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My Little Mane Six 2 - JusSonic

Justin reunites with the Mane Six for a little trip into vacation...and bringing along his new girlfriend and her sonw ith him, going on big adventures!

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Chapter 3: Hidden Humans, Paranoid Mystic

Chapter 3: Hidden Humans, Paranoid Mystic

The gang has finished up their training for the day. As the princesses went back to Canterlot to resume their duties there, the rest went back to the castle for some relaxation. Hopefully, this will be enough to fool the Mystic Ponies...as long as they don't get near them anyway.

Brad frowns as he lies on his bed in his guest room. The boy doesn't understand how these ponies were able to sleep like this. These beds are so hard to sleep in! But then again, Brad isn't a pony natural so it works.

Brad got up, groaning. He can hope that the Mystic Ponies who despite humans don't come after him. It would end well otherwise. He came out...and almost trip over something on the floor.

Brad recovers to see that he almost tripped on some sort of toy truck. Sunset and the former foals were coming by, talking when Brad spoke, "Huh? I didn't know you have toy truck."

"Err... That's not mine actually." Spike said awkwardly as he glances at the toy truck.

Nyx nodded as she spoke, "Not mine either too."

"Or any of us too," Apple Bloom said as her friends shook their heads.

"It's mine. If you want to be friends with him, you can." Sunset explains to Brad with a light chuckle, identifying the toy as hers. "Just be gentle with him. He can easily get angry and feisty."

Brad picked the toy truck up, the boy scoffs, "Yeah, right. What could a little truck could do? It just some stupid toy."

"Who you're calling stupid, stupid pony?!" A voice snaps angrily. Brad almost drops the toy truck in alarm. Did that thing just talked?!

"Huh, what the-?!"

The toy truck suddenly transformed into a small familiar robot. It then bite on Brad's hoof, causing him to drop the transformed robot and screamed in pain for a moment.

The robot known Wheelie spitted slime out as he snaps, "Stupid pony, just have to tick me off so badly. You sneaky son of a-?!"

Sunset groaned as she stops Wheelie from finishing, "Wheelie, what did I just say about that word?!"


"Sorry about that. This is Wheelie, my number one assistant and of course, loyal and stubborn as Spike."

"Hey!" Spike exclaims, a bit annoyed. He may no longer be the baby Dragon he once was, but even annoying remarks like that hurts!

"Wheelie is just a sensitive and upset robot since his home is nothing but problems to him especially some bad Humans." Sunset explains with a shrug. Even she has a bit of a problem understanding Wheelie's attitude, but the mare got used to it.

"Wait, Wheelie? As in Transformers?" Brad ask, confused. "What is he doing in a My Little Pony world?"|

"What are YOU doing in a MLP world?" Wheelie snaps back to Brad, rolling his eyes, if that's possible.

"Touche, little bot, touche."

Sunset decided to step in before this confrontation could get ugly. As Justin, Hayley and Mila shows up, Sunset begins the introductions, "Wheelie, these are Twilight and her friends' adopted family. You know the humans who looked after them when they got turned into fillies?"

"Seriously? They look like the ponies than humans." Wheelie said in bewilderment. He finds it hard to believe that these ponies are the same ones who once took care of the Mane Six when they went missing!

Spike chuckled in amusement, "I guess Yuko's Magic work well. Wheelie can't tell the differences."

"It only fools mortal ponies, not Mystic Ponies. Of that work, your family shouldn't have that problem." Shadow Dragon explains, rolling his eyes a bit.

"Hey, are you calling me stupid or something?!" Wheelie snaps. He doesn't like what Shadow Dragon is implying here! "Coz I'm ticked off now! Thank you very much."

Hayley whispered to her father, "I guess he'd never change."

"Yeah, stubborn little criddle." Justin comments with a chuckle. Even when he existed in the films, Wheelie is still himself!

Wheelie gave a glare at Justin as he scowls, "I heard that!"

"All right, come on." Twilight said with a chuckle as she and the others came onto the scene. "We must get to the Training Hall."

"I thought we were done with training." Mila points out to Twilight puzzled. She thought that she, Justin and the kids got the pony part nailed.

"Yes, but Shadow Dragon's team came here to do a bit to training. And seeing how they don't mind humans like most do..."

"We decided it's best to let them in on the secret. If you don't mind." Ben said to his brother-in-law with a smirk.

"As long as no one else but us knows." Shadow Dragon remarks, rolling his eyes as everyone heads off to the training hall. Hopefully Shadow Dragon's team will keep a tight lip on this.


Inside the training hall, a group of familiar ponies, for those who read Power Master's stories, are waiting for their leader, Midnight, and the others to arrive. They saw them come into the training hall...and with some new ponies. Odd!

"Good, they're here." Shadow Dragon said, smiling as he saw his team. "Everyone, this is my team - the Dragon-!"

Hayley however interrupts as she exclaims, "The Dragon Strike Force! The awesome special strike force in the Mystic Realm. The second-in-command is Blazefist, the third-in-command is Saber Dragoon, the supercharge heroine - Aquastroke, the inventor and medic - Shorty Thinking, the muscle - Laxtinct, the strategist - Terrorcreep and the support team - Tailtech and Icy. I especially like Terrorcreep and Fluttershy being together. That was so romantic."

"Whoa!" Most of the Mane Six exclaims in amazement.

"Got to admit. She really did read this Nigel's stories." Rarity whispers to Fluttershy who nodded.

"How was she able to know this stuff?" Applejack ask, bewildered by Hayley's knowledge.

"Didn't you hear me, AJ? She read Nigel's stories!"

"Well, I ain't random like Pinkie is, sugah cube!"

"How did she knows this stuff?" Brad ask in bewilderment. He knows Hayley reads those stories, but even then, the boy is bewildered by the girl's knowledge.

Even Blazefist is spooked that Hayley knows of them. He demands, "Don't want to be paranoid, but what the heck is going on here?"

"Right. We've never met these ponies and they already know us?" Tailtech spoke, suspicious of Hayley's reaction.

"Right, mind giving us an explanation?" Aqua demands, tapping a hoof onto the floor impatiently.

"Dragon Strike Force, this is our adopted dad." Twilight explains, smiling as she nuzzles Justin who chuckles a bit.

"Who took care of us when we went missing," Rainbow explains as she puts an upper arm around Hayley. "This is our adopted sister Hayley."

"And daddy's fillyfriend Mila and her son Brad!" Fluttershy explains, introducing the last two humans turned ponies.

"No way..." Laxtinct gasps in surprise. He whispered to his teammates. "The humans."

The Dragon Strike Force are shocked yet amazed to hear this. They've heard the story of how humans once took care of the Mane Six when they disappeared...and now, meeting them in pony...it's somehow a honor, yet a bit concerning since Mystic Ponies barely trusted humans.

"Would you like to see our training? We're happy to show you one." Shadow Dragon said to the humans with a smirk.

"Believe me, they're amazing and great at martial skills and powers. You're gonna love them too." Midnight suggested with a nod, agreeing with her love.

"Sure, go ahead." Justin said, motioning a hoof. "After reading Nigel's stories, I can't wait to see these guys in action."

And thus, the training begins as the Dragon Strike Force begin their martial arts. Blazefist used his Fire powers ability, Aquastroke used her water ability, Laxtinct used his Earth ability and created armor for himself, Saber Dragoon unleashed his power of wind and twin sabers, and Shorty Thinking launched the volley of his fire arrows and fire power abilities. Terrorcreep screeched in using Sonicwave while unleashing darkness and moonlight power, Tailtech show off his Typhoon Gun in firing at the targets. Icy launched her ice powers.

"Whoa!" The former foals exclaims in amazement.

"Well, I got to admit, these guys are cool." Brad said, whistling a bit in impression.

"Not so bad, huh don't you think?" Wheelie ask Brad with a smirk, sticking his tongue.

"Not you, these guys! Don't make me throw you in a trash can!"

"You don't havet the..." Wheelie was interrupted as Brad kicked Wheelie right into a nearby trash. When the robot crashed landed in, the lid closes down on him. "Fine! You win that round, human!"

"Must you be so negative?" Spike ask Brad with a frown. "You don't have to be like this."

"Don't mess with me, Dragon!" Brad snaps with a scowl as he goes back to watching.

Spike groans a bit. This is the same boy whose secret he and Nyx just figured out? The Dragon has half a mind to speak about it right now!

Of course, Pinkamena kept a hoof on his shoulder, speaking, "Oh, he will talk, he will talk when he wants to."

Spike groans a bit but kept on watching the battle. He hates it when a Pinkie Pie is right!


Later, the gang was eating snacks that were being served.

"Well, looks like the training has been doing well." Ben said with a smile of approval.

"Yeah, kudos to the chef!" Justin exclaimed, making Spike smile proudly as he was the one doing the cooking.

"So Brad...tell us about yourself." Nyx said to Brad with a secret smile. If she could get him to talk, the boy will have to spill the beans about what she, Spike and Pinkamena were suspecting. "Any interests?"

"I played the guitar...and have an interest the whole Pokemon franchise thing." Brad said, counting off. "In fact, their 20th anniversary is coming up!"

"20th anniversary of Pokemon? Awesome!" Nyx exclaimed, being a Pokemon fan just like her mom and aunts along with her best friends and Spike.

"Right, new games. I don't know how it's still around. The franchise is good, but some folks feared it's getting too long." Mila said with a sigh.

"Uh, anything else?" Spike asked Brad, arching an eyebrow.

"Five Nights at Freddy's." Brad remarked with a smirk. "Those games are creepy but cool."

Spike and Nyx looked a bit irritated. It doesn't look like Brad was talking. It looked like all was futile...when a voice spoke up, "Anypony here?"

"Who said that?" Starlight asked as she looked around.

"Father?" Shadow Dragon asked in surprise. Sure enough, there's Tao coming in with his family made up of Dragon Kick, Jade Adventure, and Mighty.

Tao smiled as he spoke, "Come here; give your father a hug!" The pony seemed hesitated but he came over. But then…SMACK! The old pony didn't waste time in hitting Shadow Dragon's head like he normally does to anyone who upset him. “You have forgotten to buy some Green Tea again? Green Tea calms Tao down. Do you want dead father? No? Then, go and buy it!"

Dragon Kick shrugged as he spoke to his adopted brother, "Uncle is very stubborn. I tried to buy, but he wanted you instead."

Shadow Dragon sighed while feeling his head where Tao hit him, "Fine..."

"One more thing... Please, make sure that you get the old ginseng from Zecora, I need it for some important task." Tao spoke sternly to Shadow Dragon. Most of the others shrugged or sighed. Here they go again!

"We're performing a Dark Mystic Tracker. Even though the Third War was over, some are still out there hiding and waiting to attack." Mighty explained seriously. The new ponies' eyes widen in shock. There were Dark Mystic Ponies in this world, too?

"Fine..." Shadow Groan groaned in annoyance. His father was still paranoid over the inevitable? Unbelievable!

"One more thing... I received the latest news from the Mystic Council that we found some Humans in Ponyville." Tao said. This made the others look worried and alarmed. Somehow, it didn't take long before the Mystic Council found out about the appearance of Justin's group! "If you find them, report to me or the council about it. We want to... inspect them."

"Wait, really?" Fluttershy ask in concern.

"You wanted to meet humans?" Applejack asked Tao's group worried. Did they suspect whom Justin's group really are?

"Yes, is there a problem?" Tao asked, arching an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Uh-oh!" Nyx and the Cutie Mark Crusaders said in unison and concern to each other.

"It would be cool to meet them." Jade said with an excited smile on her face.

"Jade... It's a very bad idea to meet them. From what books I read from the last thousand years, Humans prove to be barbaric and dangerous creatures to deal with." Dragon Kick said to Jade in concern. He's not sure if it's a good idea to even meet these Humans.

"Aw, come on! Does he have to insult-?!" Brad began to protest, getting annoyed by Dragon Kick seemingly insulting his species.

Hayley held Brad's mouth as she scowled, "Shush! You want us to get into trouble?!"

"Yeah... Sure." Shadow Dragon said, trying to keep a straight face. So far, so good.

That is until Tao gave a suspicious glance at the new 'ponies', demanding, “One More Thing... Who are these ponies? And why do I smell Humans' scent?"

Laxtinct smiled as he spoke randomly, "That's because they're Humans."

"LAXTINCT!!!" Everyone but Tao's family yelled at Laxtinct in shock. The pony yelped as he widened his eyes. Not good!

"YIKES!!" Laxtinct exclaimed frantically. He really messed up now!

Pinkie scoffed, "And they say I have a big mouth to open."

Tao gasped as he screamed out his trademark screech that the ponies and the readers have known him for, "AIEEEEYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Why didn't you tell me that we have Humans?!"

"Mr. Tao! We can explain!" Twilight exclaimed in concern. She hoped talking to Tao would calm him down!

"Explain now!" Dragon Kick demands sternly to the group. He and Tao wanted answers now!

"Well, remember when Twilight and her friends disappear for a few years?" Ben asked Tao, who nodded. "Well, they were taken care of by the same human who took care of them."

"And who is right here in the pony form right now." Pinkie said, motioning to Justin who gave a smile while waving.

"And this is our adopted sis, Hayley." Rarity said, introducing Hayley. "And the woman is daddy's special somepony Mila."

"And Brad, pay no attention to him." Rainbow joked about Brad with a chuckle.

"Hey!" Brad snapped in annoyance at that remark.

"Hay is for ponies!" Pinkamena jokes, laughing as she and Rainbow high-hoof one another.

"You cheeky mules!" Brad snarled in irritation. A neigh was heard, making Brad turn to a mule, apologizing, "No offense."

"So, you're the same humans taken care of these six." Tao spoke to Justin and Hayley, now realizing who they were: the same humans who raised the Mane Six all these years.

"Yep, that's us." Hayley said with a smile.

"You got it, sir." Justin said in agreement.

"While the Equestria Ponies are very merciful to your kind, ours aren't because if that happens, we won't be sending you to jail but to execute you." Tao said sternly, much to the shock of the others. Is he serious?!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Sunset exclaimed in concern. "Are you serious?"

"Trust me, he is." Blazefist said in concern. "Like what you were told, not every Mystic Pony approves of Humans like we do."

"Right, the memories are still there." Aqua said grimly.

"Now Tao, please." Starlight said to Tao. She hoped to talk to explain to the old pony. "I used to not be so easily trusted, but over the years, it changed for the better."

"As far as my concern, your chi is..." Tao said, preparing to give out his judgment.

Suddenly, a voice was heard yelling from outside, "Open the Gate now!"

Ben and Twilight rushed over to the door and opened it. Outside were Mystic Pony guards who came into the castle. The others gasped, fearing the worst.

"Sergeant? Is there something I can do?" Twilight asked the sergeant, trying to remain calm.

"Chief Commander Nezha ordered us to sweep check on everypony. Rumor has it that the Humans are blending within our kind. We want to check it now." The Mystic Guard said seriously. The heroes gasped while the humans turned ponies were getting scared. How did these guys even know?

Twilight tried to remain calm but was getting nervous. It showed as the mare spoke, "I-I-I-I- I don't think we have Humans here."

"Then, you wouldn't mind us do some sweep checking. This is compulsory order by the Chief Commander!" The Mystic Guard said, showing a notice which the princess took and read. It's true, it's an order by Nezha; these guys were allowed to do a search!

"He's right, this is official." Ben said seriously to Justin.

"Not good, we should hide." Brad said nervously as he backed up a bit.

"If we do that, they will find out." Mila said quietly, keeping her son from leaving.

"What're we gonna do?" Sweetie asked in concern.

"Do it. And I assure you that you will nothing here." Tao said suddenly, much to the others' shock and horror. Is he serious?!

"What're you doing?!" Sunset asked, aghast.

"You're going to turn my family over to these guys!" Rainbow protested to Tao in concern.

"Tao, please don't!" Rarity said, pleading to Tao in fright.

"Relax, trust me." Tao said, giving a wink to everyone. It looked like he got a little secret.

"Check the area! Use Mystic Sense on it too! I want the clean sweep!" The Mystic Guard ordered his men.

As the Mystic Guard and his units used Mystic Sense through their horns and eyes in scanning and checking on the area and ponies, they turned and focused on Justin and his family. This made them nervous. What will they do?

"What now?" Hayley whispered in worry.

"Better trust in Tao." Justin whispered to his daughter thoughtfully. "He seems to know what he's doing."

"He's waving his magic around." Brad said, feeling like freaking out.

However, as Mystic Guard scanned the ponies, he gave a puzzled look as if...something was wrong.

The Mystic Guard kept a suspicious look to Tao…but then again, he is one of the most trustful Mystic Ponies in the Mystic Realm. He wouldn't deceive his own kind, right?

"Hmm... Very well. But if you found any strange activity or Human, report to us. We'll be leaving." The Mystic Guard said seriously.

Everyone waited until the Mystic Guards were gone and out of hearing range. They sighed in relief. That was a close one.

"Uncle, did you use the Hidden Scent Spell?" Dragon Kick asked Tao in realization, suspecting that he had a hoof in saving Justin's group from being discovered.

"I did." Tao replied simply with a smirk.

"What was he talking about?" Hayley asked Twilight, hoping for an answer.

"It's spell that can be cast to hide certain scents." Twilight explained with a smile. So Tao did save the humans after all!

"So wait, you're helping?" Justin asked Tao in surprise. The Mystic Pony was willing to lie to his own kind, just for them?

Tao smiled as he spoke, "As far as I'm concerned about the Humans, they can be trusted. I used it to keep you from being scanned and checked by the Mystic Ponies. But make sure that you do not go too close to them. They can sense the aura easily."

"Uncle, you rock." Jade said eagerly and excited for what Tao had done for the Humans!

"Wow, thanks!" The CMC exclaimed happily in unison to Tao.

"I was worried for a moment, father, but you did great." Shadow Dragon said to his father with a smile.

"One more thing... stay out of trouble." Tao said, doing the 'One more thing' bit one more time.

"Who does that Billy goat think he is?!" Brad asked, getting fed up with this nonsense by now.

Tao whacked Brad's head, scowling, "This 'Billy goat' would give piece of his mind if you do not respect the elders!"

"Nice going, Brad." Hayley remarked to Brad with a smirk, amused as he rubbed his forehead.

"Shut up…" Brad scowled angrily. Why was he treated like the bad guy all of the sudden?


Spike has already send in a message to the princesses who came over right away to the castle. Twilight and Justin have a discussion with Celestia and Luna over the latest incident.

"Not good. Nezha now knows that the Humans are here." Luna said seriously. "He strongly disliked them for a long time and is likely paranoid that they would invade."

"But we aren't going to invade!" Justin exclaims to the princesses in worry. "I mean, can't you tell Nezha that?"

"Nezha is stubborn, once his mind is set, it's hard to change it." Celestia said, shaking her head in concern. "I feared you, Hayley, Mila and Brad has come back only to be destroyed by our allies."

"So what now? Leave?"

"No, you won't, dad." Twilight said to Justin sternly. As the others turns, she spoke, "I will find a way to prove that there are Humans that can be trusted. If I can somehow be able to convince Nezha of that, then you all can be safe."

"It's a bold risk, Princess Twilight. Nezha won't be easily swayed." Luna said in concern. She knew Twilight's heart is in the right place, but will it be enough? "And not even my sister and I will be able to do so. Nezha doesn't even approve of our support for the Humans."

"I am not giving up. I didn't waited all this time to be with dad and Hayley again, just for this incident to forced me to send them away."

"Twilight." Justin said with a sigh. He hugs his adopted daughter, speaking, "Thanks, but you didn't have to do that for us."

"I don't but I want to." Twilight said to Justin as she nuzzles him. "No worries, we will get through this."

"One can only hope."


The Mystic Guarda has finished their scanning before returning back to give their report to Nezha. Needless to say, he doesn't seem happy indeed.

"Still no sign of them, sir." The Mystic Guard said in concern.

"Double your search. They're still out there. I know it." Nezha demands furiously The Mystic Guard left, leaving Nezha to do some thinking. "No doubt those mortals are hiding them. They're more stupid than I realize."

"Still, I'm pretty sure they have their reason." ZeekCrimson said thoughtfully. The mortals wouldn't hide the Humans, unless there is a good reason of doing so.

"What? Loving them?" Silverclaw snorted. "Yeah right."

"Whatever that is, I'm sure they didn't mean it. Maybe they could be different." Soki said, trying to reason with Nezha. If these Humans are different than the ones that caused the Mystic Ponies trouble years ago...

"There is nothing different about the Humans. They almost destroy us and even mortal ponies." Nezha scowls furiously to the others, making them jump back. "When we find them, I will make the example out of it. This will be perfect warning to others."

"What of others?” ZeekCrimson ask, he is referring to the ones who are hiding the Humans. What if they were to get in the way?

"Kill them as well..."

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