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My Little Mane Six 2 - JusSonic

Justin reunites with the Mane Six for a little trip into vacation...and bringing along his new girlfriend and her sonw ith him, going on big adventures!

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Chapter 7: The Rise and Fall of Emperor Nezha

Chapter 7: The Rise and Fall of Emperor Nezha

The gang has been through a rough time as of recently. Nezha seemed to have overthrown the Jade Emperor and the Royal Sisters, taking over as the new emperor. Worst yet, he had framed the Humans as killers of the mentioned trio! Looks like both Equestria and the Mystic Realm are in for a big Tartartus.

Twilight and all of her friends have arrived at Yuko's Wishing Shop. They all breathed heavily, that door that Yuko has made was a long one indeed. As they recover, the visitors spots a familiar Mystic Pony waiting nearby.

"Took you long enough to get them here, Yuko." Black Alpha remarks bitterly as Brad carefully puts Rara right onto a bed in hopes that Yuko can save her in time.

"My, someone doesn't know the meaning of patient." Yuko chuckles in amusement. She turned to Rara. "Later, we have someone to tend the wounds. Hold still, child. This won't be long."

Yuko placed her hoof on Rara's wounds as it slowly healed the injury.

"Uh, what is she doing?" Scootaloo ask a bit puzzled at the tactic.

"A special way of healing that Yuko knows." Aqua explains to Scootaloo carefully. "It is slow but Rara should be all right."

"How could this has happened?" Twilight groans out in sadness while pacing back and forth on the floor. "Everything was doing so well!"

"Nezha just didn't know when to back down." Ben said to Twilight with a groan of despair. His mother and aunt are gone, thanks to that monster!

Black Alpha glared at the disguised ones as he declares to them, "If you Humans never come here, none of this could have happened. Nezha would not have gone to the depth of darkness's rage."

"You knew about this?! You both knew this would have happened?!" Brad screams out in fury. The mare he loves was almost killed, he, his mother as well as Justin and Hayley are being hunted down like fugitives, thanks to him?! Brad didn't waste time in grabbing him and held Black Alpha's collar tightly. "And you did nothing?! Why?!"

Everyone yelped in concern and worry of what they just saw. Shadow Dragon and Ben held and pulled Brad's hands from holding Black Alpha. They can understand that he's upset but what Brad is trying to do is suicide!

Twilight gasped, "Brad, don't!"

"Brad, stop it!" Ben exclaims frantically.

"Brad, he's the Mystic Councilpony of Darkness and Leader of Dark Sacred Knights! Do you know how dangerous and powerful he is when you just assaulted him?!" Shadow Dragon explains in concern for anyone who dares to assault Black Alpha won't have long to regret it.

"Right, assaulting that guy is the last thing you wanna do!" Laxtinct exclaims in horror. He saw what happened the last time, not pretty.

"Right, don't try to do it, Brad." Sunburst said to Brad seriously. "It's not worth it!"

"Like I care! It's his fault! If he had told everyone, at least Jade Emperor and Royal Sisters about this, Rara wouldn't have been like this in the first place! Mystic Pony or not, he's a goddamn asshole! I'll kill you!" Brad screams in fury as he lunges at Black Alpha once more.

The others grabs Brad, trying their best to keep him at bay. Black Alpha just glares as if Brad's threats and insults didn't matter to him at all.

"Brad, stop! Don't do this!" Mila cries out to Brad in worry.

"Listen to your mother for once, kid! Rara's fine! Yuko's doing what she can." Justin points out as Yuko is continuing her progress on helping Rara.

"Please! Stop it! We know how you feel! Please! Rara wouldn't want you do this!" Hayley pleads to Brad in sadness and worry. Rara would never forgive him if he keeps acting like this.

"What do any of you know how I feel?! You're all just the same! You don't even care about what I want or how I feel! It's everyone all for themselves!" Brad exclaims in disgust and anger.

Black Alpha grabbed and held Brad's neck tightly while glaring at him like he was strangling the boy. The others gasps in horror. Looks like their friend has indeed hit the point of no return now!

"No! Please! Spare him! He doesn't know about it! He's just upset! Please, spare him!" Mila cries out in horror.

"Please, Black Alpha, let him go!" Rarity pleads to Black Alpha to let Brad go.

"He's upset, hurt, angry," Starlight explains in worry. "He's like I was when I was bad. Not knowing better."

"Please, spare him! He's just a kid!" Justin exclaims in alarm to Black Alpha.

Harley sobbed in agreement with her father, "Don't kill him! Please! Don't kill him!"

Black Alpha watches the others pleading for Brad to be spared. It amuses him yet confuses the Mystic Pony at the same time that they would want Brad to be spared in light of his actions as of late.

"Why? Why are you pleading for his life? All he ever has is anger and rage within him. He desired alone than anyone else stand beside him. After all, it's everyone for themselves, isn't that right?" Black Alpha ask, reminding Brad of what he has said earlier.

Brad groaned painfully, "Goddamn right..."

"No! You're wrong! I did this for... I did this for not only Mila, but also her son, her husband and my wife." Justin explains in sadness as he sniffled. Black Alpha somehow arches an eyebrow, even though the others cannot see it. "My wife died in car accident because of some silly argument. And I regret that a lot. I missed her. I loved her so much. And I kept saying that I don't want to replace her! Nothing will!"

Hayley sniffled as she explains, "Same goes to me. I just want her only. That's how I feel."

"Until we met Mila. She suffered the same thing like us. But not like us, she and her son lost him when they got attacked by some robbers."

Hayley nodded while continuing, "At first, I thought Brad was just a jerk. But after what Mila told us about him, we feel sorry for him a lot. We really do..."

"Same for us, sugah cube." Applejack said with a slow nod. "We done thought the same thing...until now."

"Wow." Pinkie said in a whistle of amusement. "Who need there was this kind of love in the same room for one person?"

"I guess it takes this event to get everyone's love going." Fluttershy said to Pinkie with a smile.

"Guys..." Brad said to Justin and Hayley. He is surprised yet touched for Justin and Hayley standing up for him. The boy had no idea what they'd went through.

"We watched 'My Little Pony', not to make us forget about the past, but to be optimistic and positive again. It's what my wife wanted. Seeing that show isn't about happiness, but the morality and lesson we learned." Justin explains calmly and gently. It's true, the show helped him and Hayley be optimistic and positive, to be happy once more.

"There's one thing we learned the most is to never ever forget of your friendship and family, no matter how long it takes. We keep it not just for ourselves, but for someone we loved." Hayley said gently while nodding.

"Dad... Hayley..." The Mane Six spoke up, touched by this. That explains the two's love for them and the show.

Black Alpha turns to Brad, asking another question, "What of you? Do you share their sympathy and pitiful for your loss? Or do you prefer the darkness where no one will ever bring you back?"

"What do you mean?" Brad ask Black Alpha. He has no idea what this guy was talking about.

"He means you might end up like Nezha. A Mystic Pegasus chose ambition and power for vengeance over his relationship and heart which could led to his downfall. He's becoming what he is today, Brad." Shadow Dragon said to Brad seriously.

"A monster..." Brad mumbled. He looked down in shame as he began crying tearfully. "I lied... I lied!"

"What?" Most of everyone ask a bit puzzled.

"Lied about what?" Apple Bloom ask, tilting her head to the left a bit.

"Brad, what are you saying?" Rainbow ask Brad in concern for him.

"So, he's doing it." Wheelie said to Nyx and Spike in amusement. Brad is finally coming out with the biggest secret ever.

"We're going to understand why he keeps it in secret." Nyx said thoughtfully. Looks like she will finally understand why Brad wouldn't say anything about him being a Brony.

"About time..." Spike remarks with a nod.

"I actually like My Little Pony! I really do!" Brad explains. Most of the others looks surprised. The boy is a Brony as well? "It's not because of how awesome it is. It reminded me of my dad so much."

"Seriously?" Rainbow ask Brad in surprise by this revelation.

"Yes. My dad always helped me and taught me everything I need to know about the world. Seeing that show makes me very happy and relief from that pain. I'd never told anyone or even the others at school! I overheard that it makes everyone gay or a lesbian! I was too ashamed to admit it that I like it so much! I'm scared. I'm ashamed. I lied, so nopony will laugh at me."

Black Alpha hummed while glaring at Brad. Everyone looked concern and wondering as they looked at him. What would happened to him now? Would he get acceptation or reject?

Wheelie chuckles and laughs a bit. He then manages to speak up, "Well, too bad, kid! I will laugh at someone who insulted a Brony, not the guy who loved ponies! Because Brad's my friend!"

"Wh-What?" Brad ask in surprise. The bot who gave him pain before is his pal?

"Same here!" Spike exclaims with a smile, making Brad more surprised.

"Me too! And besides, if those jerks want to laugh or bully a friend of ours, he's gonna have to go through us! Nopony bullied our Bronies!" Nyx exclaims as she stood near Brad, nuzzling him a bit in light of the fact that Black Alpha was still holding him.

"Right! Friends to the end." Fluttershy said in agreement.

"Yeah! I will be loyal to my friends, no matter what secrets they do their best to hide...reminds me of what I once went through, you know?" Rainbow chuckles in agreement, recalling how she was a closeted book reader.

"Yes, as I am generous, I am willing to stick by him." Rarity said with a giggle.

"Fun! Party and other stuff I can't fit in!" Pinkie exclaims happily, making her friends laugh a bit.

"I will be a liar if I wouldn't stick by Brad. He's my friend and there ain't any shame in that." Applejack said with a nod. Being the honest pony that she is, it's true.

"My teacher Twilight told me to stick my friends through thick and thin. And that's what I'm going to do." Starlight said as Sunburst stood by her.

"I've never abandoned a friend before, despite my bad turn around years ago, and I won't now." Sunset said as Flash put an upper foreleg around his love.

"The bottom line, Brad, you're our friend and we will help you out, dealing with your problems one hoof at a time." Twilight said with a smile.

"Yeah!" The CMC exclaims at once with smiles.

"Everyone...." Brad said in amazement by the support.

"See, son? There's nothing to be ashamed of. You will always have us to be there for you." Mila said to her son gently. No matter who would try to bully or harm her son, he will have family and friends to back him up.

Brad sniffled as he spoke, "Thanks, mom... Thank you so much..."

Yuko sighed in annoyance, "It's about time. Took you long enough to swallow your pride, boy. I thought I was gonna sweat out of my beautiful skin. But don't worry, your girlfriend is okay now."

Rara smiled as she got up, speaking to Yuko for her help, "Thank you. Lord Councilpony, can you put Brad down."

"Very well. You'd better teach this fool some lessons! I would have pound him to oblivion." Black Alpha remarks bitterly as he put Brad down to the floor. At least, this boy had learned not to insult or threaten him again.

"Always resort with violence, I see." Yuko remarks as she roll her eyes. Brad galloped and hugged Mila happily. Everyone sighed happily and relief. That problem is over. Brad has come out of as a Brony.

"Hate to break emotional reunion or thing! But we've gotta to do something with Nezha now!" Rainbow exclaims seriously. She is reminding the others of one thing: Nezha is still in control of the Mystic Realm and is after them all now!

"Great horny toads, she's right!" Applejack exclaims in concern. "Our Human friends and family are being hunted down and we're being hunted for helping them!"

"And it may not be long before they rampaged through Ponyville and everywhere else just to get them!" Flash exclaims seriously. Nezha would go through Tartarus just to get the Humans!

"Yeah! That monster... He killed my mother and aunt! Damn him!" Ben exclaims in fury and anger. His mother and aunt are dead thanks to that monster! He must pay!

"Calm down, Ben! She's not dead." Shadow Dragon said calmly, much to the others' surprise.

"How would you know?! Nezha thinks about fighting and killing his enemies - friends or not! He just want to win, even if it means wanting to kill you!"

"Exactly, Ben. He wounded them but faked their deaths, so he can get the Mystic Council and Ponies to stand on his side. Not only that, he wants the death of the Humans."

" Why is he so against them so much? I thought he was a hero. It's just like what Power Master had describe." Justin said in concern. He has read those mentioned stories. This isn't like Nezha at all!

"But did you actually read any story involving him alone?" Yuko ask a mysterious riddle to Justin.

"Nope... Actually, not much."

"All he wanted is fighting and dueling with Shadow Dragon." Hayley said in concern. She has read what was told about Nezha. What other stories is there left about him?

"That's one but there's something involving a deep part of his darkest tragic story - a kindhearted and noble hero turned into a vengeful warrior. When the Humans betrayed both Equestria and Mystic Realm, they kidnapped them for experiments and power. Nezha is among them. Yuko said seriously.

The others gasps in horror and alarm. So that's why Nezha hated Humans so much. If one was experimented like that, you would hate them too.

"And therefore, he desired one thing - destruction of humanity." Black Alpha said grimly. No matter what world, Nezha felt like the Humans must be killed!

"So, how are we gonna stop him?" Brad ask seriously. Nezha must be stopped once and for all if Equestria is to survive the chaos.

"A fight to the death. That's the only way to save Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and even the Jade Emperor. I will be the one to fight with him." Shadow Dragon said to everyone. If Nezha wants a fight with him, then he will be the one to put him down for good.

"No! Let me! He's gonna be sorry for what he has done to my family!" Ben exclaims sternly. Nezha has messed with the wrong family for this.

"Count on us too!" Flash and Sunburst exclaims in determination. They will side by their friend, no matter what the cost.

However Twilight shakes her head as she steps in, saying, "Neither of you will fight! Just me alone. I caused this mess in the first place."

"Why?!" Everyone else yells out in surprise and alarm by this.

"Because if I was more powerful enough to defeat our enemies, Justin and his family wouldn't be in this mess."

"Well, you're not the only pony who got blamed for this. I am too." Applejack said as she and the rest of the Mane Six steps up to their leader and friend. "Twilight, we helped you because you're our best friend. There's no way we're leaving you to handle it alone."

"I agreed. It's our fault for this mess as well." Rarity said in agreement. She felt responsible for the mess that led up to this.

"Me too!" Fluttershy exclaims. Even though she's still a scared shy Pegasus pony, the mare is willing to step up to the mad ones as well.

"Me three!" Pinkie exclaims randomly but in agreement as well.

"Yeah! We're not just friends, we're sisters!" Rainbow scoffs as she pounds her own chest. For a long time, the mare was a sister to these girls, especially during their years with their adopted father and sister.

"The best..." Twilight said as she nuzzles Fluttershy a bit. The Alicorn is happy to have these girls by her side.

Shadow Dragon looks at the girls as if they are going crazy. Attacking Nezha is a mistaken waiting to happen. He protests, "You can't beat Nezha. He's too strong."

"He's right. You need us to help you." Ben said as everyone chatted in agreement. The Mane Six will need all the help that they can get to put a stop to Nezha's corruption once and for all.

"No! It's our fault, our mess and our responsibility. We brought our family here because we want to be together. We're gonna end it. We're gonna defeat Nezha. And we're gonna make sure everyone knows the truth behind it." Twilight exclaims sternly. She doesn't want anyone else getting hurt or killed just because of a mistake that the Mane Six was trying to do.

"YEAH!" The Mane Six exclaims in agreement. They wish for everyone else to stay out of this. It's their decision and it's best for the ones that they care and loved to stay out of it.

"But what can we do?" Spike ask in concern. Are the Royal Sisters and the Jade Emperor even alive? How will everyone know?

Yuko smirks as she answers that question, "We wait until a girlfriend of yours returned."

Justin, Mila, Brad and Hayley exclaims in surprise, "You have a girlfriend?!"

So that means that Rarity isn't Spike's girlfriend. But then, who is? Suddenly a familiar voice spoke up, "Sorry, I'm late! I've got good news and bad news!"

Everyone else looks to see someone flying in through a window. The Humans are surprised as it's a Dragon from a certain Season 6 episode which folks made shipping stories about since it premiered.

"Ember!" Spike exclaims as he hugged Princess Ember. "I knew you'd come back! You could have write me a letter!"

"Yeah... Sorry about that. Mistress Yuko requested my help." Ember said to her boyfriend with an awkward chuckle.

"For what?"

"Isn't it obvious? To spy on Nezha. To learn his plan. To find out as to what's going on. And above all, be one step ahead of him. And to be honest, that guy is very good for being one step ahead of everything. Too good. And he almost kill me."

Spike checked on Ember's body. The big Dragon ask his mate frantically, "Are you alright?! Did he hurt you?! Where's the wounds?! Aw man! What have I done?! I knew I should have been there for you! If I had, then none of this could-!"

Ember grabs Spike, shaking him to calm him down while speaking, "Spike! Calm down! I'm fine! And besides, I did most of fighting when we're at the Gauntlet of Fire, remember? This is no big deal."

Spike chuckled uneasily, "Sorry. I got overprotective again."

"What am I not surprise?" Justin ask with a roll of his eyes. He is not surprised that in this world, Spike and Princess Ember would end up together.

Mila giggled as she spoke, "Yeah. Ever since that episode debut, everyone shipped both Spike and Princess Ember together." Granted, Jus shipped Spike with somepony else, but still, this is a cute pairing as well.

"Ember, report." Black Alpha said sternly. He wants to know if what Yuko has insisted on is true.

Princess Ember bowed down as she apologize, "Sorry. I confirmed that Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Jade Emperor are alive. But not just them, Nezha is leading an army of renegades for holding both the Mystic Councilponies and civilians hostages. The Mystic Soldiers and Royal Guards are forced to obey him for their leaders' protection."

"He knew we would be up to something, and wanted to make sure we don't achieve it." Twilight said with a frown. Nezha knew that the heroes of Equestria would find some way to put a stop to him somehow.

"So, how are we gonna do it?" Spike ask Twilight in concern. The gang needs a plan here.

Twilight hummed carefully and thoughtfully, "I think I know how..."

As Twilight and her friends have their own discussion, Yuko dragged Brad away from others. The boy looks puzzled. He has already admitted his secret, so what else does she want from him?

"Yuko?" Brad ask Yuko in concern.

"Listen carefully, Brad. This is very important. One last resort to help and save us from this chaos." Yuko whispers something to Brad.

"What do you mean?"

"You will get to that when the time is right."

Whatever Yuko has planned could turn the tide in favor of the heroes. But what does she even have in mind?


It was a dark day at the palace in the Mystic Realm. Nezha has taken over right after the so-called "murder" of the mentioned three. And now, looks like nothing can stop him from destroying humanity...and anyone who sides with them!

Nezha entered a private room where the Jade Emperor and Royal Sisters were at, badly wounded and injured. All of the Mystic Councilpony and Equestrian Leaders were pushed into the room.

"Comfortable, grandfather? You should have taken my advice when you had the chance. You should know the Humans cannot be trusted..." Nezha hisses darkly to the pony he once respected.

The Jade Emperor groaned but kept on talking, "It doesn't have to end like this. Please, reconsider your action."

"No. Once they're dealt with, we're gonna find the Human Territories. After that, their pathetic realm."

"Nezha, please! Leave them alone! I beg of you!" Celestia pleads to Nezha in horror. She has seen his behavior too many times...and lost too many friends to the darkness.

Princess Luna nodded as spoke, "Indeed. They're not the same beings you have hated. They're kind and honest Humans!"

"Well act. I almost convinced." Nezha snaps cruelly. Nothing will change his mind now. Just then, a Mystic Soldier came into the room, exhausted due to the galloping he has done. "What is it?!"

"Sir, it's them..." The Mystic Soldier said, breathing in and out.


Now it's time to end it once and for all...


Soon, the heroes arrived at the Mystical Realm, ready for their showdown against Nezha.

The Mane Eight, Dragon Strike Force, Ben, Sunburst and Flash Sentry entered the dining hall. They saw both Mystic Ponies and Equestria Ponies held hostage by both the forced Mystic Soldiers and Royal Guards. They knew that it wasn't their fault. Nezha was forcing them to do this.

Speaking of the devil, Nezha flew and landed on the ground. He glanced at the disguised Humans while remarking, "Took you long enough. I presume, these four are your human slaves."

"Our family, jerk!" The Mane Six exclaimed angrily and in defiance. They aren't going to let this guy do anymore unnecessary damage than he did already!"

Nezha just scoffed this off, “Whatever because in the end, they're just tools for us.”

"Nopony talks about Dad and his family that way and lives, you monster!" Rainbow yelled as she gritted her teeth.

"If that's how you feel, then it pleases me to be the first, and I will live, Rainbow Trash." Nezha remarked cruelly.

"Release the princesses, the Jade Emperor and everyone else right now!" Twilight exclaimed sternly and in determination.

"Or we will make fun of your mama!" Pinkie exclaimed in agreement.

"Confess the truth. Confess that you are the enemies of ponies as well as admitting your plans of what you did with these poor innocent ponies." Nezha said to the Humans. He was obviously ignoring Twilight's demands. That fiend!

"How about you confess, you ugly mother-!" Brad exclaimed angrily, preparing to swear off.

"Brad! Not that word!" Mila exclaimed to Brad in alarm. Even if Nezha was threatening everyone, there's no need to use that certain word!

"Someone teach him some manners." Nezha remarked with a cruel chuckle as he shook his head, "I would say that you are very poor parents."

"Go to hell, Fake!” Brad exclaims in defiance. How dare this jerk make fun of his mother and the man who would one day be his new dad like that?!

"Fake? Calling mel your God, a fake? I will teach you some manners." Nezha said, fuming furiously. This human would be the first to be punished for his insolence! "Now hand them over, so I will take care of them."

"What of the prisoners?" Twilight demanded to Nezha furiously.

"Do you think me as a fool? Foolish girl. I'm not gonna let them out. I'm not gonna kill them either. I'm gonna hurt them slow and very painfully until their screams are silenced." Nezha remarked with a cruel chuckle.

Hearing that enraged everyone. He isn't going to let everyone go. Nezha was going to torture them for the rest of their days!

"You will leave them alone!" Fluttershy exclaimed furiously to Nezha.

"Who do you think you are, jerk?!" Rainbow demanded furiously as well.

Nezha boomed madly, almost scaring everyone in the room, "I am the Emperor of Mystic Realm! I will bring peace, justice and order to my kingdom! And I will make sure the humans fall before our feet!"

"Dumb meanie! You're a total jerk!" Pinkie snapped in defiance. No way was she going to bow to this guy!

"Indeed. You're not the Emperor! You're a tyrant!" Rarity exclaims with a scoff of agreement.

"So are you. Ponies treated and praised you as heroines. But to me, you're just pretenders. Pretending that friendship can solve anything. And all it did is damage and destroy you and everything you have done for. And the only you do is to ensure their friendship is absolute control. And I will make sure all feared me." Nezha said dryly. He believed that these heroines weren't what they claimed to be. And everyone thought that friendship was right? Absurd!

"How dare you!" Sunset yelled furiously.

"That's nothing but a big damn lie!" Applejack shouted, furious by the lie that he was giving here.

"You take that back!" Starlight demanded. She wasn't going to stand there and take this mess!

"Suck my horse dick!" Nezha snapped harshly, refusing to take his remark back.

"We aren't going to let you get away with this!" Ben exclaimed furiously to Nezha.

"Release the prisoners and our rulers now!" Twilight demands once more for the prisoners to be released.

Shadow Dragon got his weapon out, ready for a fight that will be breaking out here. He spoke up, "Nezha, don't make this hard. Turn back now."

"If you don't, I will kill you!" Ben exclaimed furiously. He will not stop until this guy paid for trying to kill his mother and aunt.

Nezha responded with this, "Go to Hell..."

"Fine... The hard way... Girls, now!” Twilight shouted in determination. If Nezha won't surrender, then he must be taken down the hard way!

The Mane Six entered their Rainbow Forms while armed with their own weapons. The Dragon Strike Force, Ben, Flash and Sunburst armed themselves with their weapons. Nezha armed himself with his Heavenly Spear. There was a pause as the action was about to begin.

Nezha charged straight into the battle while the Mane Six and their allies joined the battle. As the fight began, Spike, Princess Ember, Nyx, Justin, Mila, Brad and Harley quickly hid behind the pillars as they headed straight to the hostages.

"You will NOT take over Equestria!" Rarity shouted angrily as she and the rest of the Mane Six attack Nezha.

"We'll see about that, mule!" Nezha shouted, "If you know what's good for you, you will worship me as your God! And if I have to make all you Ponyville mudbloods my slaves, turn your foals to prostitutes to be obedient and burn that apple dump to ashes, SO BE IT!!!"

"Now, just a minute!! THAT'S GOING TOO FAR!!!" Twilight yelled in rage and offense. How could Nezha say such awful things?!

"Exactly!" Nezha shouted as he made a psychotic grin, and then, he slashed Twilight hard in the face with his spear, making her scream in pain as she fell.

"You know who also goes too far...MY MOM!" Pinkie exclaimed randomly.

"What? Now I don't get it." Nezha said with a frown, not understanding what she just said.

"Come on, Nezha. Show me the money." Pinkie said with a smirk, confusing Nezha some more.

"Show you what money?" Nezha asked, getting more confused.

"Show me the money, show me the money!" Pinkie exclaimed with a giggle. "You have me at hello. Tear? No?"

"Uh, Pinkie? I doubt this guy saw Jerry Maguire." Applejack remarked dryly to her friend/sister.

"I don't know what that is, and I don't care, because you are the MOST ANNOYING PONY IN THE WORLD WHO SHOULD BE DEAD!!!" Nezha roared as he slashed Pinkie in the eye.

"OWW!!" Pinkie cried out in pain while holding a hoof to her slashed eye.

"What's the matter? Did I put a permanent scar in that eye of yours, Earth filth?" Nezha asked sarcastically and menacingly while giving a sadistic grin.

"Now you force me to get rough!" Pinkie exclaimed furiously. "FIRE THE LASER!"

Suddenly a clip of a laser blowing up the White House was shown. Nezha screamed as he ducked down, "GAHHHH! DAMAGE REPORT, DAMAGE REPORT!"

Pinkie removed the screen, giggling making Nezha confused.

"Well, actually, that was just a clip from the movie "Independence Day" but our attack is gotta be a lot like that. Yeah, scary." Pinkie remarks with a smile.

"Pinkie, your eye! Is it badly damaged from when he slashed it with the spear?" Fluttershy asked in worry as she looked at her pink friend.

"No, he just ruined my makeup." Pinkie remarked dryly. "MAKE UP!!!"

In some confusion, some makeup ponies came in and quickly worked on putting makeup on Pinkie's eye. Once they're done, they rushed out quickly, showing Pinkie's face back to normal.

"Okay, back to the story!" Pinkie exclaims happily.

"Pinkie, you are so random." Rainbow remarked.

"I've had enough of this random bullshit! PREPARE TO DIE!!" Nezha shouted darkly.

"Fine, let's!" Rainbow exclaimed with a smirk.

Rainbow sped around Nezha, sending him up in a tornado. Ben zoomed in and kicked the villain, knocking him to the ground.

"You cursed pony with the hideous scar!" Nezha growled.

"Oh! You just did not go there!" Laxtinct taunted Nezha in amusement.

Ben growled as he slashed at Nezha rapidly, snapping, "Don't ever...ever...do that...again!" The hero head butt his enemy hard.

"Hey, looks like we 'pulled the rug' out from under you!" Fluttershy exclaimed as she pulled from underneath Nezha, knocking him down.

"Cocky little freaks!" Nezha shouted in anger as he got up.

Without warning, the enemy suddenly begins to summon something as the clouds began to swirl in an unusual manner. A single dark cloud emerge from the cloudy skies and began to form a strange gigantic gargoyle-like beast as it flew across the air towards a local population in the center of civilization. It began to let off a charge magical attack as it fired it off, it destroyed a fountain along with 40 square feet surrounding it, causing the locale ponies to start panicking and running in fear. The beast let off a mighty roar as it made its mark for all to know…

"Great, just what we didn't need!" Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes in seeing what they got.

"He's gone off towards dat direction!" Applejack pointed off in noticing where the flying beast went.

"But that leads to Canterlot!" Rarity gasped.

"If that creature makes it there, lives will be endangered!" Flash stated in knowing what great danger is ahead if they don't reach there in time.

"Oh dear, we have to do something!" Fluttershy yelped with worry about the subject.

"Quickly, let’s chase after it!" Pinkie Pie issued forth that they need to hurry up.

"Alright, everyone, let's hurry!" Twilight issued off to say this in what they need to do here.

The Mane Six, Ben and Flash headed off as the mares had their Rainbow Forms to help fly them as Ben used his Hover Boots and Flash flew by his natural wings. It wasn't long before they confronted the beast, as Ben clashed his Master Sword against the enemy's mouth. The others tried to clash their physical and magical attacks on the adversary's forehead, but it was hard to penetrate. But even when pushed come to shove, everyone was continuing to clash against the enemy to stop it, while watching out for the teeth. Then Ben Mare charged a Sword Beam as it broke off a surface of the beast's armor facial, as it began to fall while breaking through countless structures before it lay flat on its back. As everyone saw the fallen foe, the beast rose up to roar while charging for another attack as it took off. The Dragon Strike Force saw the action below, they felt concerned of what was going to happen.

"We have to help, whatever we can. Hurry!" Shadow Dragon gave the order to the others as they scatter.

The beastly foe was flying upwards, but as the Mane Six, Ben and Flash tried to catch up to it, different sections showed the Dragon Strike Force in place as they fired grapple hooks to slow the beast down while offering their friends to quickly go after the target. At first, it was hard as the beast was more resistant, but from the effort of their allies, the Mane Six, Ben and Flash were able to go up to higher heights. And it was gonna be close, as the beast was charging up its attack for a final assault. As the Mane Six fired off with their Rainbow Forms, Flash used his spear for Ben to stand on as he hurled his best pal forward with all his might.

"This is gonna be close!" Flash exclaimed in seeing how things were gonna be.

As the seven heroes were diving into the heat of battle, the beast unleashed its largest magical sphere from its mouth, large enough to wipe out an entire town and make any pony figure look like a tiny ant to it. The Mane Six and Ben plowed into the attack, it looked like they were finished instantly. But in a shocking display, they made it through the other side and were about to attack the roaring beast that was diving towards them. Combined with the Mane Six firing a rainbow beam with Ben’s sword, the guy was slicing from the enemy’s head all the way to his tail. Soon, a final roaring of the beast is heard as it was seen falling while glowing blue, the Dragon Strike Force watched this in amazement as the creature impacted more metal structure bars while slowly fading from existence. Upon the final crash, the beast was no more and the heroes soon landed on the sidelines in having stopped one disastrous enemy from causing trouble.

"Well, he's taken care of." Ben sighed in relief.

"But where is Nezha anyway?" Rarity asked with a frown, noting that Nezha was nowhere in sight.

"He's trying to recover. After him!" Twilight exclaims in determination.

Then the heroes charged after Nezha as fast as their legs could carry them.


Meanwhile, the scenery changed to a new location, where Sunburst was seen by a strange device that's a weapon; a temple made to be used for destruction. Problem was, he wasn't alone, he soon came into contact, with the enemy; Nehza. Sunburst had to step backwards when Nehza leapt off to approach this wizard.

"You have unlocked the secret of the temple, how did you accomplish this?" Nehza asked, demanding to know how this stallion achieved such a thing.

"If you were smart enough, you'd know to figure that question out yourself. Because I won't tell you." Sunburst issued off to say this in keeping a distance with his magic horn glowing.

"No matter…the power within will soon belong to the forces of evil." Nehza exclaimed off, not wanting to bother with trivial things, the important step was securing the power unlocked.

"Just so you know, I don’t fear you!" Sunburst put on a bravo to show he’s not afraid.

"Then you will just die, braver than most." Nehza remarked sarcastically.

Then without warning, Nehza was firing a bunch of spells that Sunburst was trying to counter with teleportation and barrier motions. But though Sunburst was well knowledgeable of spells and magic, he was limited to what he could use, even levitation spells to rebound the enemy’s launch spell attacks could only work so far. Wasn’t long before the enemy bash his defense as Sunburst lay on the ground, at Nehza's mercy.

"Perhaps I was wrong!" Nehza exclaimed, seeing that this pony was not at all what he was expecting.

"It wouldn’t be the first time!" Ben's voice was heard as he and the Rainbow Form Mane Six arrived on the scene to stop this villain.

"So, you have come before me!" Nehza exclaimed after seeing who was there. "Our awaited final meeting has come at last." He issued off to say this, as this would be the last they meet.

"Uh, we met about a few seconds ago!" Rainbow snapped as she rolled her eyes at this.

"Shut up, I was trying to make this dramatic!"

"We're glad we gave you something to look forward to!" Rainbow Dash remarked towards the enemy.

"Come now, we need not be advisories, young Benjamin. My lord will show you mercy…if you can tell me where Dragon Strike Force’s main bases can be found." Nehza exclaimed to speak only to Ben, offering him a place on the side of evil.

"As if we would even tell ye dat!” Applejack snapped off that they were not gonna sell out a pal.

"Yes, we would never sell out our friends." Rarity stated to say this in what they never do.

"That's right…Ben isn't like you." Fluttershy firmly agree on the case.

"Perhaps this stallion will confess if Ben is truly satisfied with things, if he will not." Nehza exclaimed as he looked towards Sunburst, claiming that he would get the answers out of someone of things he wanted to know.

"Forget it! No way we're gonna let you try to turn any of our buddies into evil wannabes! Even those of the Dragon Strike Force!" Pinkie Pie snapped, not wanting to give into threats.

"Shadow Dragon was weak, I’d gladly destroy him if given the chance." Nehza issued off to mention such a fool.

"Sorry, but you won’t be hurting anyone, anymore! We’ll stop you, even if we have to blast you with full force to wipe away your evil!" Twilight stated off to firmly tell this enemy off.

"You aim to destroy me, destruction is not your peaceful ways, little ponies." Nehza remarked off to taunt what such little ponies have in mind for him.

"Too bad for you, to keep the peace….we'll do what we can!" Ben stated this off with a stern face, as they got serious now.

"Wait, since when did we get into bases and other stuff not related to what's going on?" Pinkie asked, a bit bewildered.

"I decided to wipe out the Dragon Strike Force’s bases when this is…Ugh! Now you went and confused me!" Nezha groaned as he slapped his face in annoyance. "We're going off base here."

Now Ben and the Mane Six get themselves ready, their magic auras flaring up now. Nehza was getting himself ready, as his dark magic aura was seen with an eerie feeling. And soon, the battle began with Ben Mare swinging his Master Sword against Nehza's own sword as they were clashing with one another. As Ben fought, he moved aside when the Mane Six fired their Rainbow Powers that pushed the enemy back, but he only skidded across the floor. Then Ben leapt over to attack the guy from a blind side, which Nehza countered, and soon, they with the Mane Six helping Ben, threw in some physical strikes to which it seemed seven on one apparently was about an even match. That left Sunburst alone for the time being, as Flash Sentry along with Dragon Strike Force arrived to help the stallion up.

"Come on, I'm going to need help with this!" Sunburst called out to his friends in concern.

"Of course, Terrorcreep, Shorty, come on." Blazefist ordered the ones mentioned to help out in the progress.

"We're on it!" Blazefist shouted.

"Yeah!" Shorty agreed as he and his companion started helping Sunburst.

Outside the evil weapon temple, the heroes continue their fight against Nehza who was not going down. Even with a seven against one, Nehza's swordsmanship, plus magic usage was keeping him around the same league as Ben and the Mane Six. Even as Ben struck with his Master Sword, he's still unable to press Nehza a bit more…But then, without warning, Nehza unleashed a devastating blast of magic that pushed the heroes off the edge of the temple to fall down to land at the bottom; seemingly lost conscious. Just then, he felt the temple's vibration, something was going on.

"What? What's happening?" Nezha demanded.

Inside, the gang works on removing the power source...but it's stuck. The thing won't come out.

"Ugh! Looks like it's stuck." Saber groaned as he frowned.

"Stupid piece of junk!" Laxtinct groaned as he kicked at the power source...and suddenly, it fell right off, much to his surprise. "Hey, what do you know? Just like stopping the washer back home!"

Suddenly, the place shook like mad. Shadow Dragon spoke in concern, "Looks like doing that is making this place collapse. We better get going!"

"No need to tell us twice!" Flare Tiger remarked frantically as she ran like the dickens with the rest of the group following.

Just as the Strike Force was nearing their escape route, a dark magical glow came around the object Sunburst held as he felt himself getting dragged off. Everyone quickly pitched in to help keep the guy and the object within their hold. They soon stared to see that the one pulling the string was Nehza.

"Oh no, no-no, no, not now!" Lax yelped, seeing that they got trouble here.

"You are not going anywhere!" Nehza hissed menacingly as he slowly approached those doomed creatures.

"It's him!" Aqua yelped, seeing that the enemy has returned.

"We know, hold on!" Smartypants issued off that they need to hold on to each other.

"It’s no use…he's magic is stronger than all of ours combine!" Tailtech yelped, feeling their magic wasn't keeping the enemy from pulling the power source to him.

"Don't give in, if he gets that power source, then we're all dead anyway!" Shadow Dragon issued, not wanting his team to quit.

"End of the line…" Nehza exclaimed as he was completely focused on tormenting those fools while retrieving the object.

But Nehza was not paying attention as he failed to see that Ben and the Rainbow Form Mane Six were charging off. Nehza then sensed something approaching, he turned to see his opponents he thought were defeated, but…

"NOOOOW!!!" Ben yelled as the Mane Six transferred their Rainbow Power around the Master Sword for the guy to leap off to take one final strike…

"Gruuaaarrughhh!" Nehza cried as Ben's strike breached his own defense to break his sword, and slashed across his right face and body to knock him down.

But the move used up much of the heroes' strength that Ben and the Mane Six fell across the ground.

"Ben! Twilight…everyone! You have to hurry, this place is gonna blow!" Flash cried out to his friends to hear him.

"Benjamin…" Then a voice is heard during Ben and the Mane Six slowly getting up; they turn to find something shocking. "Benjamin…" It was Nehza, he was wounded and once more….half of his face was scarred from the force of the Rainbow Power and the Master Sword, but he was…calling out to Ben.

"You're kidding me, all that and he's still conscious?" Rainbow Dash remarked.

"He's about as sturdy as a cockroach." Applejack replied about the fiend.

"Ugh, disgusting…" Rarity lightly gasped in disgust at the mentioning.

The Dragon Strike Force were quickly getting near the escape route, but saw that as the self-destructing temple was closing in on itself; they saw Ben and the others were not coming. They saw Nehza was slowly standing up, preparing to continue their fight.

"Give it up, buster, you lost!" Pinkie Pie snapped.

"Leave Ben alone, he's not yours to command!" Fluttershy snapped, defending Ben from that meanie.

"Ben chose to be with his friends and family, he won't join you or any evil…in my heart, I know him better than your twisted psychological means of turning him into a monster!" Twilight proclaimed that Ben was his own being, and he won't be used by any evil, for he chooses to be as he is by his love ones.

"You heard them, Nehza, I'm not going to be used by you. Not now, not ever!" Ben shook his head with a firm tone.

A final stare off seem to be going on here as the sides of good and evil were staring at each other’s faces now.

"If that is your choice, then you will die with your love ones…" Nehza exclaimed off in glaring at his targets that Ben choose to die than give up.

"Ben, everyone…" Sunburst tried to reach out to his friends that they were choosing to fight then leave the location about to blow up.

Soon, without warning, the Mane Six was unleashing every bit of Rainbow Power into a full focus, centering around Ben as he held his Master Sword firm. Then with a final swing, it unleashed the biggest implosion force of a sword beam sonic rainbow effect that covered the entire area while blasting Sunburst away. As the light blinded everyone, the temple closed its doors, leaving no one to know, if their friends got out.

"No! Ben…Everyone!" Flash cried, in seeing their friends still trapped without knowing if they won or not.

"No time! We need to go, NOW!" Shadow Dragon issued off that they can't waste any time here, they must go or be destroyed all together.

With heavy hearts, the Dragon Strike Force was forced to take Flash and Sunburst, as they were quickly making their escape by air. They were just far enough, that a gigantic explosion came from the unstable energized temple weapon, which almost knocked them off course. Even a large nuclear blast effect was covering much ground as everyone managed to get away in the nick of time. Many that looked back were in shock, not knowing if their friends made it out alive or not; all while Sunburst held the dark power source from what was used to unleash such an evil force.

Suddenly, the rubble moved. The Mane Six and Ben were alive...but so was Nezha.

"Like I said, I am not going down so easily." Nezha remarked bitterly.

"Then let's continue, shall we?" Ben demanded more than he asked.


As Nyx and her friends headed from one area to another, they convinced the guards to help them. Some willing to let hostages go and escaped. Others were forced to fight but knocked out easily.

The Mystic Renegade Guards continued guarding their prisoners. Both portals appeared as both Black Alpha and Yuko emerged from them while glaring at the guards. The renegades armed with their spears and swords.

"You dare point them at Mystic Councilpony? Have you no honor? We only say this once. Stand down..." Yuko ordered the Mystic Renegades sternly.

"Forgive us. We cannot! Emperor Nezha's order! Sorry!" One member of the group said grimly.

"Fine... Soul of Destruction!" Black Alpha remarked sternly as he made his move.

Just before the Mystic Renegades could do anything, Black Alpha fired his multiple greenish beam blasts at the guards. Yuko glared at him.

Black Alpha shrugged as he said, "I didn't kill anyone."

Yuko opened the door as she spoke, "Come. We're leaving now."


Nezha manages to grab Twilight and head a sword to her head. He was about to hit her but Ben jumps in and blocks with his Master Sword. The mad Mystic Pony furiously swings around but Ben moves his love out of the way time, getting hit by a beam sword.

"Ben!" Twilight exclaims as she grabs Ben who almost fell to the ground.

Nezha jumps up but the rest of the Mane Six jumps forward and fires blasts at his chest, knocking Nezha back like mad. The heroes quickly hits him back then kicks him high into the air. With a nods, the heroes send a beam right through Nezha, sending him crashing to the ground.

Nezha grunted in disbelief, "No... No! No! No! NO! I cannot be defeated now! I can't be defeated by this filth!"

"It's over, Nezha. Surrender now!" Twilight demands sternly. Nezha has been defeated, he must give up!

Yuko arrives on the scene with her own group, along with the captives. She demands, "It's wise that you surrender now! You're outnumbered and outmatched now!"

"Just what I had hope for, we all can go to hell..." Nezha snaps furiously. If he's going down, then he's taking everyone with him!

BOOM! The lights turned off as the pillars and walls began falling apart, even the ceiling. Everyone screamed in fear and concern of what they just saw.

"Nezha, what have you done?!" The Jade Emperor yells out in horror.

"If I can't have my revenge, then I will destroy everything to complete one. It's over now..." Nezha remarks madly. Everyone screamed in fear and concern while panicking. He has truly gone mad!

"No way! This cannot end like this!" Rainbow exclaims frantically.

"Isn't there a way to get out of here?!" Justin ask the Alicorns frantically.

"I'm afraid Twilight and her friends are tired from their battle with Nezha. And we're too wounded to teleport us out." Celestia said seriously. It's true, with everyone either tired or wounded, teleporting out is out of the way.

"WE'RE GOTTA DIE!!!!" Pinkie screams out frantically as she shakes Fluttershy like mad.

"No... This can't be happening... It just can't be..." Brad said as he trembles in fear. The Pegasus pony can't go...he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Rara. And now?

Yuko groaned as she reminds Brad of something, "Brad, remember what I said before about your wish."

"My wish?"

"Yes. Make it the right one. And above all, make sure it's what you want..."

Brad thought carefully of what he wanted to wish for the moment. And at the same time, he watched his family, friends and everyone struggled holding tight together as the building begin collapsing on them. Thew Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force struggled in holding the pillars and ceilings to keep them from falling. Mila held and hugged Rara tightly while the latter hugged back. Justin and Harley hugged each other tightly.

He then turned and found Nezha coughed heavily like he was going to die. Brad knew what to do now.

Brad hissed, "I know what I want. I wish Nezha never became the enemy of Humans, the Mane Six or anyone else. I never want this to be happen..."

Yuko sighed in relief, "A wise decision. And do you know what price you must pay?"

Brad took his harmonica out as he said, "My father's harmonica. It's my dad's treasure and the only thing I want to remember..." If the boy must give up something of his late father, then so be it.

Yuko's eyes glowed brightly as she booms out, "Your price has been paid. Time Spell!"

And just before anyone could do anything, Yuko's eyes shined upon everything. It went blank...


"Brad? Brad? Are you alright?" A familiar voice spoke up as Brad open his eyes.

Brad gasped as he found Rara looked concern and worry. He turned and found everyone were still chatting, dancing and partying together. He even saw that his family and friends were alright. It's like what happened never occurred!

Brad was surprise and shocked of it. He turned and looked at Yuko, who was talking with the Royal Sisters and Jade Emperor. Even Nezha was there as well. And this time, he didn't seem to be hostile or fill rage. Yuko turned and gave Brad a wink.

"My god... It works..." Brad whispers in amazement. His wish has been granted. He has saved the day...

"Brad, is anything alright?" Rara ask Brad puzzled.

Brad smiled as he laughs, "I'm fine, Rara. I am. I love you, Rara!"

Just before Rara could respond, Brad kissed her lips. Instead of resisting, she kissed his lips back.

Looks like everything is going to turn out fine.

Author's Note:

Everything has turned out fine, folks. One more chapter left to go so read, review and suggest.

The battles has references to Final Fantasy VII Advent Children - vs Bahamut, vs Kadaj and vs Sephiroth style, Star Wars Episode 1 - vs Maul, Obi Wan vs Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader vs Ahsoka Tano. As well as the final fight with Xemnas in "Kingdom Hearts II".

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