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My Little Mane Six 2 - JusSonic

Justin reunites with the Mane Six for a little trip into vacation...and bringing along his new girlfriend and her sonw ith him, going on big adventures!

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Chapter 1: A Family Reunited

Chapter 1: A Family Reunited

Some time, letting go is part of life. You got to accept death one way or another, admit that you can't always be good at everything, or let your family go.

For Justin Exitor and his daughter Hayley, they did just that. But it isn't humans, but rather...ponies. Not too long ago, they took care of the Mane Six when they came to their world via an event in Equestria. Justin treated them like daughters, filling a little void in his and Hayley's life, helping them get their cutie marks and growing up.

When the day comes that they had to go back home, Justin and Hayley accepted that it's time to do so, but arrangements has been made so that the two can visit Equestria whenever they want.

Another chapter has closed on the life of the Exitors...and another one is about to begin.


It has been a year since Justin's last visit to Equestria. The father is at the supermarket, getting some groceries as usual. He was picking up some milk while his thoughts are on his little fillies.

"Wow... This day keeps busy and busy. I wonder how the others doing." Justin said, getting concerned as he wonders how his little fillies are doing. "I haven't respond to any of them since... Since..."

"Daddy?" Hayley spoke up, getting Justin's attention. She is concerned how father appears to be distance. She knows how much he missed them.

"Sorry, Harley... I didn't mean to make you worry."

"It’s okay, daddy. I also felt that too. I miss them a lot too."

"Yeah..." Justin sighs a bit. It has been a while since he and Hayley first saw their adopted fillies. If only they...then the father realized something. Yes, maybe. "Oh yeah... In the next two weeks is your summer vacation, right?"

"Yeah?" Hayley ask her father with a nod, wondering what her father is sugestting.

"We can have an awesome vacation in Equestria!"

Hayley gasped in excitement. Could it be? She ask, "Really? That means I get to see them again! We can play together again! YEAH!"

"You bet, sweetheart!" Justin laughs as he hugs his little girl playfully. It's great to get these family together again and catch up on good old times.

"So, how long are we gonna stay there? Please, tell me!"

"Maybe three weeks or a month. Bur we're gonna enjoy it. Of course, we're gonna need some foods and gears for our vacation. After all, we don't want to mess something up again."

Hayley joked as he recalls what happened the last time that they were there, "Like keep blaming Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon for being bad girls or even criticized Gilda for being a bad Griffon."

"Very funny, Harley." Justin remarks, rolling his eyes. Yeah, he made some mistakes, probably because the father has forgotten what happened in Season 5. And he called himself a Brony! "If I remembered correctly, I told you not to play with Discord, that guy almost turned you into a cockroach."

"Hey, I resent that, dad! Discord is completely harmless as Trixie. Like what you did to her in your fiction?"

"How was I supposed to know that?! I thought they were all gonna make the ponies being villains turned out to be good kindhearted ponies! But for Sombra, why did PM loved him being a bad guy?"

Harley shrugged as she responded, "Who knows? He did say he enjoyed 'Kiss of the Dark'. It must be a good one." She is surprised as Power Master is that Sombra became good in the comic books.

Justin huffed as he pushes the cart forward to continue shopping, "Don't even think about that. Anyway, so what else do we need to bring to Equestria?"

"Maybe we should-!" Hayley gasped as her father isn't watching where he was going. He's about to crash into something. "Dad, watch out!"

Justin got bumped into someone else hard. The two yelps as their grocery carts almost collided. Whoa, that was a close one!

"Ow! Aw man! I'm sorry! I didn't mean-mean-mean..." Justin stares at the person he has bumped into by accident. It black short haired woman with blue eyes. "I-I-I-I-I-I-I-"

"Hello... My name is Mila Anderson." Mila said sheepishly to Justin, apologizing. "And sorry for bumping into you."

"Well... I-I-I... I... I... Didn't mean it."

Justin chuckles as he gave a weird out look to Mila. Wow, this woman is pretty. He hasn't felt this way for someone in a long time...well, not since before his wife Susan died.

"Hello?" Mila ask in concern as she waves a hand in front of Justin. "Anybody home? May I know your name?"

Justin quickly snapped out of it, giving out a sheepish chuckle, "Right! I'm Justin. Nice to meet you. This is my daughter - Harley."

"Hi, nice to meet you, Miss Mila." Hayley said politely as she curtsy to the woman in respect.

"Nice to meet you too, Harley." Mila said with a lightful giggle.

The trio chatted, spend together and get to know each other as well. This is a start of a good relationship...for Justin and Mila at least!


Justin chuckles as he sat at a dining table in a restaurant a week later. He is having a date with his new girlfriend Mila Anderson.

"I got to admit, you are quite a joker, Mila." Justin said to Mila, he was laughing at one of the jokes that the woman just said.

"Thank you. I have a bit of a sense of humor...well, my son thought so." Mila said with a chuckle. She sighs. "I just wish he can lighten up on his attitude. Ever since his father died, things has been rough on him.

"Oh, I know how it feels. When Susan died, Hayley and I have been emotionally scattered. But we got each other to depend on...that and My Little Pony."

"Wait, you like My Little Pony?"

"Err, yeah. Why?" Justin ask, giving a concerned look to Mila. The man can hope she doesn't judge him for liking a kids show!

Mila laughs a bit, drinking from her glass while continuing, "i love that joke! I have been a Brony for years ever since the first generation. Oh, I can remember the theme song." The woman clears her throat as she sings a bit, "My Little Pony, My Little Pony..."

"Ha ha ha! Mila, you are a natural."

"Thank you. I just wish Brad could understand. He doesn't get the show like I do. Remember the episode where Diamond Tiara became a good filly?"

"I know, it's amazing when I first met her!" Justin exclaims as he chews on his meal a bit.

"Wait, "met her"? What do you mean?" Mila ask Justin, giving him an odd look.

Justin swallows his food, getting nervous. He and Hayley tried their best not to reveal how they used to take care of the Mane Six out of concern for their safely. So far, only their friends and family knew about them. And now?

"Well, just in my imagination...I mean, my daughters really enjoyed them and like to pretend to meet the characters." Justin said nervously. He hopes to cover up his mistake before...

"I thought Hayley was your only daughter. You got more?" Mila ask, more puzzled by this.

Justin groans a bit. He went and slipped up big time...but...the man has a thought. Perhaps it's time to share his and Hayley's secret...and hopefully help Brad out and for him to change his mood a bit.

"Well, how would you like to meet my other daughters?" Justin ask Mila with a smile.


Inside the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle of the world of Equestria, something is ringing. Nyx hums a bit as she looks for the source of the ringing. The filly found it: the phone that her mother Twilight and her friends' adopted father gave them as a birthday present so that they would contact one another back and forth.

Nyx was able to use her magic to pick the phone up and speaks into it, "Hello? Grandpa Justin?"

"Please, Nyx, just Justin." Justin's voice spoke on the other end with a light chuckle. "But then again, you can called me that. Is your mother home?"

"Yes! She and my aunties are having a council meeting now. Hang on."

Nyx trots down the hallway, taking the phone with her. Grandpa Justin wanted to speak to the Mane Six. The filly manages to open the door to the council room. There's Twilight and the Mane Five, discussing their strategies. Spike was sitting nearby, eating some gems. There was times when he used to sit at the table. Too bad his big size made it difficult to do so.

"And further..." Twilight stops as she saw Nyx trotting in with the phone. "Nyx? Is..."

"Grandpa Justin is on the phone." Nyx said with a squee while putting the phone onto the table.

"Hey, daddy!" Rainbow exclaims, smiling to the phone eagerly. "Is that you?"

"If it isn't, then I got the wrong number!" Justin's voice jokes on the other end. The ponies laughed with their adopted father. "So how are my girls?"

"Doing fine, daddy." Rarity giggles as she twirls her mane. "We were busy in helping Equestria in Friendship."

"And fighting off any Super Duper wicked meanies!" Pinkie giggles as she bounces up and down playfully. "Buuuut...it's good to hear from you again."

"So how are things?" Fluttershy ask her adopted father with a smile.

"Yeah. Listen, Hayley and I are coming over for a stay soon during Hayley's summer vacation...and we're bringing in some guests with us." Justin's voice explains. The ponies couldn't help but smirk. From the sound of his voice, he is sounding a bit a sheepish.

"Is it Mila? That woman you have been seeing?" Twilight ask Justin, arching an eyebrow.

"Yep! I accidentally slipped that I have more daughters than Hayley...but she is a My Little Pony fan! I decided it's time to share our secret with her."

"Hoo doggy!" Applejack exclaims with a thoughtful smile. "I done wanna see the mare you're seeing."

"Wait, you said "guests", right?" Rainbow ask Justin puzzled and concerned. "You're bringing Mila and..."

"We're bringing her son too, that way maybe we could lighten up his little attitude and maybe you girls can bond with him a bit." Justin's voice said, a chuckle is heard in his voice. "We will be dropping by tomorrow. Got to go. Love you, girls!"

"Love ya, daddy!" The Mane Six exclaimed as the phone is heard hanging up.

"Oh boy, grandpa's coming, and he's bringing some new friends!" Nyx giggles as she takes the phone happily.

"Wait, two new folks who don't know about us?" Spike ask, finally getting into the conversation as he arches an eyebrow in concern. "Is that a good idea?"

"Spike, this is the best way that daddy can introduce us to Mila...and maybe becomes friends with her son." Twilight said with a smile as she stood up in her throne. "All right, time we make a welcome party. Pinkie?"

"You got it, Twilight! I will take this seriously!" Pinkie exclaims as she narrows her eyes in determination. "It's time for the Pinkster to party!"


The next week has come and so is the summer vacation. Hayley was packing up, preparing for a little vacation in Equestria. She is amazed that her father is going to introduce her adopted sisters to Mila and Brad! This is her chance to bond further with her pony pals.

Of course, Hayley is concerned about Brad. She met him a week ago and...

"Hayley!" Justin calls from downstairs. "Mila and Brad are here! Come on!"

Hayley sighs as she finishes packing and head downstairs. Justin is in the living room with Mila and a black haired kid with, red eyes, a skull T-Shirt under a black jacket, green cargo pants, and Minecraft sneakers. He is playing his guitar, obviously not paying attention.

"Hayley, hello." Mila said as she hugs Hayley who comes over to greet her. After the two parted, the woman continues with a smile, "It's good to see you."

"Same here Hayley...Brad." Hayley said, giving the dry tone to Brad.

"Hey, Pony Girl." Brad remarks with a scoff as he tunes his guitar up a bit. "Still into that pony stuff like mom does? Grow up!"

"Hey! Listen, you don't have to come if..."

"Now, now, let's not argue, there's time to do that on our vacation." Justin chuckles as he opens a drawer which the man kept locked up at all times, pulling out a device that is familiar to him and Hayley. "We will be leaving in a few seconds."

"So what are your daughters like?" Mila ask Justin curiously. Ever since he brought them up on the last date, she is more curious on meeting them. Of course, the woman is unaware of what the daughters truly are.

"Oh, they're nice. You will love them. They are just like you, Hayley and I are."

"Oh, Bronies too! That's better."

"Uh, well, sort of...in a way." Justin said, rubbing his hair awkwardly. This causes Hayley to chuckle a bit. "But we will decide on that when we get there."

"Great, going to loser ville to more loser ville." Brad snaps as he got up, getting his stuff ready since he knows that they will be leaving soon. "So what car are we taking?"

"Oh, we won't be driving, Brad."

"What, so we're flying?" Mila ask Justin curiously. Apparently his daughters must live far that they got to take a plane!

"Oh, they live far but it won't be by plane." Hayley said with a smile. She watches as her father got the device working after tapping in a few buttons on the thing.

"I don't understand."

Soon the newcomers yelp in surprise and for a good reason: the machine is flashing like mad. Mila and Brad looks at it in both wonder yet concern. Was it supposed to do that?

"Hang on, we're going." Justin said as he and Hayley held onto Mila and Brad, everyone holds onto their luggage.

Brad on the other hand looks annoyed, not liking the idea of being held. He was about to snap when a big flash covers them all. When all is clear, the humans are gone...


Meanwhile, in Ponyville, everypony was getting ready for Justin and his family's visit.

"All right, ponies, get that up! Move it, come on!" Rainbow ordered as she urged ponies as they put some banners.

"Rainbow, this is a party, not a Wonderbolt tour." Rarity pointed out to Rainbow as she rolled her eyes.

"Come on. It's been a while since we saw daddy! I wanted to make this very important as possible!" Rainbow insisted. She wanted to make this stay for Justin as best as possible.

"Yes, it's true, I missed him too." Applejack said, bringing in some Apple Cider from Sweet Apple Acres. "But no need 'ta go overboard, sugarcube."

Mayor Mare trotted by, looking at the banner puzzled. She called out, "Excuse me. Princess?"

"Yes, Mayor?" Twilight asked smiling as she trotted on over.

The mayor pointed a hoof at the banner as she spoke, "Who is this 'Justin Exitor'?"

"Don't tell me you forgot!" Twilight laughed in disbelief as she shook her head. "Justin was the man who took me and my friends in, he's our adopted father."

"Oh yes, forgive me." Mayor Mare said with an embarrassed chuckle. "I sometimes forget these things."

Twilight's student, Starlight Glimmer, trotted in, giving a big look of concern. She spoke, "Twilight? I'm worried. I haven't met Justin and his daughter yet. What if they don't like me...?"

"I'm sure they will like you." Twilight said to Starlight with a smile. "After all, being a Brony, he must've seen the season where you reformed."

"Well, I guess. Just a bit anxious." Starlight said to Twilight with a sigh. She was concerned how the humans would treat her. "So, what was he like when you and your friends were raised by him?"

"The best father. He cared for us, loved us, and protected us." Twilight said with a happy smile. Suddenly, she noticed a glow nearby, making her gasp excitedly. "He's here! Girls, he's here!!!"

The ponies gathered around as the glow disappeared, leaving two familiar humans and two new ones. Mila looked amazed as she looked around, asking, "What...where..."

"You can ask for the full details later." Hayley said to Mila with a light chuckle.

"Hey, everyone. You won't believe who's here!" Ben exclaimed to everyone with a smile.

"I know! My daddy and sister are here! It's big surprise!" Twilight exclaimed happily and excitedly to see her adopted father again.

"Hey girls." Justin said, laughing as the Mane Six galloped over and almost collided into him. "Whoa! Wow, keep forgetting you six are too big for me to hold!"

"Daddy, daddy, I ate a bug!" Pinkie exclaimed to Justin with a giggle.

"Oh, was Applejack cooking again? Hee hee. Don't tell her I said that." Justin said, pretending not to know that AJ was nearby.

"I heard that smarty." Applejack chuckles as she nuzzles her father a bit.

As Justin lets go, he turns to Twilight, smiling as he said, "Hey, Twiley."

"Hello, Dad.” Twilight said with a smile on her face. It’s always good to see him again.

"And how's my granddaughter Nyx and future son-in-law Ben?” Justin ask Twilight, wondering how Nyx and Ben are doing.

"They're both doing well - even better since my friends/sisters and I returned." Twilight said with a smile, assuring that Ben and Nyx are doing fine.

"I can imagine." Justin remarked with a little chuckle. "But I'll bet Equestria has had plenty of stuff to keep you and your friends/sisters busy since you got back."

"More than I care to admit. It's kind of weird that so much time has pass in Equestria in between us getting turned into fillies and sent to your universe and our return. I'm guessing the evil version of Discord, Doctor Lizardo and Smaug deliberately picked a universe where time passed more slowly than on Equestria to give themselves more time to conquer the world." Twilight said, amazed by how time has passed in her world since she and her friends were turned into fillies and was send away.

"But, thanks to the Princesses, your biological brother, Big Mac, the Crusaders, Spike, the Wonderbolts, the good Discord, Ben and others, they still failed, even without you and your friends/sisters present." Justin said, recalling how, even with the girls’ absence, Equestria was still saved.

"Yeah. Serves those villains right for underestimating beings just because they aren't Element Bearers." Twilight remarked with a scoff. She turned to Spike who was coming over, doing his best not to break anything, "Also, I have to admit, Spike's more mature body and mind have improved his luck with Rarity considerably. And Pumpkin Cake is just a year away from graduating from Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and Pound is doing great in the Wonderbolts Reserves."

"Yeah. The Cake twins were just two years old when you and your friends/sisters were sent to our universe, but it HAS been more than fifteen years between that and your return to Equestria." Justin said in amusement. "So it makes sense that they would be nearly adults by now."

"No kidding. Pinkie practically flipped when Mister and Missus Cake told her about Pound and Pumpkin's present whereabouts." Twilight said, still amazed of how Pinkie flipped out when she heard.

Justin chuckled. Then he noticed Mila looking stunned at this. The man stood up as he said, "Everyone. This is Mila, the same woman I told you about."

"Hi, Miss Mila." Fluttershy said meekly as she bowed a bit. "It's nice to meet...."

"Oh my gosh!" Mila giggled as she hugged Fluttershy excitedly, making the mare yelp. "You're real! You're actually real! Wow, when Justin said...I mean...wow..."

"Whoa, whoa, Mila, Mila!" Justin exclaimed to Mila in concern as he pulled her away from Fluttershy. "You're scaring her."

"Oh, I'm so sorry...it's just...you're my favorite pony next to Twilight, Rainbow and Rarity!" Mila exclaimed, feeling embarrassed for her actions.

"Oh, it's okay." Fluttershy said as she nuzzles Mila a bit. "I was...surprised."

"Ahem, everyone. This is my son, Brad." Mila said as she motion to Brad who looks around.

"So wait, this place is real and not some drug hallucination?" Brad asked dryly before scoffing a bit. "Great. I'm in stinkin' Sesame Street."

"I beg your pardon?" Applejack asked, giving a glare at Brad. She didn't like his attitude.

"Uh, give him time. He will come around." Justin said to his adopted daughters sheepishly. "We've brought him for some bonding time."

"Yeah, bonding." Rainbow remarked, looking Brad up and down. "So, Mr. Troublemaker, eh?"

"So...Miss Girly Pony, eh?" Brad asked dryly, making Rainbow growl at that.

"All right, relax. Relax," Spike said as he got between the two. Brad yelped upon seeing him. "What, never saw a Dragon before?"

"Seriously? You're Spike?" Brad asked in disbelief. "I thought he would be smaller."

"I grew up, pure and simple." Spike said as he blew a bit, causing Brad's hair to be blown back. "Welcome to Equestria. Hee hee hee!"

"Uh, hi." Starlight said nervously as she came on over to introduce herself, thought the mare was still unsure.

"Oh yes. Daddy, Hayley, Mila? This is my student Starlight Glimmer." Twilight said, smiling as she introduced her student. "Of course, you already knew that."

"Yes, I see." Justin said as he hugged Starlight a bit. "It's okay, we hold no grudges against you for your actions."

"Who's we?" Brad asked Justin dryly.

"It's all right. You're an okay pony." Mila said, patting Starlight on the head.

"Thanks, Mila." Starlight said with a warm, relieved smile as she hugged Justin back.

"Well. Ahem. We hope to make your summer as great as possible." Rarity said with a giggle as she glances at Mila and Brad's clothes. "Although, you must allow me to make some new clothes for you. Perhaps for Brad. The emo thing is..."

"I am not emo, I just don't like girly stuff!" Brad snapped in annoyance to Rarity.

"Well, someone needs to teach you some manners!" Rartiy scoffed as the group moves on.

"You snobby, son of a--!" Brad snarled, about to make a vulgar insult. He did not like how Rarity was being fresh with him like that

"No swearing!" Pinkie exclaimed as she took out some soap and put it into Brad's mouth. The boy yelped as she washed his mouth out before stopping. "There! Someone washed your mouth out with soap!"

The boy spat out some soap in disgust, before glaring at Pinkie in rage as he shouted, "WHY, YOU LITTLE--!!"

"Okay, calm down, calm down!" Justin exclaimed as he got between the two. No need to make this into a fight. "So ready to show us your home?"

"Yes, let's." Twilight said as she led the group to the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle. Hopefully Brad will calm down by then.


Upon arriving at the castle, Twilight manages to get guest rooms for her family as well as Mila and Brad. The boy groans as he put his things down.

"I can't believe mom allowed her new boyfriend to bring us here. Unbelievable." Brad mumbled a bit as he took his guitar, playing a bit on it. "Girly stuff. Bah!"

Brad paused as he looked around a bit. Good, no one's looking. The boy prepared to open a bag, smirking as he took out...

Suddenly, Brad heard noises from another room, making him growl in annoyance as he zipped his bag closed. What now?!

Brad left his guest room and got over to next door. He walked in to see Spike and Nyx playing a video game.

"Hey, what are you two doing?" Brad asked with a frown as Spike and Nyx turned to him.

"Playing this game Grandpa Justin downloaded for us!" Nyx chirped happily as Brad glanced at the video game.

"Is that...'Them's Fightin' Herds'?" Brad asked in surprise, recognizing the game.

"Why, yes!" Nyx replied, surprised that Brad knows it, "You know it?

"Know it?! I loved it!" Brad laughs eagerly. But he saw the amused look on Spike and Nyx's faces, making him calm down. "Err, I played it a few times...still lame since it's based on a fighting game of you guys that got cancelled."

"So you think." Spike remarked with a smirk. "Want to play after this fight?"

"Oh, really? You think a Dragon can beat a human?" Brad asked, trying his best to be cool and not be girly.

"Try me." Spike said with a smirk on his face.

"Okay, you asked for it." Brad said with a challenging smirk.

Nyx looked amused as Brad waited his turn. Was he covering up something?


Inside the dining room, the Mane Six, Justin, Hayley and Mila are having some tea. The father cannot wait to catch up with his little girls since his last visit.

"So...how long have you dated father?" Rarity ask Mila, batting her eyelashes. "We are so hoping to know that."

"We met about two weeks ago after all." Mila said with a giggle while drinking her tea. "I'm still surprised over the fact that I've never new that you all existed."

"Well, we got our secrets, Mila." Justin said, hugging Fluttershy gently before letting go. "So, girls...any changes over the year?"

"Well, ever since we have been missing from their home universe for more than a decade-and-a-half (our Equestrian time), we have been absent for the entirety of our lives." Rainbow remarks in concern.

Ben comment, "Smaug, Lizardo and the evil Discord caused Twi and the others to vanish after Twi, Nyx, Spike, Phobos and I got back from Canterlot High, but before the mess with the Plunder Vines. When the Plunder Vines hit, Soarin', Big Mac, Shining Armor, Cadance, Flash, Spike, Doctor Whooves, the Crusaders and I took the Elements ourselves and delivered them to the Tree from which they originated. Then, when Tirek escaped, Mom temporarily borrowed the power of the other alicorns to fight him herself without getting drained. Then Trixie discovered a cult up in a place called "Our Town", only barely able to get a message for help out before the leader captured her. It was a rough fight, but nothing the Royal Guards and the Wonderbolts couldn't handle."

Justin blinks, silently thinking how that is exactly the way things happened in his collection of DVDs (the MLPs DVDs in Justin's universe reflect post "Equestria Girls" differently than in cannon because the Mane Six weren't there for those episodes in that universe. He guess that the writers got around this by promoting former secondary and background characters to starring roles for the remainder of the series.

"Hey, everyone." Starlight said as she trots into the room with a smile. "You won't believe who's here!"

"I know! My daddy and sister are here! It's big surprise, remember?" Twilight ask, giggling as she and the Mane Six hugs Justin happily.

"What, forgot that he was here already?" Pinkie teases Starlight a bit, thinking that she forgot.

"It is...But that's not what I have in my mind." Starlight admits sheepishly. "But Ben's brother-in-law - he and his girlfriend are here!"

"He is?!" Twilight asked with a gasp of surprise.

"Oh right, I almost forgot about them!" Ben exclaims in remembrance. His brother-in-law and his girlfriend are visiting today!

"Hmm? Did you just say-?!" Justin ask in surprise upon hearing. Hearing that, that must mean one thing.

"Hello? Is anyone home?" A voice spoke as everyone in the room hears someone about to come into the room.

Twilight gasped excitedly, "He's here!"

"Wait... Is that-?!" Justin gasps as a familiar pony comes into the room: a pony who appears in Power Master's stories as well as some others as well. So, he exist here as well!

Hayley squealed happily as she hugged Shadow Dragon, "It's Shadow Dragon! OMG! He's real! He's Power Master's OC! OMG! I'm meeting him here!"

"What the-?!" Shadow Dragon gasps in shock and disbelief. He hasn't seen this creature before. Unless... "A human? What's a human doing here?"

"I'm so happy to see you here!"

Shadow Dragon finally saw Justin and Mila, making him shocked and alarmed, especially when Brad came into the room after finishing his video game session with Nyx and Spike. What is going on here?!

Shadow Dragon grunted as he pushed Harley aside, "Will somepony tell me what the heck these Humans doing here?!"

"Hey, you've got the problem with the Humans?" Brad ask Shadow Dragon with a scowl on his face. He really doesn't like this pony's attitude problem!

"Yeah... Your attitude, monkey brat!"

"Hey! Who you're calling Monkey Brat?! You pony freak!"

Shadow Dragon groaned as he slaps himself, "You've got no respect to Gods, don't you?"

"You?" Brad chuckled in disbelief. This guy is supposed to be some sort of god? That's a laugh! "Yeah right!"

Hayley whacked Brad's head as she scolds him for his attitude, "Brad! Watch your mouth! He's a Mystic Pony!" The boy groans as he rubs his head. That really hurt!

"What's a Mystic Pony?"

"An Immortal Pony with powerful magic spells and powers to defeat and banish a few of bad spirits, Demons and even Dark Mystic Ponies!"

"Seriously? You're joking." Brad said in surprise. He couldn't believe that those kind of ponies even existed! The boy guessed that it must be some sort of OCs that existed in another universe or something!

"I'm serious! So, watch your mouth, mister!" Hayley exclaims with a scowl to Brad. This is her and her father's chance to have a vacation in Equestria. And she isn't going to allow Brad to ruin it now!

Shadow Dragon grunted as he glares at the Mane Six, Ben and Starlight, "You all got lots of explaining to do." The better have a good reason why there are humans right here in Equestria!

"Wait a minute! Isn't he-?!" Justin's eyes widen as he recognized Shadow Dragon. So he truly does exist! But does this mean…? "Oh no! Please don't tell me-!"

"What's wrong, Justin?" Mila ask her new beau in concern. Something appears to be worrying Justin for some reason.

"Twilight, please tell me that he and Ben- Well... Are they-?! I don't know like you and having friendship or brotherly problem with each other because they loved the same girl-! And maybe..."

"Love Triangle?" Twilight giggle. Recalling the fics that she is in, being paired with certain folks, she can understand her adopted father's worries. "Oh no! I may like Shadow Dragon but Ben is my boyfriend. My sister likes him."

"You have a sister?" Justin and Hayley ask surprised. So, this world is different because Shadow Dragon has a girlfriend...whom is Twilight's sister?

"I hope I didn't miss anything." A new voice spoke up, getting everyone's attention.

Everyone turned to their back where they spotted a blue Twilight Sparkle's doppelganger with a dark blue mane and tail with stripes of pink and purple in a ponytail while her Cutie Mark is crescent moon shaped with a 'Love' Symbol and crystal."

Spike and Nyx came in at this moment. The teenager spots the newcomer as she squeals, "Auntie Middy!"

"Midnight Crystal!" Twilight exclaims. She is happy to see her sister, now the mare can introduce Justin and the newcomers to her!

Twilight and Nyx hugged Midnight happily and passionately. Midnight hugged back as she spoke, "I hope I didn't miss anything. What the-?!" The mare looks up and gasps as she saw the humans who is watching this scene. "OMG! Are those Humans?!"

"Eeyup. This is our adopted family."

"Mr. Justin. I just want to say - thank you for looking after my sister."

"Uh... sure... I do what I'm good at. I didn't know Twilight has twin sister." Justin said in bewilderment. He doesn't recall seeing Midnight Crystal in any stories. Maybe this universe was a bit different!

"She doesn't. Originally, she actually never does have one. But here, she does because Power Master helped and solved the love triangle problem without having Ben and Shadow Dragon fighting over Twilight Sparkle. That is so X-Men style. So, he created a new one for Shadow Dragon. That avoid the problem." Pinkie explains happily and randomly. Hayley couldn't help but giggle a bit while Justin just stares a bit bewildered.

"Never mind..."

"Pinkie, you're so random..." Rainbow said, rolling her eyes while smiling.

"Hey... Where's Ben?" Hayley ask, looking puzzled. Everyone looked around as they found Ben is missing. Wasn't he here a few seconds ago?

Shadow Dragon, Twilight and Midnight however groaned in annoyance, "DRAGOKING!"

Everyone headed out as they found Dragoking, who was eating some fish from the river. He swallowed them whole inside. He burped happily. Of course, they knew better as to what he did a few seconds ago. Dragoking always do this!

"Dragoking, where is Ben?" Shadow Dragon demands more than he asked. Dragoking shrugged as if claiming that he has no idea but his master knows better. "Spit him out!"

Dragoking shook his head. Twilight scowls angrily, "Dragoking, I'm warning you!"

"Right, come on, this has gone far enough!" Rarity exclaims to Dragoking sternly. "Spit Ben out."

"Come on, Dragoking, this isn't funny! Spit Ben out!" Spike demands furiously to the Hydragoon.

Everyone makes demands, wanting Ben to be spitted right out. Dragoking stuck his tongue out at them. This made most of the group groans out in annoyance. Why must he be so stubborn?!

"Hmm... This reminds me of someone..." Mila said as she glances to her son who pretended not to hear her or give interest in this affair.

Midnight cleared her throat as she shook her head while giving a wink at Dragoking. Dragoking hummed in surprise upon looking at her.

"Dragoking... Be the good boy, and let him out. I will feed you with more fish especially octopus." Midnight said as she rubs Dragoking's back side. This mare knows how to get him to cooperate!

Dragoking hummed happily as he growled angrily. Something on his neck is pushing up each time he growled. As it reached to the top, he spitted something out. Ben slammed on the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom's castle. It was a hard landing, but otherwise, the stallion is all right.

"Ben, are you alright?" Twilight ask her love, galloping over to help him up.

Ben chuckled a bit, "Yeah... Nothing I can handle..."

Of course, Ben was wrong. He fell to the ground hard. He moaned and groaned painfully. Shadow Dragon raised his left hoof up as he calls out, "Ben! How many hooves I'm holding."

The vision got blurred upon looking at the hoof. Ben moaned and groaned in confusion, "Three?"

"He's fine."

"That thing eat Ben every day?" Justin ask in bewilderment as he looks at Dragoking who rolls around on the ground like a cat...a big cat with big teeth and claws.

"You have no idea." Ben groans as he got back up while cleaning himself off. "I hate going inside his stomach. Why does he do that again?"

"Lots of Demons loved to eat him up. One good reason - his Triforce Elements attract attention especially my pet." Shadow Dragon explains as he roll his eyes. "And of course, Ben escaped his stomach once so making my pet-!"

"Hungry and determined to get Ben or any prey to his stomach unless he gets 100 meals inside. That will make up for cutting his head or escaping his stomach." Hayley explains calmly as he finishes up the explanation. Everyone looked at her. How did she knew that? "I read daddy's email to Power Master."

Brad looked at Dragoking. The boy could barely...hold in his excitement. He spoke, "That... is... so... Awesome! That's the biggest snake I ever seen."

"Technically, he's a Hydragoon - ancestor to snakes and dragons but has the ability of regeneration and regrowing his heads with three. He's awesome too. And one more thing, he's an Ancient Beast. But to be honest, I don't know how many kinds of them."

"100 of them. Wow... She's clever." Shadow Dragon said with an amazed look on his face. For a human who he just me, she is pretty smart.

Justin snickered a bit while explaining proudly, "I taught her and read some of my friend's work."

"Still think My Little Pony stinks?" Mila ask her son slyly.

Brad yelps a bit as his eyes dart back and forth nervously. The boy just shrugs it off as he spoke, "Maybe not so bad especially Dragoking. For Mystic Ponies? Sounds awesome. I would like to meet them. I want to see how awesome they really are."

"Bad idea!" Shadow Dragon spoke up suddenly. Everyone looked at him, what's with this? "I don't know if you were aware of it but Mystic Ponies have banished every last of Human Kind to their homeland."

"What? Why?" Fluttershy ask Shadow Dragon in bewilderment.

"Why in tarnations did they y'all do that for?" Applejack demands in annoyance.

"Is there even a good reason?" Mila ask Shadow Dragon with a worried look on her face.

"It happened some centuries ago, ponies did allow Humans to stay and make peace with us but some betrayed us. They used us for experiments and works. Even though good Humans helped us rescued our friends, we banished them back to homeland and never ever again allow them to set their foot on our home again." Shadow Dragon said seriously.

"Well, that was shocking." Justin said in concern. No wonder the Mystic Ponies don't have humans in their land often! They trusted humans before...and some betrayed them and made them distrust humans since.

"Well, seeing that...it's a good thing daddy and Hayley kept us out of hidden during those years in our foal hood." Pinkie said in worry. Now she's glad Justin and Hayley kept the Mane Six a secret from anyone but those they could trust!

Midnight nodded as she explains, "Yeah, it wasn't very good either too. But don't worry, some are good and trustworthy to the Humans especially Mr. Tao."

"That's a relief but how are we gonna solve this problem. Mystic Ponies may get suspicious on us." Twilight said in concern. The right idea is not visit...but it may not be long before anyone else from the Mystic Realm finds out about Justin, Hayley, Mila and Brad. And if they ever set foot in the Mystic Realm...

Everyone hummed in thinking. Shadow Dragon was the first to speak, having an idea that could solve everything, "I think I know who can. She can help us very much."

Ben grunted in annoyance while slapping himself, "Not her!"

The humans looks a bit bewildered. Her? Who's her?


It will be a few minutes before everyone heads off to speak to the mare who can resolve this problem, which will allow the humans to visit the Mystic Realm without fail. Spike and Nyx has just finish playing another round of "Them's Fightin' Herds".

"I have to admit, that is a surprisingly fun game." Spike said with a smile as he and Nyx leaves the room, preparing to meet everyone else downstairs.

"Yeah. I have to admit, my favorite character is probably Orleander." Nyx said with a smile as she thinks of her favorite character in that game.

"Is that because she is so similar to Twilight?"

"Well, she DOES remind me a great deal of Mommy at that."

"Can't say I blame you. Orleander is one of MY favorite characters too for the same reason." Spike remarks. He pauses to think then adds something else, "Actually, for me, it's a three-way tie between Orleander, Velvet and Tianhuo."

"Let me guess; Velvet is on that list for being so similar to Rarity and Tianhuo is on the list because she is half-Dragon." Nyx said with a smile, although she doesn't really need to guess. The Alicorn knew what her little brother's answer is going to be.

"You know me too well, Nyx."

Nyx and Spike looks up and are surprised. There's Brad heading off, but not to the bottom floor. But to somewhere else. They look at each other puzzled then sneakily follows him. They followed him down a hall and spots him going through another door. As the two got closer, clicking noises are heard, meaning it's locked.

"That's just a closet. What is he doing in there?" Spike ask Nyx quietly as so Brad would hear.

Nyx uses a magic spell so that she and Spike could see inside the closet. Brad, thinking he's alone, sighs, "Man, keeping up my appearance was rough, but at least I can be myself in here."

Brad takes his guitar and practices with it for a few minutes. This puzzles the two. Why would Brad practice in there? He can practice anywhere else in the castle!

"Plus, no one will ever find out my big secret..." Brad said as he took off his bag and opens it.

Spike and Nyx blinks and looks surprised as Brad took out...a Pinkie Pie and Twilight toys! What is he doing with those? They watched as the boy, who acted like a stiff teenager punk...was playing with them!

Interesting. What is his secret?


It was a few minutes later as the group heads off to a secret location somewhere in the Everfree Forest. The pony that Shadow Dragon spoke up should be in here. They are almost there when Pinkamena Diane Pie, Greenrob's OC that Justin recalls of, arrives with her group.

"Wow Justin Exitor and his Daughter are here." Pinkamena giggles as she introduces the humans to Golden Heart and the others. "Hey group, I like you all to meet the one who cared for the Mane Six at his world, Justin Exitor and his Daughter Hayley. I see your girlfriend Mila and her son Brad. Greetings to every single one of you. I hope you enjoy Equestria, this place is a great place to be relaxed. Oh and Justin, a warning: careful of the Mystics, they had a really bad Past with Humans but do not worry. The Mane Six, me and my group got your back."

"Well, we're going to meet someone who could helped us." Justin said as the group arrives near a cave. "Is this her place?"

"Yes." Shadow Dragon said with a nod as everyone goes into the cave. "Try not to break anything."

For a cave, it looks more like a potion shop...or a witch's home. Justin and Hayley looks around the place. It must be an exclusive place, not seen in the fics so far. And it looks like they and everyone else are not alone, for with them is a black Unicorn with a black long mane and tail in a ponytail which was the same as Celestia's body dressed in her black dress who smiled happily.

Yuko sighed as she spots the visitors approaching, "Well, well, well, if it isn't my favorite customers especially Benny Whinny."

"I'm not Benny Whinny." Ben groans out in irritation. Why must she always do that?

"You certainly are when you keep complaining about my riddles and my wisdom. You did get yjr Element of Wisdom from me. Remember, Little Benny Whinny."

"Don't get me started again! 'Wisdom has funny way to show'. That annoys me."

"If you didn't learn it, you're hopeless like getting eaten by your favorite Dragoking." Yuko remarks slyly, making Ben more annoyed.

"That wasn't funny!" Ben protests to Yuko. He is this close to leaving right now!

"But you do know why we are here?" Shadow Dragon ask Yuko. He knew that she knows why the group are visiting.

"Yes, the Humans... You want me to help you solve the problem." Yuko said thoughtfully as she trots around the newcomers, looking at them carefully. "I don't usually get Human Customers since the Human-Pony War."

"So wait, you knew all along?" Golden Heart ask Yuko in surprise. "That Justin, Hayley, Mila and Brad were humans?"

"Without us telling ya?" Jack Zen ask, surprised as everyone else is.

"Of course, I know. I can sense it when you and your friends entered the portal drive. After all, I was the first Witch of Time." Yuko admits with a lighted chuckle. Most of everyone is amazed, she is a smart one of course. "I'm truly impressed to see Humans who treat ponies same and equal as others and even themselves. "

"I'm guessing that you're gonna help us." Twilight said hopefully with a smile.

"So are you going to help us?" Justin ask Yuko curiously.

"Of course, I do. But what payment are you gonna pay to me?" Yuko ask the visitors seriously. This cause them off guard of course, well, some of them.


"I will handle this." Twilight said to Justin before turning back to Yuko. "Again. What is it?"

Yuko smiled as she explains her price, "The photo of your family - both yours and ponies."

"Wait, a photo?" Hayley ask Yuko, arching an eyebrow.

"That is what you wanted, really?" Rainbow groans out as she slaps herself on the forehead. "What kind of price is that?'

"If you don't pay the price, your adopted family will be in grave danger. That attract Mystic Ponies attention. And I know some Mystic Council aren't please with it - Black Alpha, Lightning Wisdom and even Nezha Vengito. Others are fine with it." Yuko explains seriously. If the Mystic Council ever found out that humans are in their land, they will not be pleased...and consequences will be paid for.

"Well...when you think of that..." Rarity said, a bit hesitant at first of that.

"Who could say no?" Fluttershy ask meekly and worried. She doesn't want her adopted family to get into trouble when they decided to visit, right?

"You win." Justin said as he hands a photo of his family, both his and the ponies. Hopefully this price is enough.

"Good. Now we begin. Pony Transformation! Begin! Now!" Yuko booms out as she prepares for what's to come.

Yuko's horn glowed darkly and lightly in brighter. Her magic was then shot straight at Justin and his family. They slowly turned into ponies. Justin is now a green unicorn with a brown short mane and tail, green eyes, with a hero symbol as a cutie mark. Hayley's is a pink unicorn with yellow eyes, a short brown mane and a tail, and her cutie mark appears to be a book symbol. Mila is a purple Pegasus pony with a short black mane and tail with blue eyes, her symbol is a flowers symbol. Brad is a black Pegasus pony with a short black mane and tail, he has red eyes and his cutie mark is that of a guitar.

"Wow!" Twilight and her friends exclaims in amazement.

"Now that is one way of transformation!" Rainbow exclaims, impressed with how her adopted father and daughter now looks next to Brad and Mila.

"You look good, Hayley, and I mean that in a nephew kind of way." Spike remarks, giving a claws up of approval to Hayley, making her smile.

"Nice work, Yuko." Shadow Dragon said in approval to Yuko. Looks like with these forms, even Mystic Ponies could be fool!

"It is done. But I must warn you - this transformation will not last long, should any of you start losing your love and caring for not only ponies and others, you will also lose your true selves." Yuko explains seriously to the group to be careful not to lose anything that could make them think they're Equestrian ponies for eternity. "And above all, don't get near to any Mystic Ponies. They can smell and sense you very well. Especially you, Brad - you are the easiest target for Mystic Ponies to sense. Think of happy thoughts that would avoid the problems."

"Uh, sure, no problem." Brad said a bit nervous. He's worried that not only would that Mystic Ponies would find him and everyone else, there's a possibility his little secret is found out.

"Yuko, thanks for this." Justin said to Yuko with a smile. "This will help out a bit."

"Right, thanks." Mila said with a delightful giggle as she flew up a bit before landing onto the group, making the ponies laughs in amusement.

"Enjoy the fun, everypony. And above all, beware of your decision and wish because they may come true." Yuko said to the newcomers with a stern warning look. "But the worse thing is... are you really willing to pay the price?"

"What?!?" Most of everyone yelps out in alarm by that question. There is another price to be paid here?!

"Are you serious?!" Ben yells out to Yuko, freaking out again. Why must Yuko's help always got a catch?!

Yuko just chuckles, "Just kidding. Go out and have some fun."

Ben groans as he slaps himself on the face. Of course, Yuko was just messing with everyone!

Author's Note:

Well, looks like things are set. But can everyone avoid trouble? More to come so read, review and suggest!

The game that Spike, Nyx and Brad are playing is a video game starring characters based on the Mane 6 (see the appropriate pages on Wikipedia and Television Tropes and Idioms for details).

Yuko the Black Witch of Wisdom is based on Yuko Ichihiro (xxxHolic and Tsubasa Chronicle). She will appear in 'Earn, not Gain' Story soon.

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