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My Little Mane Six 2 - JusSonic

Justin reunites with the Mane Six for a little trip into vacation...and bringing along his new girlfriend and her sonw ith him, going on big adventures!

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Chapter 4: Friends & Music

Chapter 4: Family & Music

Things has been a bit slow since the Mystic Guards has left. The Humans felt a bit confident that they're safe...but who knows how long that will be.

Justin was using his new magic to help put some books away. He wanted to prove himself useful around the castle. The man turned pony couldn't help but chuckle. He felt like taking care of his fillies all over again.

Justin glances at Wheelie who is rolling by in his toy truck form, then transforming. As he watch, the little bot proceed in grabbing some darts...and throwing them at a dartboard. Probably to get his frustration out for Brad throwing him into the trash earlier.

One thing was on Justin's mind though. As Sunset came into the room to see how he was doing, Justin spoke to her, "Sunset... Mind me telling me what was Wheelie doing here? Wasn't he supposed to stay in the Equestria Girls' Realm?"

Sunset sighed, she knew this subject was bound to come up, "Well... When I decided to come home for some rest, Wheelie followed me. He told me that he had enough of staying with the Humans after what they have done to him and his friends."

"I see... I understand what he's been through..."

"I'd take you saw the movie about Wheelie."

"I didn't actually saw what happen to him. After what those stupid Cemetery Wind guys did to the Autobots, I can't say I'd blame him." Justin said with a sigh. Wheelie wasn't in the fourth film, but the father suspected that the robot has been through a lot. "I feel sorry for him."

"Me too..." Hayley said as she came in. The filly overheard the conversation and decided to join in. "So, how's the other Autobots? Were they alright without Optimus Prime?"

"For now, they were. I just hope nothing bad happen to them..." Sunset said in concern. She hoped that the Autobots are all right without Optimus Prime being around.

"Hey, guys!" Pinkie exclaims as she bounces into the room playfully. "Our real families are here."

"Oh good. I wanted to meet them." Justin said with a chuckle while heading out. The new stallion ponders how his girls' real families feel like meeting the ones who took care of their loved ones all these days.

"Same here." Hayley said, smiling in agreement. "This is going to be 100% awesome, as Dashie would say."


“Hello!” Then a voice is heard that made everyone turn to stare in surprise in seeing who was entering the picture, it was the Mane Six’s family members; both by blood & adopted family members.

“Mom? Dad?” Twilight replied off in seeing who was here.

“Twilight, we’re so glad to have made it. Your mother was worried we miss out.” Night Light smiled off to say this in getting to see his daughter.

“Traffic was a bit terrible. But, we managed to make it.” Twilight Velvet smiled off in being glad they could make it.

“Yep, especially when we got these invitations & came on down as quick as can be. Course when we were on de train, we got ta know some other folks here.” Granny Smith showed the invitations to come here, they boarded a train where they meant a few others.

“Eeyup.” Big Mac nodded off in also agreeing on the subject.

“Wait, you all came together? Wow, talk about a major family gathered surprise.” Pinkie Pie replied off in finding this to be something.

“Wait, ye mean ye all know which of us is related & stuff?” Applejack raised an eyebrow in having to have heard this to be concern.

“As it turns out, we came across to know another.” Igneous Rock spoke off as the father of Pinkie Pie stated this.

“It’s true as we already remember the Apples from before.” Cloudy Quartz exclaimed to say as Pinkie’s mother about how they came to know about the Apple Family.

“It was something to came across one another, & learn about how we somehow, come across different backgrounds. Like, how I like rocks & all…” Maud Pie slowly explained this off

“And filled them in about how I help run the family rock farm and to make sure nobody messes with Holder’s Boulder.” Limestone Pie stated off to fill in the other blanks of what the Pie Family

“I see, & what are your thoughts Marble Pie?” Pinkie Pie stated off towards her little sister, to which Marble Pie mutters this under her breath, still shy about speaking up.

“Still, mother, father, I’m surprised you could make it here.” Rarity stated off in being surprised in what she has seen of her own parents.

“Your father had to keep track of when the train was leaving or else we had to take the next one.” Cookie Crumbles explained this off as the most basic of knowledge.

“Well lucky thing we got there in time, who knows what happen afterwards?” Hondo Flanks stated off to mention this on behalf of his own matter.

“Well Twilight, we have a lot of catching up to do.” Shining Armor stated off in having to mention about another case he wanted his sister to know.

“Shining Armor’s right & it seems that everyone is a bit interested about our backgrounds.” Cadance smiled off to lightly state this about the situation around them.

“Oh really, like what?” Fluttershy asked off in being curious about the thought.

“Easy there Fluttershy, knowing how everyone here got together, probably heard about how many of us have those that aren’t blood related & we were adopted.” Rainbow Dash stated off to lightly talk about the subject in having to know WHAT it be all about.

“Oh.” Fluttershy lightly responded in knowing…how Rainbow was talking about herself & of who raised her.

“Think Rainbow Dash is talking about her father?” Sweetie Belle questioned this off in being curious.

“I bet’cha dat must be it alright.” Applejack nodded off to lightly say this on the thought.

“Well no matter what, any family of Rainbow’s is okay in my book.” Scootaloo smile doff to proudly say this in being alright.

“Maybe we can take our discussion elsewhere, is everything set Spike?” Twilight stated off to say this while looking to her dragon assistant.

“Yep, if everyone just follows me, I’ll lead us to where we’re to be.” Spike insisted to say this in getting everyone’s attention here.

The families arrived at a part made by Pinkie around. Cheerilee smiles as she motioned to her foal, "Come on, sweetie. Try not to wander."

"Hey, girls." Justin said as he, the Humans and Sunset came in. "Hey, you must be the families of my girls."

"Mom, dad, everyone...this is Justin Exitor and his daughter Hayley." Twilight said, introducing Justin and Hayley. "They were the ones who took care of us while we were gone."

"Really?" Twilight Velvet asked with a surprised yet puzzled look. "But aren't they..."

"Ponies, but we has a magic spell." Ben explained with a smile. "It's for the group's protection."

"Ah, well, in that case, sir." Igneous Rock said as he shook Justin by the hoof. "Thank you for taking care of my daughter Pinkie. I felt like she could be a hoof full."

"Hey, well, no problem, sir." Justin said to Igneous with a chuckle. "It was random but Hayley and I was able to do it."

"It's a honor to see you again, sir." Cadance said, bowing to Justin as did Shining. "Fluffy Heart would be happy to meet you again."

"Is that her?" Brad asked, seeing a familiar Alicorn baby but grown up, waving. "She looks cute."

"This coming from a tough guy?" Applejack asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Hey! I call them as I see them." Brad said quickly, trying to act cool.

"I want to see the humans, mommy." Cheerilee's colt son said anxiously.

"Calm down, son." Cheerilee said to her son calmly. "You'll get your chance."

"Your son?" Mila ask, arching an eyebrow.

"Eeyup! Little Bloom. Say hello, son." Big Macintosh said to the colt with a grin.

"Hi!" The little colt, Little Bloom, greeted happily.

"Wait, you and Cheerilee?" Brad asked bewildered, making the menioned two nodded. "Dang, and here I thought you would end up with Marble!"

"Nope! Just friends." Big Macintosh assured, making Marble Pie nod.

"You know, it's funny. For someone who claims to not be a fan of our show, you seem to have knowledge of that episode." Nyx said to Brad mischievously. "Got something to share with the rest of the class?"

"No way. Forget it! Uh...hey, is that food?" Brad ask nervously as he gallops over to get some food from the table.

"One of these days, he's going to talk." Spike said with a frown. What would it take to get Brad to talk about his secret?

"Well, no need for this meal to go to waste." Limestone Pie grunted a bit.

"Right, let's eat, y'all!" Apple Bloom insists anxiously.

Well, who to argue about that? Everyone hit the table to get some food, doing some talking and such.

"So...Marble?" Hayley asked Marble. "You rarely talk?"

"Mm-hmm." Marble said with a nod.

"Well, you are shy. No worries, we have all those days." Hayley said to Marble with a chuckle, patting her on the back. "I was a bit shy, too, but it took some friends to get me out of my shell."

"So how did you and Cheerilee get together?" Brad asked the couple in another part of the area. "Not by the love poison incident, I hope!"

"Oh, we met when he first brought Apple Bloom to my school." Cheerilee said with a smile. "Wait, actually, we were young before that is when we first met."

"Eeyup. Cheerilee was the nicest mare I ever met." Big Macintosh admits with a smile.

"No kidding?" Brad asked in interest. He never thought that they met when they were foals.

"So Twiley must be cute as a filly, huh?" Justin asked Twilight's parents with a smile.

"Oh yes, she is." Twilight Velvet admitted with a giggle. "I wish we brought photos so we can show you."

"Thank goodness." Twilight whispered a bit, overhearing this. Better than to be humiliated.

"Oh, no worries...I brought my own!" Justin exclaimed as he suddenly pulled out a photo album. "Who wants to see embarrassing shots of the Mane Six?"

"Gah, no, no, no!" Rainbow exclaimed in horror. But it's too late, most of the ponies came up to look.

Justin opened a book, showing a photo of little Applejack in a dress with a scowl. Almost everyone laughed.

"Wow, is that Applejack?" Sweetie asked with a giggle.

"Yep. She was fussy getting into that." Hayley admitted with a giggle, recalling that moment well.

"Ugh, dad. Not cool." Applejack remarked to her adopted father in an embarrassed manner.

Justin showed another pic with Fluttershy sadly holding a hammer while near a vase.

"Is that Fluttershy?" Scootaloo asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Yep, caught her in the act." Justin said with a sigh before smiling. "But she was honest enough to admit what she did."

"It was an accident...I was trying to hammer in a nail of a picture...and I slipped." Fluttershy admitted meekly.

While the families talked, Shadow Dragon decided it was that time to help Ben out for a certain training.

"Ben, I hope you're ready with your Dragon riding.” Shadow Dragon said as he and Ben goes over to the waiting Dragoking and Nightclaw, Ben's own pet Dragon. “And this time, you'd better not blame me or my pet again."

"Hey! So, I got a little slack off. But I'm still blaming that stupid pet of yours!" Ben snapped to his brother in law stubbornly.

"Really... Why didn't you blame your own dragon? He's the one who ate your food." Shadow Dragon said, pointing that fact out to Ben.

Well, even Ben got to admit, Shadow Dragon got a point. Still, he kept on speaking, "Well, at least, he didn't try to eat me like Dragoking!"

"I already told you before- Dragoking will stop eating you if you have given him 100 meals!" Shadow Dragon snapped, reminding Ben that if he gave Dragoking 100 meals, he wouldn't chase Ben to eat him all the time.

"How am I supposed to do that?! I'm not a Monster Hunter like Boris, you know!" Ben snapped to Shadow Dragon in annoyance.

"And that is why you're hopeless when it comes to battle! Good thing your sister doesn't get embarrassed by your attitude." Shadow Dragon chuckled while shaking his head sadly in reminder of his lost love Iris Crystal.

"Hey! That wasn't funny, dude!" Ben exclaimed as if what Shadow Dragon said was uncalled for, so to speak.

Some of the others watched to see this. Hayley spoke, "Midnight? What are Ben and Shadow Dragon doing?"

Midnight smiled as she explained, "“Both Ben and Shadow Dragon were training with their rides. Ben is still trying to get his Dragon ride to perform a trick. But one mistake, you know what happen next."

Harley sighed, "Got eaten by Dragoking. Ben really needs to be careful of what he's doing."

"Hey, mind if I ride Dragoking?" Brad asked suddenly. The others look at Brad in surprise and disbelief. He wants to ride Dragoking?

"You want to ride him?" Applejack asked in surprise.

"As in the big snaky Hydra guy?" Pinkamena ask in surprise and amusament.

"Are you sure? Dragoking won't listen to anyone but Shadow Dragon. He won't let anyone touch him." Ben said uneasily. To prove this, Ben tried to touch and pat Dragoking who snarled angrily. "See what I mean?"

"Okay... I'll let you." Shadow Dragon said. What he said startled everyone. Is he pulling folks' hooves here? "If Dragoking react angrily, don't do anything else. Just follow my instructions."

"Got it." Brad said with a nod.

Justin noticed how Mila seemed rather calm and confident. Perhaps she knew something that no one did.

"Okay. Listen carefully, Brad. And this one is very serious. Hydragoons are very proud and the mightiest Ancient Beasts. Other than that, they're intelligent." Shadow Dragon instructed Brad on the Hydragoons. "But I must warn you also, insult him or provoke him- you know what happened to Ben, of course."

"Hey! Leave me out of this!” Ben exclaims in annoyance. He didn't want to be a part of it!

"Follow my instructions. And just make sure that you don't make him angry." Shadow Dragon said calmly. Brad nodded as his instructor continues. "First thing first, bow before him and let him make his move."

"That's it?" Brad asked Shadow Dragon puzzled.

"Or would you rather pick a fight with him? Hydragoons are known to be fierce and wild fighters. I did challenge and defeat him. I earned his respect as he earned mine. Easy or the hard one?" Shadow Dragon asked Brad with a devilish smile. Hearing that, the boy knew what choice to make.

"Easy one. Hopefully, I don't get eaten like Ben here." Brad said in concern as he breathed in and out.

Brad bowed down slowly and calmly. Dragoking growled a bit while looking at him. He roared wildly.

"Oh boy! You know what that means!" Laxtinct exclaimed frantically. Dragoking sounded angry!

Twilight was about to move in to help, but Midnight stopped him, shaking her head. Shadow Dragon knew what he's doing there.

"Brad, move back now! Slowly!" Shadow Dragon orders Brad who moves back slowly. “And stay bow first...”

Brad moved back slowly while still bowing to Dragoking. The Hydragoon growled a bit while looking at him. He growled softly as he bowed his head down.

Everyone looks amazed, especially Ben. Brad was able to get his respect?

Even Shadow Dragon was impressed. He chuckled, "Good job. Now move slowly to pet him."

"Tell me why I have to do that? I thought I can pet him like a dog." Brad said to Shadow Dragon, unsure.

"You still have to earn his respect before petting him like a dog. You have to show respect to him and his prowess." Shadow Dragon instructed Brad, reminding him of the respect part. "And remember, this is not a dog. He's a Hydragoon - King of all Dragons, Serpentine and Reptiles."

"Great..." Brad groans a bit. He hoped this was worth it!

Brad slowly approached and wanted to pet Dragoking. The Hydragoon growled a bit in fury and angry at Brad. The colt stopped for a moment while looking at his eyes. Dragoking slowly lessened his growl in becoming to meow like a cat while showing his gentleness. Brad slowly touched and patted Dragoking's head.

"No way!" Rainbow exclaimed in shock and amazement.

"He was able to do that?!" Rarity asked in surprise. "It would've taken weeks for somepony to learn how to tame Dragoking!"

"Even years!" Spike exclaimed with an amazed smile on his face.

"I didn't know he can do it." Justin said. He was impressed yet puzzled on how Brad was able to do this.

"Well... He did touch a snake once." Mila admitted with a giggle to her new beau.

"You're kidding me?! A snake?" Justin asked Mila in bewilderment. When was Brad able to say that?

"I'm serious! My husband was a zoo keeper since he handled some animals and know them well." Mila explained that, before the death, her husband was a zookeeper.

"Aw... I want to touch Dragoking." Hayley said with a pouty look.

"I think its best you don't until Shadow Dragon thinks its okay for you to try." Justin said to Hayley in precaution. Best not to chance it.

"Ready to ride, Brad? You did earn his respect." Shadow Dragon asked with a smirk, much to Brad’s surprise.

"Me?! I don't know." Brad said in hesitation. Petting was one thing, but riding Dragoking?

Shadow Dragon didn't wait for him to answer as he helped and pushed Brad on Dragoking's back. He said, "Don't worry, Brad. If Dragoking looks hungry, Ben will take the bait. After all, he's a good one to ignore."

Ben grunted as he got up on Nightclaw, "Very funny. No way I'm gonna fall into his mouth again. And I hope you're not trying to use snake language with him about tricking me."

"Not a chance. Don't worry. Just don't make him angry than before." Shadow Dragon said to Ben, although the pony did have a smirk on his face for the obvious reasons.

"Real funny." Ben remarks, rolling his eyes. "Ready, Brad?"

"Yeah... I hope he doesn't eat me alive.” Brad said in concern over this.

“Hey! He let you pet and ride on him. That's good. And the only thing good for him is trying to eat me!” Ben snaps to Brad, trying to remain calm. Brad is one thing, the stallion is another. “Let's ride!”

Ben nudged his Dragon Nightclaw. Nightclaw roared wildly as Ben rode on his Fury Dragon up to the sky. Brad nudged Dragoking off as he held tightly on Dragoking's neck.

Both Ben and Brad were heading straight to the Everfree Forest. Ben was riding his Nightclaw as he was watching over Brad, who enjoyed riding Dragoking across the area. This looked like fun! He felt the wind blowing into his face, so adventurous, daring yet gentle. He was glad to be here, even though none knew his secret.

Timber Wolves dared not come and attack as they knew what Hydragoon was capable of.

Ben and Brad returned to the group after going around the Everfree Forest for five times. Everyone came towards him, amazed and excited.

"That! Was! AWESOME!!!" Rainbow exclaimed excitedly.

"Yeah, you did good Brad." Hayley said, impressed as Brad slipped off of Dragoking safely.

"So what was it like?" Nyx asked Brad with a smile.

“It was awesome. I'm surprised that Dragoking didn't eat you up.” Brad remarked, giving a chuckle to Ben.

Ben just rolled his eyes while remarking dryly, "Very funny..."


Some time has passed as things are calming down a bit. So far, no further trouble was made by Nezha or his troopers, and the families got along with the newcomers. The question is, how long for the former.

The Mane Six were passing by Brad's run when they hear a song playing from inside. Curiosity got the best of them as Fluttershy opens the door. There's Brad, performing a song on his guitar called "Achy Breaky Heart". The ponies stood there and wait a moment for him to get done.

Brad finally stops his playing, sighing a bit. He looks up and is startled to see the ponies now in his room. What do they want?

"Sorry to bother ya. I couldn't help but noticed that you were playing the music." Applejack comments with a smile to Brad. "And I'd say it was good."

"Yes, you appear to have a great talent for music, Brad." Rarity said with a giggle. She is impressed by Brad's guitar playing.

"So you're a guitar player?" Twilight ask Brad with a thoughtful look.

Brad just scoffs as he spoke, "Nah... I hate it. I just play for fun only."

Applejack narrows her eyes. She can tell a fib when she hears one. The mare spoke, "Now, don't be like that, partner! If you keep on practicing, I've got no doubt that you can make a best song. Besides, music is about passion and fun. Reminds me of Rara." The cowpony then gasped at the reminder of her old friend. “I've got an idea."

"You're thinking of what I'm thinking?" Pinkie ask with a smile. The ponies got the same idea as she and Applejack does!

Rarity gasped excitedly, "Countess Colortura?!"

"That's so obvious since AJ and her are childhood friends." Rainbow said with a nod. The ponies met up with the singer right after they got back home after years of absence. If anyone could help, it will be her!

"I have to agree with you all. Who else is gonna teach him about music?" Twilight ask her friends. Brad looks a bit concerned about hearing that. He secretly knows of Countess Coloratura, or Rara as Applejack would called her.

"I agree. She could be a great teacher. We should ask her." Fluttershy said with a smile.

Applejack smirked as she spoke, "That's the plan."

Hours later

A knock came at the doors. Earlier, Twilight send a message to Countess Coloratura wanting her to come to the castle at once. Luckily, Applejack's old friend was in town, relaxing at the time so getting to her was easy.

The guards open the doors as Rara came in. She smiles as she came up to the Mane Six, speaking, "AJ!"

Applejack and Rara hug each other, happy to see one another. The cowpony spoke up after the two let go, "Rara, am I glad to see you!"

"So do I. I miss you so much ever since you came back from your adventure. I'm pretty sure this isn't just for visits and chats."

"There's somepony here that needs some help. And you bet your boots he's got some promising future to make good music."

"Really? Where is he?" Rara ask, arching an eyebrow. She wanted to see for herself who her best friend was preferring to.

The Mane Six took Rara to the music room where Brad was asked to wait at until Rara arrives. They already explained to her about Brad as well as the humans in secret. Fortunately, Applejack's friend agrees to keep Justin, Mila, Hayley and Brad's presence as ponies a secret.

Brad was pacing back and forth until Rara came into the room. The Mane Six and the humans came in and waited to see hos Rara would do this.

Brad stood in attention as the singer spoke up while looking the new pony up and down, "So, you're Brad. Applejack told me that you were good at music. I would love to hear it."

"You're sure?" Brad ask uneasily. He has never played much in front of people, let alone ponies from a fictional TV show!

RARA giggled at that, "Don't be shy. It's best that you show how and what you feel by playing the music. I know it because I went through the same way as you did."

"Well... Okay."

Brad got his guitar and begins playing another song. Rara stood there and waited patiently for him to get done. So far, he isn't bad for a new pony that is learning.

Once Brad is done, Rara hummed in impression, "Not bad. I don't supposed a teacher never train you in this."

"Not really..." Brad admits awkwardly to the singer.

Rara smiled as she continues, "You're lucky that AJ brought me here. I'll be honored to be teach you."

"Really? Wow... Thanks..."

Hayley hugged Rara in delight as she exclaims, "Rara! Can you sing me a song - Magic Inside?! I would love to hear it."

"Of course. This is for a reward for saving and taking care of my friend." Rara said with a giggle. Anything to repay the ones who helped Applejack and her friends all those years.

Rara took a mic from Pinkie as she clears her throat. She then begins to sing a familiar song from when Applejack helped her be herself in a Season 5 episode.

Rara: I'm here to show you who I am
Throw off the veil, it's finally time
There's more to me than glitz and glam, oh-whoa
And now I feel my stars align
For I had believed what I was sold

I did all the things that I was told
But all that has changed, and now I'm bold
'Cause I know

That I am just a pony
I make mistakes from time to time
But now I know the real me
And put my heart out on the line

And let the magic in my heart stay true
And let the magic in my heart stay true
Just like the magic inside of you

And now I see those colors
Right before my eyes
I hear my voice so clearly
And I know that it is right

They thought I was weak, but I am strong
They sold me the world, but they were wrong
And now that I'm back, I still belong
'Cause I know

That I am just a pony
I make mistakes from time to time
But now I know the real me
And put my heart out on the line

And let the magic in my heart stay true
And let the magic in my heart stay true
Just like the magic inside of you

Just like the magic inside of you..

Once the song over, everyone applauds, even Brad did. The ponies were impressed since they recalled seeing it in pony at one of Rara's concerts. For the humans, seeing it in pony themselves was amazing than seeing it on TV.

"Well, that was even more amazing when I saw it on TV." Justin said with a warm smile.

Mila nodded in agreement. She spoke to the singer, "Yes. You sure came a bit of a long way when Applejack helped you...or when you were helped being herself."

"Eyup! I done do my best to help my good friend." Applejack said to the humans, proud of her good friend.

"Well, I...wow..." Brad said, giving a warm smile to Rara. The others couldn't help but notice that he is blushing towards the mare for some reason.

"Awww, he got a crush!" Pinkie giggles a bit in amusement making Brad and Rara blush a bit. "How cute!"

Rara clears her throat as she quickly got to business, "Now, that's done. Let's get to the training. I have to warn you, Brad. I can be very strict and angry when it comes to music. It has to be not only perfect but harmony and passion. No tricks. No highlights. No help. And No Svengallop - I'd never want to see that manager again after what he has done to my friends and fans."

"Promise." Brad said with a smile. He is definitely determined to learn all he can…especially from this beautiful wonderful pony!

"Good..." Rara giggles a bit. The two gave warm smiles...and is that a loving look that they're giving? The singer quickly goes back to being strict. "What are you waiting for?! Get to practice! I want it to be played in 'Apples to the Core'! And no excuse, got it?!"

"Yes ma'am!"

"Well? Get it done!"

Brad quickly got his guitar and prepares for another song, he doesn't want to upset his Rara now, can he?

Hayley whistled in amusement, "Without Svengallop, she can be very fierce."

"Right, she was much different than when we saw her on TV." Mila admits in amazement. This isn't like the Rara she saw in that episode.

"Still, Rara and Brad make perfect music together, don't you think?" Fluttershy ask with a smile. She notes how Rara is helping Brad adjust to his music better, the two give out warm smiles.

"That's Rara. She wants good and perfect music..." Applejack comments with a nod.

"Hmmm, if I didn't know any better...gasp! I think they like like each other!" Rarity exclaims with a smile. It does make sense here!

"Yeah, I remember that when me and Twilight fell for each other." Ben said as he and Twilight hold hooves gently. Rara and Brad would indeed make a perfect couple.

"Whoa, whoa, don't you ponies get any ideas. We're only here for vacation." Justin said to the Equestria ponies in precaution. "Even if there's something there, they will be separated...and remember what Yuko said."

"Yes, yes...but perhaps you should...give it a chance?" Fluttershy ask her adopted father Justin, blinking her eyes cutely.

Justin groans as he shakes his head. The man can't defied that Brad and Rara got feelings for each other. He's worried that Brad may end up forgetting who he truly is...and the other chance of the separation when it's all over.


The Mystic Pony Council meeting is having a meeting to discuss the rumors of the humans. The princesses are asked to attend, since it's likely that they know of the humans. They just won't say who the humans are!

Jade Emperor was the first to speak up as he brings the meeting to order, "I'm glad you all have come as well as my youngest nieces. We're gathered here to talk about the rumors. Yes... The Humans..."

"Humans?" Some of the ponies mumbles a bit in concern. They accepted that humans has been accepted in Equestria...but the Mystic Realm has problems with them before.

"And you suspect this is invasion?" Azure Phoenix ask Nezha, arching an eyebrow at the Mystic Pony.

"If it's not?" Celestia ask, keeping a stern face. She hopes to the Herd that Nezha cannot see through here and force her to tell the Mystic Ponies who they are.

"It has to be. There's no other reason." Nezha said sternly. He knew that the Royal Sisters are hiding the humans. They are part of the invasion plan, Nezha know it to be true!

Princess Luna on the other hoof just scoffs as she spoke, "Let me assure you that they're not a threat. They're innocent."

"There's no such thing called innocence when it comes to the Humans. We've let them to our home especially Equestria. And what they did to us?! They tortured us! Abuse us! Use us like slaves! And worse - experiment us like guinea pigs! I suffered a lot because of them! There is no difference about them!"

"So... You'd rather stay in the past, than the future. You're hopeless." Yuko chuckled in amusement. Nezha gave a dark glare to her as she continues, "I wonder if putting you as the Mystic Council of Courage was the right decision or not. If Susano was alive, he would have different ideas."

"How dare you?! You dare insult me?! Humiliate me?! Mocked my suffering?!" Nezha yells out in fury. This mare dare on mocking his past and pain so?! "You may ignore the past, but I haven't! I will not make mistakes! You claimed that you are the Mystic Council of Wisdom yet you do not seem to be wise enough!"

"And you're not brave enough to let go of the past... As I said before, Wisdom has funny ways to show it. Humans... They're neither good nor evil... They're neutral. It is their decision to follow or defy the fate. There's no set in stone.

Tao nodded as he spoke up, "Yuko's right. We should give the Humans a chance."

"Though I'd never met them, I would love to know them as well." Azure Phoenix said thoughtfully. He wanted to meet the ones who has took care of the Mane Six during their absence.

The Mystic Council, most of them, appears to be agreeing to the idea that the humans are harmless. After all, it has been centuries since the last one was in Equestria. Yet, there are some, like Nezha who are skeptic. What if the believers of harmless humans be truly wrong?

"Uncle... Please, I assure you that these Humans are not a threat." Celestia said calmly to the Jade Emperor who was silent throughout the conversation.

"We promised you that they're good and kindhearted soul. We saw them with our own eyes." Princess Luna said in agreement.

The others look at the Jade Emperor, waiting to hear what he has to say. The Jade Emperor sighed, "I shall see to it. But for now, the Humans are not to be harmed or they harmed us. I wish to see it. I wish to see how good and innocent they truly are. If they prove what you have described, the harm will not come to them. I want reports about them. I shall decide it. If there are those who goes against my order, they shall answer to my divine judgment! Do you understand?!"

"Yes, your highness!" The mystic Council said. Even Nezha did, but only because he was reluctant to do so.

"For now, nieces - do what you think is right. And let me know the reports about these Humans. I shall be judge of it."

"It will be done, uncle." Celestia said as she bows to the Jade Emperor. The Alicorn was hoping that he would come to the right decision.

Princess Luna nodded as she spoke, "Rest assure that these Humans are good."

Nezha muttered under his breath, "We shall see, traitors..."

Nezha will find a way to prove himself right...one way or another...

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