can I have a moment?"

"Sure." Yuko said with a nod. She and Brad goes over into the next room to do some talking, away from the ears of everypony else. "So, what is it?"

"Why am I and you, or not sure you, know what really happened before? Nezha didn't look like he's a crazy murderer from before."

"Simple. You make a wish and make it happen."

"How?" Brad ask a bit puzzled. He is not sure how he was able to make this happened.

Yuko smiled as she spoke mysteriously, "You know the answer very well. Remember carefully."

Brad pauses to do some thinking, trying to remember what he did to make it happen. Then...memories came into his mind as it all came back to him...



Brad got up from the ground, looking a bit weary for wear. That wish that he asked Yuko to grant was a real pain in the flank!

Brad groaned, "Man, sometimes I really hate stupid roller coaster. What the-?!" The pony...correction, HUMAN look himself over. "I'm Human. How? Wait! Where am I?" Brad looks around in confusion, the area he's in was not Canterlot, but somewhere else entirely! "This isn't Canterlot. It looks like a science lab but except it looked like World War II or something."

"That's because it is." A familiar voice spoke up, startling Brad. Someone else is here besides him.

"Who's there?" Brad ask as he looks around. A light appeared to shine, nearly blinding him. When all is clear, he saw Yuko who emerged from the light. "Yuko?"

"I am Yuko from this timeline - 900 AE. This is when Nezha grew his rage and anger more powerful and dangerous than before."

"What? No way..."

"Yes. It is true. When you make a wish, Yuko sent you here for one purpose - save Nezha." Yuko explains clearly to Brad. Looks like when he made that wish in the present, the boy has teleported himself to this timeline.

"What? Why? Why couldn't he do it?" Brad ask Yuko in bewilderment. Why him and not Nezha?

"There's a problem. If the future refused to change its course, it destined to continue towards the end of its journey."

"In other words, Nezha doesn't want it because he will convince his past self to do something-!"

"Yes, revenge." Yuko said with a nod, satisfied that Brad understood why. Nezha himself would make his past self does something terrible that will make the present day even terrible than it is now!

"So, I have to save him. Even if I did, Nezha won't listen to me." Brad said in concern. How would he know that Nezha would listen to him, a human of all things?

"That depends on you of how you respond to him. Now, go. Time is running out."

"I hope I don't regret this!"

Brad ran across the hallway of the old science lab-like. And at the same time, he hid behind the doors, crates and inside the holes to hide from the Ancient Humans Guards. They have no idea that he's from another world and would most likely mistaken for a traitor or a pony sympathizer.

As Brad continued passing them by, he heard some screams nearby. He came across a surgery room where he took a peek in. He saw two Mystic Ponies killed while a younger version of Nezha was screaming and crying in pain as he lost his limbs and even has scratches on his face and body. The ancient wizard and acolytes were checking on him. Those monsters!

Brad gasped in horror, "Oh my god... How could they?!"

Acolyte #1 nodded as he spoke while observing Nezha, "Look at him. His body is regenerating yet slowly. It must be the effect of the Black Crystal."

"Yes. That's the only reason. And I'm amazed that these creatures were able to withstand our blades and swords especially this crystal we found." The Wizard spoke cruelly and amused of this. "Imagine all of our work we have done so far. We could make this country and another realm ours - riches and glory! We'll be the most powerful race in the world."

"What of the others? If they found out of what we did, they may come and attack us especially that stupid William and his cohorts - he thinks everyone and animals are equal." The second Acolyte remarks in concern, fearing that William and his pals may come to defend these ponies.

The third acolyte nodded while speaking, "Yeah. These are just dumb animals for us to eat and experiment on."

The fourth acolyte just snort and laughs cruelly, "If they show, we'll kill them with this power. They're gonna regret for turning against us and our leader's vision."

The fifth acolyte nodded as he remarks wickedly, "I can't wait to have that kind of our power in our hand."

Brad has heard enough. These monsters have no heart and they called themselves humans! It's time for him to change history and put a stop to this madness!

"Damn them! Damn those Animals!" Brad snarls as he took the sword near the entrance. He charged in, startling the rogue humans who saw him. "Let him go! Let that Mystic Pony go!"

Nezha cried upon spotting Brad, "No! No more Humans! No more!"

"Who are you? Who authorized you to enter-?!" The Wizard yells out in alarm and confusion. He has never seen this Human before...but it won't matter in the next few minutes!

Brad stabbed his blade through Wizard's chest before pulling it out, sending the monster to the ground dead. The acolytes and even Nezha were in shock, but the former won't for long. Two were about to attack but Brad swung his at their chests hard.

"What are you doing?! You're ruining our work!" The third acolyte protest in shock. This Human is ruining everything that they're working on!

"Do you have any idea what you have done? We could us them to make the world obey us!" The fourth acolyte protests, outraged by Brad's "betrayal".

"After all, they're just animals!" The fifth acolyte yells out in agreement. How dare this newcomer defend the ponies like this?!

"Shut up, animals!" Brad yells out in fury. He has had enough of these guys! Brad swung his blade at wounding the rest of Acolytes, knocking them all down. He then approached Nezha who was shivering and quivering in fear while crying. What will this new Human do now, "It's okay. I'm gonna get you out. But you have to trust me."

Nezha nodded fearfully. Brad unbuckled the strappers before he carried the young Mystic Pony, running quickly ran as fast as he can. The Ancient Soldiers and Guards chased after him, determined to put a stop to this foolish "traitor".

Brad managed escaped the lab while continued running as fast as he can. The Human Guards continued chasing after them as they entered the forest. And just before anyone could do anything, arrows flew and struck the guards to the ground.

Yuko appeared before Brad, smiling as she spoke, "You did it."

Brad lowered Nezha while breathing heavily, "Yeah. It wasn't easy. Now I understand why these ponies have grudge on Humans. Darn them. How could they do this?"

"Lust. Greed. Power. This is what Humans have desired. Unlike William, he has a good heart and wanted friendship with ponies. No war, no bloodshed."

"You okay?"

Brad was speaking to Nezha who was recovering. The future villain looks shocked and confused. Why did this Human helped him...especially since what his kind has done to him?

"Why? Why did you save me? Why didn't you kill me like what you did to my mummy and daddy?!" Nezha demands in confusion to Brad.

"I'm not like them. I know you won't trust or believe in me. But you've gotta trust me, Nezha, I would never wanted to kill the ponies." Brad said to Nezha gently. He must convince this guy that he, or any other Humans, aren't like the ones who would harmed anyone.

"How do I know you're not lying?"

"I was like you. I lost my dad who was killed by those stupid robbers! They murdered him like he's just a punching bag for them to do. This is something I couldn't stand! And I'm sorry I couldn't save your family. I really am." Brad then begins to sob. Yuko was silent while Nezha looks stunned, he hasn't seen a Human acting like this before. "But please. Don't kill all of the Humans. Some can be bad but others are good. If you can trust me, then you can trust them. Just give them a chance. They're not all evil..."

Nezha gasped in amazement, "I don't believe it... Humans can cry..."

"All I ask is you to give them a chance. If they did good, they can be your friends. Please, trust me..."

Nezha sniffled as he gave a slow nod, "I... I... I'll try..."

"Thank you." Brad said in relief. Hopefully now, this means that Nezha would change for the better.

"Well done. Your duty is done. You can go home now..." Yuko said gently to Brad. Now that his task is done, time for him to return to his own timeline.


Before Brad could react, Yuko's eyes glow as everything turn to white...



Now Brad remembered, he remembered it all. He was able to save Nezha...and convince not to kill all of the Humans. Because of his actions, the Mystic Pony changed for the better. Brad couldn't believe that he has forgotten...until now.

"So, that's what happened. I saved Nezha. Did he-?" Brad ask Yuko in concern, wondering what became of Nezha.

"Although Nezha can't forgive the Humans from the Past for what they did to him and his family, he's willing to give some a chance." Yuko said to Brad with a smile. "When the reports came in, he give and is willing to give them a chance to befriend."

"Wow... No way..."

"Yes. It's true. You have journeyed far and fulfilled the destiny. Thank you, Brad. You have saved Nezha from his depths of darkness."

"No problem. I just don't understand one thing. Who was the person contact you to keep an eye on me?" Brad ask Yuko puzzled. He is still pondering the individual who asked Yuko to keep an eye on him in the first place.

"Your father." Yuko answer. Brad was in shock and surprise by that, his father asked her to keep an eye on him?! "Yes. When I sense pain and sadness from the day you came here, I knew there's something wrong. So I research on you. I sought and contacted him of what needed to be done. And thus, he asked me to guide and help you overcome your sadness and pain. And at the very end, you did it."

"Dad asked you to help me? I can't believe it. He's been watching over me."

"Indeed. And one more thing, I have a message from him. He said 'I'm proud of everything you had done at Equestria. No more pain. No more sad. Be happy. Love you.'"

Brad sobbed and sniffled, "Thanks. You're one crazy witch, alright."

"I'd take that as compliment." Yuko remarks with a light giggle.

Brad sighs as he left Yuko. Looks like thanks to his action, the timeline has been changed for the better. Now only one thing is left for him before he could put this matter to rest.

Nezha was talking to some friends when Brad came over. The Mystic Pony looked him over. The boy couldn't believe that this is the same one who tried to kill him and everyone else in the original timeline!

"So, you're Brad?" Nezha ask Brad in amusement.

"Yeah. That's me. You're not trying to something stupid, right?" Brad ask Nezha in concern. He wondered if this guy remembered him somehow.

"I would have. But a Human told me to give them a chance. And I will. To be frankly, you oddly look familiar. Do I know you somewhere, boy?"

"If I told you, you wouldn't believe in me."

"Try me, Human. But don't try to trick me about my powers. I'm not a patient pony." Nezha said to Brad sternly.

Brad couldn't help but laugh in amusement. Looks like everything is as it is!


As the party is about to come to a close, Celestia asked everyone to gather to the front of the book for a speech. Justin, Hayley, Mila and Brad stood near the Mane Seven,

"We have gathered here today in celebration of momentous occasion. My student - Twilight Sparkle and her five friends - Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and even Pinkie - disappeared from our land for a long time since the battle against Smaug and his Alliance. They were all taken care and adopted by two trusted Humans and their friends for quite sometimes. These Humans even reunited the young mares with us." Celestia explains to the crowd. She smiled while continuing, "But today, something extraordinary happens. For the first time ever, Mystic Ponies have finally accepted the Humans as friends after a long thousand years since the local ones - pure evil - betrayed and attacked both us and their own kin. They even gave permission to the Humans to live and stay with us as long as they want. And therefore, those who treated us fair and equal are welcomed here. Fillies and gentlecolts, may I present the mares' adopted family - Justin, Harley, Mila and Brad."

The ponies hoof-applaud as Justin stood forward. He spoke up, "Hey everypony. And to be honest, I'm a little bit of nervous. I'd never done speeches before. But I know what I want to say - I do whatever it takes to look after my family. And no matter what happens, no one hurts mine, even my adopted one and theirs, and gets away with it. And believe me, everyone, I'm a big angry daddy."

The audience laughs a bit. Hayley took her turn as she spoke, "Hey, everypony. I know I'm just a kid but I know what I want to say. I loved you all especially my sisters. And no matter what happens, I'm gonna be there for them! Do you know why? They're my sisters and first best friends I ever had. I'm really happy for it."

Now it's the newcomers' turns. Mila smiled as she stepped forward, speaking, "I've known MLP for my entire life since its debut. I'm truly love it very much. It's not because of how popular the show is, but what's morality and the lessons behind it. I learned a lot from it. And I'm truly proud to be one of the Bronies, not just for myself but also others. Do you know why? We're friends. We help each other out no matter how dangerous it can be."

Now it's Brad's turn. The boy clears his throat as he spoke, "Hey, everyone. I know I may have been a bit rough and rude to anypony, even a robot like Wheelie. But there's something you should know about me. I'm not who or what you think about. I lied about everything. In truth, I am a Brony."

The audience mumbles questionably. Sunburst spoke up, "Seriously?"

"Wow, he's a Brony, really?" Starlight ask Sunburst in amazement. Brad never admitted it before...at least, not in this timeline!

Brad smiles as he spoke, "Yes. I really am. And the reason I hid it because I was afraid that everyone will laugh at me for being a gay. So, I pretend to be a guy who cares for nothing but himself. How and why? It reminded me of my dad. He helped me with everything I need to know about the world. Seeing that show makes me very happy and relief from that pain. MLP isn't about the cartoon, it's about how strong our friendship is through damn pain struggles. And I'm proud to have it. I'm proud to be a Brony. That's who I am."

The crowd looks amazed. Then they applauded eagerly and wildly. Brad smiles as the Humans looks on proudly.

"Wow, I'm proud of Brad." Twilight said to the others with a smile. "He has come a long way."

"And to think, we thought he was a big jerk." Rainbow laughs a bit while nudging Applejack who chuckled a bit.


Soon the party came to an end. The ponies went on. Now that summer vacation is almost over, it's time for the Humans to go home too. But they are happy, knowing that they will be welcome back to Equestria anytime they want.

"Well, it's been one interesting vacation." Justin said as he hugs the Mane Six. It's sad to leave them but at least the father can go home, relieved that everything is fine for them. "I got a feeling we have forgotten something."

"Oh well, maybe next time we will figure it out, darling." Rarity said to her father with a giggle.

"You come back now, you hear?" Applejack ask Justin, making him smirk at that.

"You bet." Justin promised to Applejack as he did the Pinkie Promise. "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."

"And don't you forget it!"

Brad is saying his own goodbyes...this time to Rara. The two hold hooves, hating to depart so soon.

"So, you'll be going back home soon?" Rara ask Brad in concern.

"Yeah. You know the usual. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna ignore you." Brad said gently as he brushes part of his love's mane a bit. "And believe me, Rara, I love you ever since I saw the episode. You were amazing."

"Really? Thanks..."

"I will come and visit you, Rara. I promised."

"I know. And thank you for finding and asking me to be your teacher." Rara said to Brad, blushing while giving a lovingly smile to him.

"Yeah. Thank you for being my friend and girlfriend, Rara." Brad said gently.

Brad and Rara leaned and kissed each other lips passionately and happily. Everyone watched it in amazement.

"I knew she would get a love of her own." Applejack said with a smile that her good friend has her special somepony.

"And you complained about the whole pony x human thing." Fluttershy giggles to Rainbow. She didn't responded just smiled a bit in amusement.

"It's a shame that these two would have to part." Sunset said in concern, sighing. It's sad that Brad and Rara must part after getting together.

"Yeah..." Flash said in agreement with a sigh.

Mila pauses then an idea came into mind. The mother trotted upward as she spoke, "You know, Brad. There are no rules saying you have to come back...or cannot stay here permanently."

Brad and Rara look stunned. Is Mila saying what they think she's saying?

"You mean..." Brad begins to speak up in hope.

"Wait, what about Earth and school?" Justin ask Mila in concern. Doesn't Brad still have some school left to do back home?

"Brad graduated already. It's time for me to let go and let my son live his own path." Mila said to Justin with a sad smile. She turns to Brad, speaking, "Stay here, Brad; be with her."

Brad laughs as he uses his wings to twirl Rara in the air. The mare giggles while hugging her love. Brad is here to stay!

"Great, looks like I gotta put up with him forever." Wheelie groans out yet he is giving out a light laugh.

"Wheelie." Most of the gang remarks, laughing a bit.

Once Brad put Rara down, he gallops over to Mila and hugs her. The new stallion cries out, "Thanks, mom! Are you going to be okay?"

"I'm positive." Mila said with a smile as she hugs her son back. Once the two let go, the woman spoke, "Now you let us know when the wedding is, okay?"

"Only if you tell me when your wedding is!"

"Brad!" Justin exclaims with a blush while laughing a bit. Looks like Equestria's new pony species has just gotten a new member.

"Does this mean we will be getting new family members?" Fluttershy ask Twilight curiously.

Twilight smiles as she watches the scene of the Humans saying goodbye to one of their own. She said gently, "Looks like it, Flutter. Looks like it."


A few years later

A familiar voice is narrating as he looks at familiar photos, "Well, years has passed and things in Equestria has been fine for everybody and everypony."

We see photos of Justin and Mila, smiling at the camera at their wedding.

"Mom got married to Justin a few months after our great event. Hayley and I are now step-siblings."

We see photos of various Mystic Ponies, some did not want their photos taken obviously.

"The Mystic Ponies are now friends to the Humans in their world or the next. Of course, now the only thing they gotta worry about...is the tourism! Hoo boy!"

We see a photo of Brad flying through the air, laughing with Rainbow.

"As for me, I adapted well to the new world of Equestria, being a pony full time! It's amazing that the ponies of this world get used to a former Human. As for Rara..."

"Brad." A familiar voice spoke up. Brad, years later, looks to his wife, Rara who is smiling. "Looking at the photos, honey?"

"Sure am." Brad remarks with a light chuckle. He looks at the photos while speaking, "Well, Rara got a permanent addition to her tour group...a guitarist and a husband. Boy, our wedding was awesome."


"Yeah, dear? What?"

Rara smiles as she patted her stomach. Brad looks on in wide eyes. Could it be...?

"I'm pregnant." Rara remarks with a light chuckle. Looks like the Exitor/Mane Six family now got a new member!

The End

Author's Note:

Major Cast

John Goodman: Justin Exitor
Dakota Fanning: Hayley Exitor
Kristin Davis: Mila Anderson
Seth Green: Brad Anderson
Tara Strong: Twilight Sparkle, Midnight Crystal, Twilight Velvet
Ashleigh Ball: Applejack, Rainbow Dash
Andrea Libman: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Pinkamena Diane Pie, Cloudy Quartz
Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity, Princess Luna, Granny Smith, Cookie Crumbles
Cathy Weseluck: Spike the Dragon, Mayor Mare
Kelly Sheridan: Starlight Glimmer
Jason Marsden: Ben Mare, Shadow Dragon
Daveigh Chase: Nyx
Colleen Clinkenbeard: Yuko the Black Witch
Nicole Oliver: Princess Celestia, Cheerilee
Quinton Flynn: Nezha
Lena Hall: Countess Coloratura/Rara
George Takei: The Jade Emperor
Kevin Conroy: Black Alpha

Minor Cast

Dee Bradley Baker: Dragoking, Wizard
Vincent Tony: Flash Sentry
Rebecca Shoichet: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle (Singing Voice)
Michelle Creber: Apple Bloom
Claire Corlett: Sweetie Belle
Madeline Peters: Scootaloo
Ian Hanlin: Sunburst
Tom Kenny: Wheelie
Sab Shimono: Mystic Tao
Ali Milner: Princess Ember


Orlando Bloom: Golden Heart
Brian Drummond: Jack Zen, Mystic Soldier, Acolyte 4
Peter New: Mystic Scout, Mystic Guards, Igneous Rock, Big Macintosh, Hondo Flanks, Acolyte 2
Jason Griffith: ZeekCrimson
David Beron: Soki the Kuro Oni
David Faustino: Blazefist, Mystic Commander
Kate Higgins: Tailtech, Acolyte 3 and 5
Janet Varney: Aquastroke (Aqua)
P.J. Bryne: Laxtinct
James Sie: Dragon Kick
Noah Nealson: Mighty Heart
Stacie Chan: Jade Adventure
Steven Blum: Silverclaw
Andrew Francis: Night Light, Shining Armor
Ingrid Nelson: Maud Pie, Limestone Pie, Marble Pie
Britt McKillip: Princess Cadance
Cathy Cavadini: Little Bloom
Frank Welker: Nightclaw
Douglas Rye: Azure Phoenix
Colin Murdoch: Svengallop
Kazumi Evans: Rarity (Singing Voice)
Shannon Chan-Kent: Pinkie Pie (Singing Voice)
Michael Sinterniklaas: Lightning Wisdom, Acolyte 1
Robert McCollum: Burnblast
Sam Witwer: Starkiller
Matthew Mercer: Terrorcreep
Jackson Robinson: Shorty Thinking
Will Friedle: Saber Dragoon
Jennifer Hale: Flare Tiger

After a long time, I finally got this fic done. Phew, what a rush, but I'm glad to complete it. Thanks to Nigel and Neros for helping out with this. Now I can continue on with my usual list of fics, and hope it doesn't take this long again to finish. Read, review and suggest!

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