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My Little Mane Six 2 - JusSonic

Justin reunites with the Mane Six for a little trip into vacation...and bringing along his new girlfriend and her sonw ith him, going on big adventures!

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Chapter 5: Brad's Feelings

Chapter 5: Brad's Feelings

Once the meeting is over, the Royal Sisters heads back to the castle to explain to them as to what's going on. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna explained about Mystic Council meeting and mission. Everyone was in shock and surprise of what they just heard.

"Wow! Wow! And wow! Let me get this straight! The Mystic Council wants the proof that these Humans are not the bad guys? If we passed, Jade King is okay with it?!" Rainbow ask Princess Luna in surprise and concern.

Princess Luna nodded as she answers, "Correct."

"Well, that's shocking." Starlight Glimmer said in concern. "But if they somehow managed to pass the test..."

"But if it does work, then there's a possibility that the humans may stay after all." Sunburst said thoughtfully. If the Mystic Ponies approves of the Humans, then Justin's group can stay as long as they could.

"Long in permanent." Flash said with a nod.

"Daddy! This means we can finally get to stay with them! We don't need to worry about the Mystic Ponies." Hayley said to her father excitedly. All the humans gotta do is to prove themselves to the Mystic Ponies and it should be fine.

Justin hummed thoughtfully about this, "I guess. But still we have to behave ourselves if we want to spend together as a family." On one hand, it may help Brad be with Rara...but on the other hand, how will they explain their move if that were to come?

Rainbow Dash huffed to Justin, "It will be easy, dad. Just leave it to me and my sisters to handle this. If the Dragon Strike Force, Tao's family and Witch are convinced by this, the Emperor and others would love it."

"Oh yes. The Mystic Council may be rough but deep down, they're nice ponies if you're on their side." Fluttershy explains with a smile.

"Yes, our friends will be friends with you after all." Rarity said with a smile of agreement.

Shadow Dragon smirked as he spoke, "Can't say I disagree. But a little warning too - watch out for Nezha. He's still not fond of Humans. But don't worry, my team and I will keep eye out for him and his tricks. I have the feeling he'll do whatever it takes to prove everypony that Humans are a threat."

"Well, he's got the right point." A certain robot remarks, Sunset Shimmer nudged Wheelie's chest in retaliation for that. "What the heck?! It's the truth!"

"Wheelie, these Humans are from another realm, not Equestria Girls. So, they're way different from the other Humans." Sunset scolds Wheelie. She is reminding her little robot friend of the fact that Justin's group are from a realm different than the one he came from. "I mean, you have good human friends from NEST Team and even Autobots' Friends. You did admire a babe like Mikaela and me. So, I'm pretty sure Harley would be a beautiful girl too when she grew up."

Wheelie hummed as he reconsider this, "I supposed so. I guess these three are okay. But this kid owe me a tin can of Energon for kicking and ticking me off!" The robot gave a dark look at Brad who frowns at him, the two are still going at it. He approached and held Sunset Shimmer's left leg as he nuzzled on hers. "But nopony is beautiful as you, babe. Nopony, I'd tell ya! Nopony! Well, except Mikaela, of course."

Sunset Shimmer giggled, "Aw... Isn't he a cute like baby assistant? It does remind you about Spike, doesn't it, Twilight?"

Flash Sentry groaned, "Oh brother." Why is he not surprised to hear that?

Twilight giggled in agreement, "It sure does." The Alicorn turned and found Spike blushed as he looked away. She smiled as she poked Spike's chest. "Come on, Spike. Just admit it. You miss hugging and nuzzling me, don't you?"

"Spike is like mummy's favorite baby boy!" Nyx chuckles as she nuzzled Twilight's cheek gently. "And I'm proud of it too."

"Yeah, he is a cute big Dragon now!" Rarity exclaims as most of the girls giggled at Spike, much to his embarrassment.

"Oh yes, even when he's grow up, one cannot forget what he used to be...a cute little Dragon you would be proud to be home to your mother." Mila remarks with a smirk towards Spike.

"He's our cute Spikey Wikey always." Pinkie giggles as she pinches Spike's cheeks a bit.

Spike burnt in red protests, "Aw come on! Just give me a break!" He sighed a bit, this whole thing is embarrassing him a bit. "Of course, I almost do miss that." Everyone gave their sly smirk at Spike. "Almost..."

"Come on, Spike, admit it." Flash said to Spike with a smirk on his face.

Spike sighed in defeat, "Fine." He hugged Twilight tightly and passionately as a mother-son kinda way. "Happy?"

Twilight giggled, "Pretty much, Spiky Wikey."

"Okay, let's focus on the main point now. Like prove to Mystic Ponies that the Humans are not a threat." Shadow Dragon said, wishing to get back to the main subject. The Humans must still convince the Mystic Council that they are not a threat to them or Equestria.

Princess Celestia nodded as she spoke, "Agreed. Both me and Luna shall be reporters of the mission. Once we write what we witnessed and believed, we'll send it to Mystic Council for approval."

"Indeed. Any question?" Princess Luna ask, wondering if anyone got any questions here.

"I have. Can someone ask this stupid Hydragoon to stopped biting my tail?!" Ben scowls angrily. Dragoking is at it again, biting onto the stallion's tail. "For my mom's mane, I'm not his toy chew!"

Shadow Dragon chuckled, "Oopsy, can't help you with that because you're too good to ignore."

Everyone laughed in amusement. Ben yelled out angrily, "That wasn't funny! I'm seriously ticked! Ask him to stop biting my tail!"

"Hayley, would you like to try?"

"Really? Are you sure?" Hayley ask in surprise. Shadow King is now allowing her to try to tame the Hydragoon?

"Don't worry. Dragoking will like it when you patted him." Shadow Dragon assures Hayley. If she petted him correctly, then he will be nice.

Hayley giggled as she approached and patted Dragoking, speaking gently, "Come on, Dragoking; stop biting his tail. You've got bigger food than him."

Dragoking meowed a bit as he released himself from biting Ben's tail. He turned and licked Hayley as she giggled happily.

"My tail..." Ben groans as he glooms his tail. The stallion wished for once that stupid Hydragoon would leave him alone!


Hayley was sitting in the library, reading some books while looking for one on matters. Maybe there's something in here that can help out in earning the Mystic Council's trust.

Hayley looks up to see Midnight coming in, smiling as she spoke, "Hayley, hello. Are you looking through some books?"

"Looking for some manners...and hopefully some will help Brad out a bit." Hayley pauses as she did some thinking. "Midnight, can I ask you a little question?"

"You got my permission."

"Midnight. How are you close to Twilight Sparkle? And how did you meet Shadow Dragon? Well, I'm just curious and wondering. That's all."

Midnight giggled, "Okay. Let's start with both me and Twilight when we were close BSF - Best Sisters Forever. We both spent together studying. But unlike her, I loved adventures and learning more secrets, and of course I liked making friends."

"So, are you like Twilight's opposite?" Hayley ask, observing Midnight carefully. She does look like her sister a bit.

"More or less. Anyway, ever since Princess Celestia sent Twilight to Ponyville, I was upset and sad like Shining Armor. But of course, I always write letters to her, and she replied. She talked about her adventures. And I'm so jealous and upset about it too! And not to mention, she became an Alicorn! That was awesome!"

Hayley shrugged as she spoke, "Yeah, it is. Unfortunately, some fans disliked it a lot. But what about the wedding, did you side with Shining Armor or her."

Midnight smiled, she knew that subject would come up. The mare explains, "Of course, with my sister - I was suspicious of Cadance a lot since she behaved nasty and rude to almost everyone but Shining Armor. So I told her what happen and we both secretly are trying to figure out of who and what she is, and what really happen to the real Cadance. Nyx also helped too. But you know the rest too."

"Yeah. And what about Shadow Dragon? Let me guess - Third Mystic War?"

Midnight giggled before answering, "That's right. After the Tirek Battle, I went to my sister's new castle to check out the place. And it was awesome. That's where I met Shadow Dragon. But you know the rest when you read Nigel's fiction, didn't you?"

"How did you-?" Hayley ask Midnight in surprise. How did this mare even know?

Midnight smiled, answering, "I borrow Pinkie's power to be aware of other universes. You could say my magic is absorbing and borrow powers."

'That's awesome."

"So, is there any mention of me in his story?"

"Well, no." Hayley said a bit awkwardly. She knew that in Nigel's universes, it was Twilight who got together with Shadow Dragon. "And the only difference is that Shadow Dragon and Twilight Sparkle loved with each other a lot but gotten into lots of argument to compare to Ben and Twilight."

"Well... Nopony is perfect. And I really hate to see both Ben and Shadow Dragon fighting over one mare they loved." Midnight remarks, rolling her eyes. At least here, that never happened.

Harley sighed, "And be glad that never happen. If it does, let's just said that I hate love triangles."


Brad was trotting down the hall, thinking carefully. Ever since his practice with Rara, he has gotten closer to her. The boy has a little crush on her since he saw her premiere episode. And now, being with her in pony...it's like a dream come true to any love fans.

Brad was wondering how he could stay with her. If the humans ended up failing, he must separate with Rara. It wouldn't be fair. But what if the humans decided to go anyway? Why must love be so...complicated?

Brad wasn't watching where he was going as the colt stepped on a familiar toy truck. Wheelie yelped as he transformed, "Watch where you're stepping, you dirty little piece of-!"

Brad coughed a bit, "Watch your language. Otherwise, I'd tell Goddess of Sun about this."

"Hey! You'd better leave my girl out of this or I'll kick your butt!"

"Your girl? Don't you mean Flash's girl? Hayley keep babbling that Flash and Sunset are a perfect couple. I thought he and Twilight are."

"News flash, genius! This is another universe, not the Prime one!" Wheelie snaps in annoyance to Brad. Just because Twilight may be interested in Flash in the regular universe, doesn't mean it's the same all over!

"You really starting to bug me now, you pile of racist robot. At least Wheelie G1 is much smarter and nice than you are, jerk." Brad snaps angrily to Wheelie.

"What did you say?! You'd take that back!'

"Make me!" Without warning, Wheelie punches Brad in the face then grabs his mane hard. "OW! Cut it out! That's my mane!"

Both Wheelie and Brad fight with each other fierce and hard for a few times until four familiar figures appear, pushing them back and cutting the fight off.

"Rara?! Mom?!" Brad ask in alarm and shock at the upset looks of both his mother and his crush.

"Sunset!" Wheelie exclaims, seeing Sunset giving a disappointed look to her robot friend.

Brad and Wheelie did not waste time in pointing hooves/robotic fingers at each other, snapping accusingly, "He did it!"

Mila sighed as she shakes her head, "Unbelievable. Looks like you two need some time off."

"I couldn't have agree more." Sunset said sternly in agreement. These two must get out of the castle more and stop fighting like wild animals.

Rara nodded as she spoke sternly to Brad, "Until then, you're not gonna practice until you both work together." Brad looks down in sadness. Whenever a girl, or mare, he likes speak to him like that, the boy knows that she is very upset with him.

"For now, we're out of groceries. Brad and Wheelie, you're gonna buy them." Mila snaps sternly to the two.

"WHAT?!" Brad and Wheelie yelled out in shock and alarm. They gotta buy groceries...together?!

"You heard her." Sunset and Rara said sternly. Mila gave a dark glare to the two, she isn't joking.

Brad and Wheelie groaned in defeat, "Fine..."

Brad and Wheelie reluctantly leaves, the colt not wanting to look Rara in the eyes right now. She is disappointed in him for his foolish fighting behavior.

Flash sighed, "I thought they'd never shut up for once. One Minicon is one thing, but with a human - it's one big mess. I thought Human making friends with robot is a famous story."

"Well, that depends on friendly they can be." Sunset said. She pauses then spoke to Rara, "So Rara...what do you think of Brad?"

"Very disappointed." Rara remarks with a sigh. "I just wish he wouldn't acted this way. It's hard to be with him otherwise."

"Ah, so you like LIKE him?"

Rara pauses and blushes a bit as she realizes what Sunset is on about. She's on...about that!


In the dining room of the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom castle, Mila was setting the table. She sighed as she recalled her treatment of her son nearby. The woman turns to the others as she ask, "Do you think I did the right thing? Am I being harsh to him?"

"Well, you did the right thing." Flash said to Mila with a shrug. "Of course, it's a bit harsh but sometimes parents has to do so."

"So what's wrong with your son anyway?" Starlight asked Mila in concern, wondering why Brad is acting the way he is.

"Ever since his father died, Brad is having a hard time in getting over it. He'd prefer to be alone than with others. I wish I could help him, but I don't know how." Mila said with a sigh while shaking her head. Her son was pretty much a loner than a friendship parent.

"There is a way. You should try to talk with him. All he needs is someone he loved to be there for him. Just as someone did for me." Rara said gently to Mila. The mare was referring to her friendship with Applejack who does her best to be there for her.

"Oh, are you meaning Applejack...or Brad?" Starlight asked, giving a sly smile to Rara. "I can tell you got the hooves for him."

Hearing this made Rara start blushing a bit wildly.

Flash chuckled then quickly got serious as he continued, "She's right. I wasn't there for Sunset when she turned to a bad apple and almost lost her, too."

"Same goes to me, too. I guess I was so proud of my Cutie Mark and my dream so much. I'd completely forgotten someone important to me." Sunburst sighed in regret while holding Starlight's hoof.

Sunset smiled as she patted Flash on the back, saying, "Flash, I forgave you already."

Starlight nodded as she added, "Me too. We made our stupid decision in the first place. And best way to get over it is learn and never make the same mistakes."

Rara chuckled, recovering as she spoke, "They're right. I almost did the same thing, no thanks to Svengallop. Now? You must help Brad."

Mila paused then smiled as she spoke, "You're right. I'll talk with my son. It's time to find out why he's hiding from me."

"So if you don't mind us asking....you and Brad?" Flash asked Rara with a smile, making her blush.

"A mare doesn't kiss and tell." Rara said with a warm smile, thinking about her Bradley.

"That wasn't what your Facebook page said." Sunset teased Rara on that fact.

"Hey! I don't recall friending you." Rara protested, a bit embarrassed on that.


The shopping trip didn’t go so well for Brad and Wheelie, Spike and Nyx came along to keep an eye on him. The two were buying some groceries while arguing with each other about differences, making some fuss and mess at the market. Spike and Nyx had the management send the bill to Twilight. Boy, was she gonna be mad!

The group was on its way to get something from Zecora's hut. Brad looked around, frowning as he demanded, "Are you sure you got us on the right place?! This isn't Zecora's hut! You're going the wrong way."

"Funny... Talking from somepony who actually hates the MLP a lot, especially Rara." Wheelie remarks with a sneer to Brad. For someone who doesn't like the show, he got some knowledge of it.

Suddenly, Brad angrily grabbed Wheelie. He held him up while snapping, "Don't you dare to talk her like that. She's different! No one talks about her like that, ya hear me?!"

Wheelie scoffed, "Yeah, I hear ya. I hear that you're a big scaredy cat."

"What are you talking about?” Brad demanded more than he asked.

"Just admit it, kid. Ponies may think you hate them, but the kids and I knew that you actually love them. Aren't ya, Brony Boy?" Wheelie teased Brad, making him blush a bit for a different reason. How did this annoying robot even know?

Brad groaned in denial, "I don't know what you're talking about."

“Really? Want to know the hard way? Well, here!" Wheelie shot a projection of Brad and his activities. "This is what we meant!"

"We?! You mean?! Spike? Nyx? You told him, didn't you?!" Brad yelled at Spike and Nyx in shock and betrayal. Somehow, he knew that the two found out about his secret love.

"No, we didn't. We're just curious." Spike admitted to Brad, claiming innocence on this.

Nyx nodded as she explained, "Yeah. And based on Wheelie's recording, you actually like us a lot."

"It's a lie! Just drop it!" Brad exclaimed in denial and anger. He didn't want anyone to even find out about…his secret. Otherwise…

"Fine, baby boy!" Wheelie snaps as he got out of Brad’s hold. He turned and glared at Wheelie who mouthed off to the closeted Brony once more. "Yeah! Ya heard me! An emo boy who don't even know the meaning of admitting and always acted like he's a tough boy, but inside, he's just a kid and scared no one would understand him that he actually likes Ponies! What a scaredy brat!"

“Wheelie, that was uncool!” Spike exclaimed upset to Wheelie. Even the Dragon admitted what he said to Brad was going too far.

"Shut up, Mini Freak!" Brad said, getting closer to stomping Wheelie to the ground. Friend of Sunset or no, no one talked to him like that!

Nyx yelped as she spotted something nearby, "Ah, guys... We've got company."

The group turned and saw some creatures snarling as they came out of the bushes. Brad, having seen the episodes, and Spike recognized them at once.

Spike yelped, "Timberwolves! Here we go again! RUN!"

Then the group all ran like the dickens from the Timberwolves, who gave chase to them.

Nyx fired a flash, blinding some of the Timberwolves quickly. Wheelie tripped, getting caught on a branch.

"Awww, sparks dang it!" Wheelie yelped out in alarm. One Timberwolf growled as it was getting closer...

...but Brad flew in and kicked the Timberwolf in the face, knocking it away from Wheelie. The new pony quickly grabbed the robot, saying, "Come on!"

"Whoa!" Wheelie yelped as he was grabbed.

The group kept on running but the Timberwolves were catching up.

"Any ideas?" Spike asked nervously. He may be a big Dragon, but even he had limits.

"Got one, go this way!" Brad exclaimed as he led the way to another part.

The group disappeared around a bush causing the Timberwolves to blindly jumped forward to catch...only to catch the tail of a familiar creature.

Manny the Manticore, whom Fluttershy befriended in the second episode, turned and glared at the Timberwolves and roared in fury as he knocks the creatures off.

"Yeah, go get them!" Brad called out to Manny quickly. "These guys are trying to hurt the friends of your pal Fluttershy! You gonna stand for that?!"

Manny turned towards the group and growled while shaking his head in reply, not wanting to stand the Timberwolves hurting Fluttershy's friends. Then he returned to fighting off the wooden beasts. The group chose this time to get away. Those Timberwolves were gonna be busy.

"That was close... And thanks, Brad." Wheelie said to Brad with a smile that one could ever see on a little bot like him, even one who was a little jerk.

"Yeah. Sure, whatever." Brad remarked with a scoff, going into his cool state.

"So, want to tell us about your big secret?" Wheelie asked Brad, making him groan. Why were folks wanting to dwell in that all day?

Brad sighed as he began to speak, "Well…"

Wheelie, however, interrupted as he spoke, "On second thought, forget it."

“Wait? Seriously?" Brad asked Wheelie in surprise. He found it surprising that this jerkish robot decided not to get into his secret all of the sudden.

"I maybe piece of scrapyard junk, but I ain't no man's breaking privacy. Well, except the ladies, of course." Wheelie said, chuckling at the last part.

Spike rolled his eyes, commenting, "Figures..." Somehow, he knew that Wheelie was still his perverted self.

"Gee... I don't know what to say." Brad said, a bit amazed and awkward. He acted like a jerk to Wheelie during the stay and now?

"You can start with apologizing to me, jerk." Wheelie snapped to Brad, making him sigh.

"Well, sorry about that, little bot. Happy?" Brad asked Wheelie with a sigh. Spike and Nyx looks hopeful, maybe this finally end this silly fighting.

"Happy. Whatever the reason, Brad, I'm pretty sure that was for you to find something to cool off your sadness." Wheelie said with a smirk to Brad, much to his surprise and concern. Does he even know?

"Recording?" Brad asked Wheelie uneasily.

"It's an obvious answer when the Mane Six told us about their adventures in the Human Realm." Wheelie explained. The Mane Six had told everyone about their adventure in the Human Realm, so it didn't take long for him to figure out something sad when he heard it.

"Of course, they do." Brad said with a slow nod. His subject of his father’s death…was something he'd rather not dwell on.

Spike pat Brad on the back, giving a smile as he spoke, "Don't worry, we won't tell anyone until you're ready."

"Besides, we'll keep it a secret." Nyx assured Brad. After all, she and Spike can keep secrets until they are ready to talk about it.

"Thanks." Brad said with a warm smile to his friends, even Wheelie.

"So...you and Rara...do you like her?" Spike teased Brad as the gang headed on their way back.

"A guy don't kiss and tell." Brad remarked, even though he hasn't gotten to the kissing part yet.

"Not what I heard, Bradley." Wheelie remarked with a scowl as he rolled alongside the ponies and Dragon.

"Hey, it's none of your business." Brad protested, giving out a big blush.


The gang came back to the castle a while later. Upon arrival, they saw a scene in precaution...a familiar stallion was there, speaking to Rara who is very annoyed with him.

"Oh no, not him." Nyx said with a groan, recognizing who the stallion was.

"Is that Svengallop?" Brad asked, feeling ticked off upon seeing Svengallop, the one who exploited Rara for his own personal gain.

"Yep, that's him." Spike replied with a scowl while pointing with his thumb.

"Ugh, I thought we told him to not come around the castle after what he did." Nyx scowled angrily.

"Look, Svengallop, I told you, get lost!" Rara exclaimed sternly to Svengallop.

"But look at your sales, they are dropping a bit." Svengallop remarked with a sneer, using a chart as if to prove his point. "Without me, you are hopeless and never be famous as you were before."

"I am doing fine without you...the fans loved me for being myself, not for having you around!" Rara exclaimed angrily. "So do yourself a favor and get away from me."

"Fine...but let's see how you are without me for a few weeks" Svengallop remarked arrogantly to the singer. This was making the ponies watching and around her get upset.

"You heard her, jerk!" Brad scowled as he stepped in. "She is the perfect the way she is, she doesn't need you around!"

"Ooooh, what's this? Got yourself a new colt toy, Coloratura?" Svengallop taunted while sneering at Brad.

"Don't you DARE call him that," Rara shouted angrily.

"Yeah, I am not a colt toy." Brad snapped, blushing a bit. "Like she said, go away!"

"Bold words for someone weak and pathetic." Svengallop remarked with a sneer. "But I can fix that. If you got better music, I can make you better and a better star than..."

"That's enough!" Mila exclaimed as she stepped in angrily. "I don't know where you get off mocking my son, but he's better than you ever be!"

"Right, he's nice boy despite his appearance. He's stronger in heart than in muscle!" Hayley exclaimed in agreement as the others step in to help and defend Brad.

"Yeah, he even saved Wheelie and us from Timberwolves!" Nyx called out, much to the surprise of some of the others.

"Is this true, Brad?" Mila asked Brad, surprised to hear this.

"Yeah, well...I couldn't let them eat them, should I?" Brad asked with a shrug, confirming what Nyx said is true.

"They're right. He can make beautiful music if he put his mind to it...which is why I am his teacher." Rara said, holding Rara's hoof.

"So leave now!" Justin exclaimed sternly, "Or else."

"Or else what?" Svengallop asked, not a bit intimidated by this.

"Or else we will have Saber Dragon ask his ape to play with you. He's right over there." Twilight said slyly as she motioned to a big ape pounding some trash into the ground.

Svengallop gulped a bit. With the size of that ape, he didn't want to be here right now!

"Fine, I get the idea." Svegallop said nervously as he prepared to leave. "But I will speak with Rara about where her career is..."

Suddenly, Brad flew in and kicked Svegallop in the face, making most of everyone gasped in surprise. As the former manager recovered, he yelped as Brad stepped on his tail.

"I will say this once and nicely...stay away from Rara and my friends...or I will make you be wearing a body cast. Got it?!" Brad snapped darkly to Svengallop as if he would say, 'go near my filly again and you're in trouble'.

Svengallop gulped a bit. He grabbed his glasses that fell off of himself and make a run for it. This was one pony who won't be bugging Rara for a long time!

Brad sighed, shaking his head while turning to Rara, speaking, "You okay?"

"Thanks to you, Brad." Rara said with a smile.

"Uh, thanks...for defending me." Brad said to Rara and the others, scratching the ground with one hoof. "I appreciate it."

"No one talks that way to my son." Mila said, hugging Brad a bit. "You are strong, despite what he said. Don't forget that."

"Anyway, thanks for defending me, too." Rara said to Brad, blushing a bit. "I appreciate it..."

"Hey, no one puts my teacher in a corner." Brad remarked with a chuckle, making Rara give him a warm smile.

"Hey, this is like in 'Dirty Dancing'...except Brad didn't say 'baby'!" Pinkie exclaimed with a happy squee.

"Pinkie!" Some of the group sighed while Rara and Brad blushed some more. Typical of her!


At the park in the morning, Brad was playing his guitar. What happened yesterday seems to have die down. At least he was able to do the right thing and keep his Rara safe. Hopefully Svengallop will stay away for a very LONG time!

"You seemed to be relax than being emo and upset." A familiar voice spoke. Brad looks up to see Yuko looking at him in a serious tone of voice.

Brad sighs, "I'm guessing you know my secrets. Wheelie told you before he told me." The new pony suspects that Yuko found out about his secret: of him being a Brony in a secret.

"Actually, Brad. I have known this since the day you came here. You were actually a Brony in Secret as well as knowing the episodes and stories or our existence as well. That is why you knew it too well, though you're not interested in fanfiction. It also makes everyone suspicious of you. And I can tell that you feared and worried that everyone will not only see you as a fool but no one will understand you completely since the death of your father. Am I right?"

"Wow... And I thought Pinkie Pie is random. You're actually a fortune teller or something."

"Something like that. But all I'm saying is that you should be yourself." Yuko said calmly to Brad. The boy shouldn't be afraid of hiding his true self.

"I know. But to make sure that I don't become human and freak the Mystic Ponies out until the Princesses said it's okay to show and tell, I have to be cool and be myself from letting my disguise turned off." Brad said to Yuko in concern. He is trying to keep himself from being known as to avoid trouble with the Mystic Pony allies.

"I meant stop pretending to be someone else and hiding your feelings. Because if you do that, your disguise will be destroyed."


"Yes. But it's your choice, not mine. All I can do is give you some advice, and hopefully you make the right choice." Yuko said to Brad. The boy was silent at that. "If you don't, your family will be in danger. You will have no one but yourself to blame..."

"Hmm...." Brad said, pondering about this.

"I only did this is because someone have requested you to do it."


"Only time can tell, Brad. I must go. I have some customers to deal with especially the Mad Hatter and Discord. They brought me special tea for me to try. I can't wait." Yuko said with a giggle as she took her leave.

Brad watches her leave, commenting, "She's the strangest Mystic Pony I ever met."

But what Yuko said was true enough. Unless he comes clean with his secret...the boy may put his loved ones in danger.


Nezha paces back and forth in his office. He got a plan that will take care of the humans once and for all. And thanks to his scouts who were observing the newcomers, Nezha knows what to do.

"The Jade Emperor made a mistake about trusting the humans. But I will make sure that won't happen again to my homeland or mortals. I will prove to the world. Starting with this boy. The scouts did a good job. He's perfect to reveal his dark secrets. When that happen, we can finally get some payback..." Nezha said in determination.

Soon the humans will be dwelt with....

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