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My Little Mane Six 2 - JusSonic

Justin reunites with the Mane Six for a little trip into vacation...and bringing along his new girlfriend and her sonw ith him, going on big adventures!

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Chapter 6: Treachery

Chapter 6: Treachery

Brad was on his way back to Castle of Friendship until he found everyone was outside of the castle. Apparently, something is up.

"Hey! Hey! There he is! He sure took his sweet time." Wheelie remarks in annoyance to Brad.

"What's up? Did I miss something?" Brad ask, wondering what's going on.

"Isn't it obvious? We still need to show the Mystic Ponies that the Humans can be trusted." Pinkie reminded Brad playfully. That's right, with what's happening, Brad has almost forgotten.

"She's right. If you want to stay in Equestria as long as you want, it's best not to delay." Starlight said with agreement.

"There cannot be any delays." Justin said in determination. Looks like the father wants to prove himself a good father and a trusting Human to everyone.

"So, what else you have in mind?" Brad ask curiously. How will they do this?

Twilight levitated both her checklist pad and quill as she explains, "Let's start with Episode 1 of Season 1. Everyone keen on it?"

"Yeah, you betcha!" Hayley, Nyx and the CMC exclaims eagerly.

"Sure, I'm game." Mila said with a smile on her face. Starting from the beginning would be perfect!

"Seriously?" Brad ask Twilight skeptically.

"We are. Let's do this." Twilight said in determination. It's time to begin!

For the Past Few Days, the ponies helped the Humans in proving their worth to the Mystic Ponies. The Mane Eight sing a familiar song as they do so.

Starlight Glimmer: I never thought that I would find a place
To step right in and start again
I never thought that I could just begin
Right where I left off and make a friend

Applejack and Saber Dragoon are bucking the trees for apples and farming the land, Rainbow Dash, Blazefist and Aquastroke cleared the clouds but two of the girls loved to race. Typical! Rarity got to work on sewing and making dresses while Shorty Thinking and his assistants (Icy and Tailtech) worked on inventions to improve things.

Fluttershy and Terrorcreep are working on taking care of the animals while Pinkie Pie and Laxtinct are making birthday parties as usual! Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst worked together in making some several magic tricks, Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry performed their battle skills at each other and Twilight Sparkle is arranging the books as well as helping other ponies.

Even the Cutie Mark Crusaders are in the act of helping the young foals in the progress finding Cutie Marks and learning about them as well with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon helping out.

Twilight Sparkle: Don't ever think that it might be too late
You don't have to wait, there's no mistakes with the friends you make
A friendship's only made of what you bring
And if you do it right, you can do anything

Twilight and the others were watching Ben and Shadow Dragon training their martial art skills. Brad tried to follow but performed it poorly. Both of them helped and trained Brad of using the martial art skills, which allows the new Pegasus pony to approve. As Ben show a kick, he flew straight and kicked at Dragoking's flank.

Starlight Glimmer and Mane Six: Just use your eyes
This time, no lies
Just don't disguise
Who you are inside

Dragoking growled in anger making Ben chuckled uneasily. He's in trouble! Ben yelped and screamed fearfully as he ran away from the angry Dragoking. Everyone but Shadow Dragon and Twilight Sparkle laughed in amusement and happily, even for Brad. Both Shadow Dragon and Twilight Sparkle sighed in annoyance. This could take a while.

Because your friends are always there for you
You don't have to be the same for friendship to be true
Because your friends are always there for you
Around the world, it's still the same
Together you have more to gain
There's nothing that a friend won't do

Brad continued practicing his guitar, with the help of Rara in getting the right notes and song. When he makes a wrong note, Rara scolded and shouted at him for being a slacker. The Pegasus colts does his best to follow along. He wants to prove himself and his love to the beautiful pony.

Wheelie and Brad secretly watched the video about girls. They both laughed in amusement before Sunset Shimmer and Mila came in and gave two of them their ears pulled. What perverts!

At one point, Mila and Brad have a heart-to-heart talk about the problems that Brad has been dealing with, especially his secret which she was proud and happy with. They reconcile. Looks like these two are doing even better now!

Justin and Mila chatted and walked together as they were getting very close to each other. They also helped and assisted some of ponies in Ponyville. The two show their relationship and caring for each other and the other kids, looks like these two are becoming more closer; They even chatted with the Mane Six's biological parents while remarking about Fluttershy's mysterious brother. The two are wondering if he does exist in this world or not.

Everywhere you go
Friendship there will grow
When you find it, it's the key
Friends can change the world, you see

Hayley was playing with the Cutie Mark Crusaders about helping others about Cutie Marks and having their own fun. This is the first time since before the Mane Six left to go home that the girl has played with little ones! They were playing with a kite until Hayley's one got trapped on the tree. Brad came and helped her get it down before passing it to her. They both smiled and chat about getting to know each other. They both play together.

Over time, Brad slowly lightened up his emo and moody nature into a friendly and caring pony or human-like.

Everywhere you go
Friendship there will grow
When you find it, it's the key
Friends can change the world (ah-ah)
Friends can change the world (ah-ah)
Friends can change the world, you see

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna smiled as they wrote down the reports. With what's been happening so far, they knew that the Jade Emperor and the Mystic Council will approve of this!


Brad was playing his guitar at his usual spot. He has been doing better since his first arrival here. Even his relationship with Rara has improved. They are becoming...more closer than before. Brad was wondering if it's time for the next step.

"You're getting lighten up." A familiar voice spoke up. Brad looks up to see Yuko nearby watching. She must've seen his progress so far and is proud. "It seems you finally showing your true self, Brad."

"Well... Yeah, I guess I do. Lots of ponies actually appreciate me now. I guess it’s okay to show them of who I am."

"Indeed. And sooner or later, you will not need your disguise much longer, young one. The Mystic Council had received the reports yesterday."

"So? What's the good news?" Brad ask Yuko anxiously. He hopes its good news. Otherwise, the boy will never be with...her.

Yuko giggled as she answers, "You'll find out soon enough. Your performances and others' have inspired us very well. I'm impressed, young one."


"And by the way, you might want to reveal your feelings for Rara. And don't break her heart like what Shadow Dragon did."

"Wait! Rara and Shadow Dragon were on a date? Seriously?" Brad ask in surprise and disbelief. He couldn't imagine Shadow Dragon being with anyone other than Iris Crystal, Twilight Moon, or Twilight Sparkle herself!

"It was a long time ago before Svengallop ruined it. And of course, Shadow Dragon was her mentor during his exile." Yuko answers carefully. Apparently, when Svengallop came onto the scene, the love that was once between Shadow Dragon and Rara was gone for good.

"Wow. That's harsh. What did he do?"

"Your sister should tell you about this. Or rather, would you like to find out by yourself?"

"Hayley isn't my sister, you know." Brad points out to Yuko with a frown. His mother and Justin didn't get married yet so it's too early!

Yuko on the other hand said otherwise, "Your actions speaks otherwise. Hate-love relationship takes some times for them to get along. If one refused to open to another, their bonds will be broken and be forgotten. And I assure you that you love your sister much. You desire one to play with since your young age."

Brad sighed, Yuko does have a point, "I guess I do. Annoying but she's an okay and cool sister. Can I ask you something?"

"What is it? "

"Do you think Humans and Ponies can - I don't know - like-like-like each other?"

Yuko knew that Brad would ask that. She smiles while answering, "That depends on you and the pony you loved. If she have the feeling for you, you should return it to her. If she does not, there is no point. As long you're honest with yourself, then you know how you feel for others."

"Make sense..." Brad said in a ponder.

"When you get the answer, I may grant your wish."

"My wish?"

"It depends on your decision. If you do know it, come and find me - I'll provide of what you wanted. Your reward can finally come. I'll see you soon. Can you send this to little Benny Whinny? It's a gift." Yuko said as she hands some sort of package to Brad who takes it.

"Uh... Sure. I supposed. But what's inside?" Brad ask puzzled as he looks at the package. What could be inside that Yuko wants Ben to have?

"You'll find out."

" You really like to tease Ben a lot. Why?"

"Isn't it obvious, Brad? I'm Celestia and Luna's godmother. And I loved playing and teasing with them. So, I should do the same with him." Yuko explains with a light giggle. Apparently, Celestia and Luna's family, even godparents, has a tradition of always playing and teasing with one another! "Ben still has a long way to go yet understand the life. You and him share similarities."

"Really?" Brad ask Yuko in surprise and concern.

"Yes... You both were afraid and scared that no one wants to treat you equal as well as performing something reckless and overconfident things which could have caused serious consequences. But of course, I enjoy playing a fool with you both because of your naivety and silliness. Such as my kiss of lust will help you get her to be crazy-in-love with you eternally."

Brad screamed in fury, "DON'T! I don't want that! I don't want to force Rara to be a zombie and crazy mare! I want Rara be herself!" If Yuko even thinks of doing what he thinks she could be doing, he isn't going to have it!

"Just kidding." Yuko chuckles a bit. Brad blinks a bit, she was messing with him? "Like I say, you're easy to fool."

"Man, you're crazy."

"That's your point-of-view. But remember, wisdom has funny ways to show. Just remember, kiss the girl with your own feelings."

Thus, Yuko disappeared from sight, startling Brad. As he recovers Brad groans, "I can see why Ben freaked out a lot from her."

Still, Yuko does have a point. Brad wants to admit his true feelings to the mare he loves. The stallion must do so now before it's too late.


The Royal Sisters waited as the Jade Emperor was reading the papers while humming, "Hmm..."

The Alicorns waited hopefully. They are anxious to hear what the Jade Emperor has to say. These reports must be enough to get him to consider that the Humans can be trusted and not monsters like Nezha, who is watching with the rest of the Council, is insisting that they are.

"Uncle?" Princess Celestia ask her uncle hopefully.

"Please, accept it..." Princess Luna said in concern.

"The decision has been made." The Jade Emperor said suddenly. Everyone waited anxiously. This is it! "The Humans can be trusted and treated as friends."

Everyone gasped in surprise, shock and/or happiness. Celestia and Luna gave pleased looks on their faces. The mission has been a success! The Mystic Council has now accepted the Humans as allies!

"I suppose this will have to do. I hate to admit it." Lightning Wisdom remarks with a nod. "These Humans are very different."

"I told you that they can be trusted." Tao said with a light chuckle. Of course, he is glancing at a certain ticked off councilpony who isn't happy about this decision at all.

"It looks like you've lost, Nezha." Yuko said to Nezha in amusement. His attempts to prove the Humans bad...has been defeated.

Nezha groaned as he kicked the chair off and stormed off, "You're gonna regret that decision, grandfather! Mock my words!"

The Jade Emperor sighed as he shakes his head, "Nezha... What has happen to your compassion to these kind? Do you have any objections, Black Alpha?"

Black Alpha, a humanoid black armored knight-like pony with metallic yet angelic wings and a white cape turned and looked at him. He stood up and walked away.

"Alpha!" The Jade Emperor calls out to Black Alpha with a frown. He didn't like that response.

Black Alpha stopped for a moment, turning back as he spoke, "I have nothing against the Humans, Lau Wang. But be sure you dealt with the traitor among us."

"What do you mean?"

"You already know it, Lau."

Black Alpha disappeared from everyone's sights. They look concerned. What could he meant, 'traitor'? Could he mean...Nezha?

"I'd never understand that Councilpony or Knight." Princess Luna remarks with a groan as she put a hoof to her head as if getting a headache. That pony has always been so mysterious to her.

"If it not for him, we would have lost the Second Mystic War 700 years ago. Never mind him." Princess Celestia said to her sister with a smile. She turns back to the Jade Emperor to speak of him while bowing, "We're thankful, uncle."

"You are most welcome, my child. What will you do next?" The Jade Emperor ask, pondering for whatever his niece got in store next.


Nezha was ticked off as he paced back and forth in his office. Everyone was trusting the humans…to him, it was a big mistake! This Mystic Pony wanted to prove them wrong. In this world, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

"Damn him! Why does he take the filth's side, especially my father's cousins?! Why?!" Nezha growled angrily as his closest allies watched him in concern. "Fine! If that's how he wants, I'll have to force the Humans to show their true colors."

"Wait! You don't mean-!" Soki gasped in horror as his pals looked shocked. They could tell what Nezha was up to. "Sir, that's treason especially against our own allies!"

Lightningblade hissed in agreement, "You cannot be serious! You must not do such a thing!"

Silverclaw nodded as he adds, "I ain't smart but ain't stupid too to do this!"

"I don't care anymore. I'll just have to force everyone to open their eyes about the Humans, even it means sacrificing countless mortals to prove it!" Nezha exclaimed in determination. If he must commit treason and prove himself right by sacrificing what must be done, then so be it.

Lightningblade hissed once more, "This is madness. You can't mean it, sir!" If Nezha goes down this path, he will turn dark like most Dark Mystic Ponies did centuries ago!

"Oh boy. He's gone cuckoo-head. Besides, our friends are with them. If they're okay with him, so do we." Burnblast said in hopes to reason with Nezha.

Starkiller hissed while yelling at Nezha, "You're insane! We will not be part of this! The Emperor will have your head if you continue go down this part. Your title and position will be lost."

ZeekCrimson nodded as he continued the protest, "He's right. We might as well admitted that the Humans are friends not enemies. To be frank, I would like to know them, too."

Nezha looked furious. Not one of his allies wished to support him in his plan to get rid of the Humans. Why must he be the only one who makes sense around here?!

"It looks like no one's supporting you. You're no Susano, but he knows when to admit his defeat especially about the Humans." Soki said grimly to Nezha.

Everyone else decided to leave. They did not want to be with Nezha when his plans go south…and they all knew that it will!

Silverclaw gave a look to Nezha as he was the last to leave, "Good luck figuring that out, bub; you're on your own now."

"That's fine with me." Nezha remarked darkly as the four Ultimate Mystic Warriors left, "I'll prove it to everyone."

Nezha knew what must be done. He would sacrifice his own family if he had to!


It was a bit in the evening as the Royal Sisters were talking in a room at their castle. They decided to hold a Grand Galloping Gala tomorrow night in honor of their visiting Human friends, along with the Mystic Ponies accepting the Humans.

"Let's see…we shall invite Princess Twilight Sparkle and her family of course." Celestia said with a smile on her face. "Which includes the disguised Humans and the rest of the Elements of Harmony."

"Indeed. Hay, let's invite everyone, including our Mystic Pony friends." Luna said with a smile.

"I am concerned for Nezha though. He looks upset about the council's decision." Celestia said seriously. "A decision like that will make anypony do something drastic."

"I agree. But let's not worry about that for now." Luna said, deciding its best not to worry about Nezha for the time being. "Also, maybe we can get Countess Coloratura to sing."

"I think she and Bradley are clicking, don't you think?" Celestia giggled a bit in delight. She can tell that Brad and Rara were getting closer by the day.

"Yes, I know. A human and a pony, who could've guessed it." Luna said with a light giggle.

If Brad wanted to stay in Equestria, his time with Rara would be very interesting indeed!


The night of the GGG had begun. Everypony who is everypony had arrived, all ready for the big time. Even the Mane Six, their friends and family are there. Hopefully, this gala will do better than the few times they were here.

The Royal Sisters and the Jade Emperor were greeting their guests coming in and joining the party. They noted that two certain ponies were nowhere in sight.

"So, the Great Black Alpha and the Brave Nezha wouldn't bother to show up? Why am I not surprised?" Luna asked as she rolled her eyes. She knew that they wouldn't show up for the obvious reasons.

"Nezha is a stubborn boy. Give him some space. He will come to accept the Humans." The Jade Emperor said sighing a bit. He was concerned that Nezha was not coming. The last time he saw him wasn't a pretty one. "And for Black Alpha, he and his Dark Sacred Knights hate parties."

"Too bad for them, they're gonna miss the party a lot." Princess Celestia remarked with a shrug. A shame really, sort of.


Everyone was at the party, enjoying themselves. For once,, the girls are enjoying themselves. No disasters, no jealous Discord, no mucking around Snooze. Just what a gala should be.

"Well, despite the episodes that shows the Gala being...boring, this looks a bit better, don't you think?" Mila asked Justin with a smile.

"I should say so." Justin nodded in agreement.

"No Discord or Smooze. No disasters." Twilight said with a hopeful look. "I think everything's going to turn out fine this time."

"Say, where's Brad?" Rainbow asked, noticing that Brad had gone missing. "Wasn't he with us?"

"Oh, he said something about doing a special bit with Rara." Applejack said with a smile. "I think they're getting closer to that big moment, right?"

"Indeed. Love." Fluttershy said with a happy sigh.

"A human with a pony? No offense, but... isn't that disturbing?" Rainbow asked skeptically.

"Nah, not really. It didn't stop Twilight from crushing on Flash in the actual movie." Pinkie said playfully.

"Pinkie!" Twilight and Ben exclaimed in alarm and embarrassment.

"Well, outside our continuation anyway." Pinkie added with a giggle.

Suddenly, the group saw a familiar pony coming onto the stage, causing them to applaud for her. Looks like Rara is about to perform here.

"Attention, everypony. I would like to make a special announcement. Thank you all for coming, not because of how important this event was, but show how much we have in common especially our Human Friends. Tonight, I'm gonna sing a song with somepony special - Brad." Rara said with a gentle smile as Brad came out with his guitar, waving to the applauding crowd. "This is to show that we all love our land together."

Brad smiled as he spoke, “Thank you.”

“Are you ready?” Rara ask Brad with a gentle smile.

“Yeah.” Brad said with a nod.

The boy performed on his guitar. The crowd looked amazed, he was actually doing better.

Brad and Rara: Equestria, the land I love
A land of harmony
Our flag does wave from high above
For ponykind to see

Equestria, a land of friends
Where ponykind do roam
They say true friendship never ends
Equestria, my home

The crowd cheered from the great performance Brad and Rara did together.

"Wow, they are so good!" Rarity exclaimed in delight.

"And Rara singing it with Brad." Applejack said with a smile while nodding. "Gets best every time I done heard it."

"So what do you think, Justin?" Mila asked Justin with a mischievous smile. "Me having ponies as grandchildren?"

"Really?" Justin asked in disbelief and amusement.

"Okay, I take back what I said." Rainbow said with a smile. "Those two, Rara and Brad, look awesome together."

"I know." Starlight giggled. "I wouldn't be surprised if they made the next step."

"Next step in what?" Pinkie asked confused. This made her friends chuckle a bit.

As Brad and Rara got off the stage, the former turned to the latter, smiling as he asked, “Want a dance?”

“I am honored.” Rara purred as she took Brad's hoof.

Soon, a song began to play as ponies began to dance. Brad and Rara began dancing in the style of 'Beauty and the Beast'. The Mane Six's group looked impressed. Who could've known that Brad could dance like that?

"Well, perhaps I was being a bit paranoid. Perhaps Brad will do all right." Justin said with a sigh. He was concerned about a possibility of separation but now, it looked like everything will turn out fine... Right?


The Jade Emperor and the Royal Sisters went into a private room. They are pleased by how everything has turned out. The humans has won the ponies over. Heck, even the Mystic Ponies are impressed!

"These Humans... They're truly amazing." The Jade Emperor spoke thoughtfully and proudly. "You've made a right decision, my dear nieces. Your parents would be very proud of you. And so do I."

"Thank you, uncle." Celestia said with a warm smile. All that hard work has succeeded! Justin, Mila, Hayley, and Brad can stay as long as they want!

"Do you think our world's Humans are ready to come here?" Luna ask thoughtfully. Since the humans from another world has proven themselves, maybe now is the time to allow the humans of their world to return at last.

"One way to find out." The Jade Emperor stops as he notices something: a familiar pony coming into the room. And he appears to be using magic to hold up a weapon. What alarms the trio the most...is his mad look. "Nezha? What are you doing here with a knife?"

"What is the meaning of this?!" Celestia gasps in alarm and worry. She got a bad feeling about this!

"What needs to be done...." Nezha said with a cruel chuckle.

Yes, desperate times called for desperate measures...


The newly couple heads out to another room of the place to be alone. They both look out the window with smiles on their faces. It is a beautiful night tonight. What's more beautiful is Rara as Brad looks at her. He enjoyed being with her...and perhaps she does with him. Could it be that...

It's time to find out once and for all. Brad takes Rara by the hooves as he spoke gently, "Rara? Are you happy that we're together?"

"Yes, of course. You know you're different. Everyone said that you don't actually like 'My Little Pony' world, in fact you hate girly stuffs." Rara said to Brad, making him blush and for a different reason.


"It's okay because... that was a lie made by you. You were afraid. There's nothing to be afraid now. You have everyone as your friends and family. In fact, you're a nice pony or Human."

"Really?" Brad ask Rara hopefully.

"Yes." Rara sighs as she nuzzles Brad a bit. The disguised Human nodded, it's time. No need to hide it any longer.

"Rara, there's something I want to tell you. I-I-I-I-I... I like you. No... I kinda like-like and really like and love you."

"Brad..." Rara said. She looks surprised. For a moment, Brad was worried that she may reject him. But then the singer smiled, making his hope refurnished. "So do I, Brad. I really love you too."

Brad and Rara leaned close to each other as they closed their eyes while leaning their lips against each other. They kissed. Both leans back with smiles; it's official, they are together. Brad could stay a pony forever, if it means being with the one he loves. Looks like nothing could ever ruin their moment.

But then, something shocking happens. Rara yelped in pain as she felt something plunging in her back, "AH!"

"Rara?! No!" The boy gasps in alarm. He spots something behind his love as Brad took the knife out from Rara's back. How in the world did it get there?! "Are you alright? Say something!"

"It hurts a bit."

"There he is!" A voice yells out angrily. Brad looks and saw the soldiers of the Mystic Realm coming in. Good! Rara could get some medical help!

"Please, help! Rara needs some medic. You have to help her!" Brad exclaims, tears came out of his eyes.

"We will, as soon as we arrest you, traitor!" The Mystic Commander exclaims furiously. Brad looks shocked and alarmed. What is this guy saying?!

"What?! What are you talking about?! "

"You and your family are under arrest for assassinating Jade Emperor and Royal Sisters! Ordered by Emperor Nezha!"

Brad gasps and looks alarmed as he backs up near a pair of curtains, holding Rara. He doesn't know what happened. The Jade Emperor, Celestia and Luna can't be dead! Nezha...he must be setting him, his mother as well as Justin and Hayley up! Brad needs a plan of escape and fast.

"Well, yeah, but before you do...WHAT THE HAY IS THAT?!" Brad screams out as he points a wing at something...as if something just came into the room that is terrifying just now.

The Mystic Soldiers looks confused as they turn to see what Brad just saw. And that gives him the distraction needed to use his hooves to pull down the curtains hard. The soldiers yelped as the curtains was torn off from their place and has fallen right onto them.

As the Mystic Soldier struggles to get out of the curtains, Brad grabs his love, doing his best not to make her injury worst while flying out of the room, mumbling, "They fell for that one every time."

"Come on, get him!" The Mystic Commander yells out in fury as he and his men tries to get out. That traitor isn't getting away that easily!


The Mane Six's group as well as the Humans are laughing, trotting down the hallway. They have no idea as to what is going on.

"Wow, gotta admit. Your dancing is improving." Mila said to Justin with a sly grin, making him blush. "But it can be better."

"Come on, give me a break." Justin said with a chuckle while shaking his head. "So, shall we check in on the love birds?"

Pinkie yelps as she goes into a series of takes, some involves her blowing up like a balloon and deflating a few times. Sunset gasps, "Oh no! Don't tell me..."

"Big doozy, something has gone wrong!" Pinkie exclaims frantically. "There is a disturbance in the Pinkie!"

"Hey, there's Brad...and he is carrying Rara?!" Applejack gasps in shock as there's Brad, flying to the group with the injured Rara on his back.

"Brad, what happened?!" Starlight asks Brad in alarm.

"Nezha has gone mad! He is framing me and the Humans for killing the Jade Emperor and the princesses!" Brad explains frantically, this made everyone gasps in horror and alarm. "And now, he is sending the guards after us!"

"Find him and the Humans! Search everywhere!" The same Mystic Commander calls out from somewhere.

"They're near." Ben said seriously. "We will have to fight our way out."

"But we may not succeed." Shadow Dragon said grimly. This is one fight that he knows that they will not win.

"Pssst!" A familiar voice spoke. Everyone turns to see a familiar pony at the door, waving to them. "In here."

"Yuko?" Twilight gasps to Yuko in surprise. "Wha..."

"Get in here, quick!"

As the Mystic Guards are heard getting closer, the Mane Six's group didn't waste any time, they quickly rushes into the door that Yuko was in. Once everyone is inside, Yuko glances out and closes the door...causing it to disappear just as it appear, with the guards coming by, unaware of what has happened.

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