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I am a beginner in this website. I am working on the Batmare Arkham series and Twilight Sparkle is my favorite pony/Equestria girl


(Batman: Arkham Asylum/My Little Crossover)

Now in the six years of her career, the Dark Mare apprehended Manehattan's most murderous, maniacal, most dangerous criminal, the Mane-iac after a failed attempt of killing the Mayor.

After taking her to the infamous Arkham Asylum, Batmare was suspicious of Mane-iac's surrender and escorted her throughout the asylum. Too late, Mane-iac escaped and planned a few killer surprises in store for our Dark Mare. Not only Batmare has to take out Mane-iac but all the criminals in Batmare's Rogue Gallery and the visiting Blackgate convicts. She needs to stop Mane-iac before she unleashes a chaotic catastrophe that can mean Manehattan's end.

Chapters (25)
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where did you get this idea from?

Been there, still working on doing that, need to find time to get off my butt and study the Arkham Asylum videos.

Is it me or are you sometimes reffer to Mane-iac as a male?

"Warden, something's not right. I'm going with him."


I got this idea from the Batman Arkham series, Power Ponies and My Little Pony. I watched the Batman Arkham Videos channel and watched and listened and observed the walkthroughs of the game series. I decided that I should type the Arkham series based off the Arkham games. Of course, Arkham Asylum is first, then Arkham City, Arkham Origins then Arkham Knight.

I made Twilight Batmare because she's intelligent, rational, magical and I can see her beating criminals to a pulp with mer bare hooves. I can picture her Batsuit gray and black like the Arkham Batman, but the cowl is like the old armor from the Princesses' old castle, the cape is longer, the Bat symbol on the chest, and the eyes will show her irises and pupils, removing the white sclera so she can instill fear. Her mane wil, be revealed at the back of the cowl like a mullet but the eyes will be covered with the goggles color from Power Ponies. The Batbelt of course. The digits and feet are additional mechanisms for her, allowing her to stand at 6'3 feet tall, but she'll have that mechanism in Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight.

Don't worry. I'll keep updating and plus, please someone help me on how to make the italics and bold and font color appear. I tried that and all I get are brackets. Please help!!! I'll revise the conversations to make a clarity on the story. Please! !:twilightsheepish:

that was the best move you did to take out those hencepony. and that moment between Bon Bon and Mane-aic was real creepy:twilightoops:

Zecora as Scarecrow I figure as must

I play and beat it I know who it is.

6751038 I like your way of think it very good

are you going to make more chapters?

Yep, just need help on the italics and word emphasis.
How to put it in the words, like I said, need help on how to make them work, all I was getting was brackets

Like in my original story, there were italics, font colors and bold emphasis to add clarity to who is talking like Joker when he was talking on the intercom in Arkham Asylum, and the font colors to signify who is talking in the Patient Interview Tapes in the game. That's what I mean, I tried to keep the format but I got brackets like this, . I tried to keep the italics, font colors and such but I'm still new to the revising part. Any help on how to make the italics and colors show and the other formatting options, that'll be splendid! Plz?!:raritydespair:

OH MY GOD!!!! Two years since my last updation!!! :pinkiegasp:
I am so unbelievably sorry for not updating. So caught up at college and personal issues and my laptop was on the fritz! Here's what is going to happen:

1. I am going to revise the story, I looked over it and saw that it's very short and I need to add more dialogue to make the story more interesting. It is influenced from the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum and I noticed that I can add some more dialogue like Batmare's thoughts and Mane-iac's taunts.

2. I'm going to brainstorm some more ideas to make this story more fun and starting off the Batmare: Arkham universe.

3. What do you guys think who is going to be Batmare: Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle? I used Twilight Sparkle initially but I realized that she could be a good Two-Face for the sequel. But to be honest, what do you guys think who will be a better Batmare: Dash or Sparkle?

4. Pinkie Pie will become the new Harley Quinn in the story. Like Harleen Quinzel, Pinkamena Diane Pie.

Well, that's all folks. I'll be able to post the revised story as soon as I get the finals over with. Once again, I deeply apologize for my lack of absence. :raritydespair:

Alright, this is a good story, it was like I was reading/watching the intro video again. This can become an awesome story, keep it up. Can't wait to read the rest of this.

sincerely, NJH12

keep twilight as you have already established her as batmare i think rainbow would be a better two-face as for pinkie being harley-quin i disagree she would be a better joker. also i see rarity as poison ivy or catwoman and if you keep twilight as batmare spike would make a perfect robin/nightwing and i like that you made flurry heart/skyla oracle keep her in that role

1.) HI GUYS!!!! I AM NOT D-E-A-D!!! Words cannot express how deeply sorry am I for leaving you guys such a broken and incomplete story. I was so focused on band, work, classes, and college stuff (never paying tuition, full-ride, so YAY!!!) that I lost my reminder on updating this story! So, once again, from the bottom of my heart, I deeply apologized.

2.) I will be deleting this story and be re-uploading an updated, better, and more tense-filled version of my story. I will be adding more dialogue, better character choices, better grammar, better pacing, pretty much better everything. So, here's how it go down.

A. I will be writing and preparing the script for the story, nothing worse than writing a story that has no planning or script whatsoever and just making it up as you go along.

B. I will do a better character selection and it'll be an adaption of the Batman: Arkham series. So, here's what I got so far. Question marks at end will be either decided by me or by you lovely bastards.

Twilight Sparke: Bruce Wayne/Batman
Shining Armor: Commissioner James Gordon
Cranky Doodle Doo: Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze
Mane-iac or Pinkie Pie or Discord: Joker?
Pinkie Pie: Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
Trixie Lulamoon: Eddie Nashton/Riddler
Garble: Waylon Jones/Killer Croc
Mayor Mare: Quincy Sharp
Princess Celestia or Princess Luna: Harvey Dent/Two-Face
Doctor Horse or Doctor Whooves: Hugo Strange
Rarity: Selena Kyle/Catwoman
Fluttershy: Pamela Isly/ Poison Ivy
Prince Blueblood: Victor Zsasz
Starswirl the Bearded or Granny Smith: Alfred Pennyworth
Flurry Heart: Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (formerly)/Oracle
Applejack or Rainbow Dash: Aaron Cash?
Rainbow Dash: Dick Grayson/Nightwing
Spike: Tim Drake/Robin
Starlight Glimmer: Jason Todd
Zecora: Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow
King Sombra or Princess Celestia: Ra's al Ghul
Princess Luna: Talia al Ghul

C. I will be doing the script from both the Batman Arkham Series gameplays and the comics from the series. I will try to keep the characters from being too OOC so it'll won't be a Batman Arkham story with My Little Pony characters with the Batman names. (Zecora's rhyming).

D. I will upload it as soon as I finish with the script and the planning of how my Batmare: Arkham series are going down. Once again, my undecided ones and multiple choice character selections will either be up to me or to you guys. Thank you all for your patience fonearly three years of my absence and I will get started as I should be! As of now, Keep Calm and


P.S. I also need an editor to help me editing some mistakes and grammatical errors whenever I post a chapter along. I will do my best to keep from sectioning the story off little piece by little piece but also keeping it from becoming waaaayyyy too long. I really need an editor. I will deeply appreciate it! ;)

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