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Four individuals convicted of terrible crimes have been sentenced to the harshest punishment in Equestria: They will be forgiven of their crimes and then thrown into Mt. Grimrock, a near death sentence, as nopony has ever made it out of the deadly dungeon alive. However, with nothing left to lose, and only their freedom to gain, the four must work together to overcome the dangers that lurk below. Will the power of friendship be enough to spare them from the jaws of doom? Or will they succumb to the horrors of Mt. Grimrock?

This is a crossover based on Legend of Grimrock, an indie RPG dungeon crawler game by Almost Human, which I highly recommend. Playing the game is not necessary for enjoyment, as the plot was very bare-boned, and essentially identical to the prologue of this fanfic.
Here's some self-made fanart. Moar.

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2094195 That song has been stuck in my head for the past three days. WHY U DO THIS TO ME??? :flutterrage:

This looks interesting.


Because you got it stuck in mine again.

Man i would love to see how the Princesses dumbfoound face will be like wean there the 1st to ever go in there and come out alive, If i was Twi this be me


(Cliche incoming)


First, I would like to thank you for introducing me to Legend of Grimrock, it is a great game and I fiercely enjoy the nostalgic feelings it evokes in me. Secondly I applaud your use of characters, they fit the character classes so well while still maintaining the stories integrity because your choice of characters feels natural. I have enjoyed reading what you have done so far and eagerly await your future releases, thank you for writing.

2096848 Thanks! I'm glad you think so. My character choices were based on how the classes and races work in the game. Humans can be varied, so I made ponies = humans. I wanted a minotaur fighter. Since there is an actual minotaur in MLP, I knew he was the right choice, especially because of his strength. I used Big Mac as a human fighter and Twilight as a human mage (for strength and magic, respectively.) I chose Spike as a rogue because Lizardmen make ideal rogues (though personally I hate the rogue class and prefer 2 fighters and 2 mages). I used Spike because he is the closest thing the show has to lizardmen, and since Spike is not very strong, he would resort to thrown or missile weapons or sneak attacks with daggers. And since I already used Twilight, it only makes sense that Spike would come along with her, since he follows her around and therefore got caught up in whatever crime she committed (I'll write the details later). So yeah, my choices feel pretty natural, only because they were laid out right there for me among the show's diverse cast. :twilightsmile:
PS: The show does not have insectoids. Although now that I think about it, changelings are kind of insect-like... they fly in swarms, have transparent wings, and have a queen. Keep an eye out for them ahead :raritywink:

Nice chapter, I like where this is going. The explanation for the time based healing was good and I enjoy that you are still keeping them in character despite their situation. I find that a lot of people go a little out of character when they do video game cross overs, mostly because of the excessive violence found in most games not fitting well with the story of the show they are crossing it with, but I like how you are depicting them and how your adding an element of change to the characters as they adapt to their situation. Although I was a little disappointed that you didn't explain the inventory system in your story, as none of the characters wear cloths and two of them are quadrupeds, but I still love your take on everything else. Thank you for writing.

Snail bitch got pwned

2102376 Dang... You caught the one detail that I didn't explain. I was aware of the inventory issue, but I guess I just got lazy. I'm gonna go back and fix that now. :twilightsheepish:

2103408 There. Now they each have a burlap sack to carry stuff.

i have to aggen with rossamunderling it's just as gaert as your other story in fick your going to get a wacth form me, i love it alot and can't wait to read more.

So far, this story is looking pretty good. You may want to take a chapter to explain the crime they committed that earned them the death penalty.

I'm hoping for some TwixMac action. :eeyup::heart::twilightsmile:

2120593 Don't worry about the crimes. I was planning what you suggested from the beginning.:ajsmug:

Wow... fourth chapter and someone's died. Or nearly. Or temporarily. Might pull a shenanigans. But still. Wow.

Well....seen the game and can't say this is totally unexpected...but still OMG :rainbowderp: Hopefully Mac don't bite the bullet next time. That would be almost as bad IMHO. Keep up the great writing, I'm looking forward to the next chapter :twilightsmile:

NNNNNNOOOOO Spike you can't die, you just can't NNNOOOO!!!

what?! you killed off spike no you monster bring him back now or i will stare you!

I was expecting this, but it's awfully cruel to leave it on a cliff hanger. Anyway, I liked the fact that you pointed out something that is quite prevalent in the show, in that the male presence, as in foreground characters not background, is quite lacking, and managed to turn it round by having the opposite in this story. I enjoyed reading this chapter and hope to see more from you in the future, thank you for writing.

Alright... at least it was a surprise for people that didn't actually play the game. lol

I was deliberately trying not to give away anything as I have actually played the game. Anyway, Big Macintosh's crime seems really cruel, in many ways, and not just for him, it is cruel to the whole apple family and the kicker is that it could have been avoided with honesty, which is kinda funny, in a very cruel ironic sort of way considering that for the cover up to be possible Applejack would have had to have given her consent to the deception. Twilight and Spike's crime seems like something that could really happen, especially considering the fact that Fluttershy was a model previously, a profession that sometimes comes with dangerous stalkers and other unsavory attentions of the less than noble, plus combined with Twilight's almost insatiable desire for knowledge and heated devotion to her friends makes the events quite likely in a realistic Equestria. As far as Iron Will goes he is a blank slate and as such his back story can be shaped to fit your preference, but I applaud your method in creating a backstory that gives rise to his current personality and job choice. I enjoyed this chapter and look forward to more chapters in the future. Thank you for writing.

i want to ask this, but wean this story is done, can i make a fan squle about them become rpg stly heros of the day am going to put every knowgle i have on rpg video games for it.

so can i plz? btw wean i make a story i take my alot of my free time to make every detile right to the latter.

Favourite line: “Hey! Look! Free stuff!” Spike called out, drawing the attention of the others.
Simply because it so completely breaks the tension of the chapter and shows a startlingly close depiction of what most humans do in a similar but not quite as drastic situation, "I'm about to explain how you use this new piece of technology" "cool I guess" "lunch is provided" "I'm so there", know what I'm saying. Anyway, I really liked how you gave significance to something that is glossed over in the game. I also enjoyed the MIB reference, I loved the first one, and the zombie joke at the end. I don't really have much else to say, the spiritual stuff is something I won't touch on as I myself am an atheist, but all in all I felt you handled the whole turning a necessary game device into a interesting plot device thing rather well. I hope you update soon and thank you for writing.

2176837 Is English a first language for you?

2185898 yes but i can't speak until i was 7 yr of age and i conu't read 1st grd lvl reading until the age of 13. i can read 4th or 5th grd now, but wraiting take along time my1st sotry on here take me about 2 weeks to make the 1st ch.

Not much happened in this chapter, same quality as your previous though so it's still great. The deviation from standard modern zombie lore is a nice touch, especially considering that traditional zombies were near immortal rather than suffering from the obvious head destruction weakness. Traditional zombies were more possessed corpses and as such the spirit inhabiting the body would need to be exorcised or the body destroyed completely or otherwise rendered completely immovable, such as removal of all or most limbs. Either way I look forward to your next chapter. Thank you for writing.

Kinda slow.. guess it's similar to the game in that aspect. Not bad. Shouldn't be quick and unrealistic like a lot of fics.

welll i didn't see that coming?:derpytongue2:

Since this is a crossover with a computer game I've actually played, I'll follow this for a while.:trixieshiftright:

Too bad the comics get too little attention. I like them as well.

I also liked that you used the sentient spiders from the comics; this allowed you to play this part of the dungeon a little different. Too often mashup crossovers simply mechanically repeat the non-pony original with pony characters.

2324039 Yeah. Good to know somepony else reads the comics! :pinkiehappy:
Expect to see more stuff from the comics up ahead. :raritywink:

Twilight was struck with confusion. A dead civilization had perfected the recipe for immorality? Then why was it dead?

I know it's a typo, but wouldn't that explain the civilization being dead?

2875859 No, it wouldn't. What I meant to say was to express the conundrum of a dead immortal civilization. Since they had created immortality, the question was what had been able to kill off the entire civilization, given that they could not die permanently. It's a bit hard to express in words. Basically, there is a piece of the puzzle missing, some side effect of the crystals or whatnot :raritywink:


You wrote IMMORALITY instead of IMMORTALITY, thus my joke.

2876005 stupid spellchecker.... :facehoof:

2324039 Yeah. The spiders were SO ANNOYING. I didn't want the characters to go through the same agony I did :rainbowlaugh:


That said, do you per chance have that perfect recipe for immorality laying around somewhere?

Nice to see an update from you, also nice to see that the delay has been purely coincidental and not anything serious, I'm glad.

The chapter was good, I laughed at the references, although I could only appreciate about half of them. I like that you included an introspective paragraph, it is always fascinating when the complexities of the characters are explored and about how their actions and experiences are changing them, about how the things they will experience with define them for the rest of their lives.

2877089 Yes, I do. Money. :ajsmug:

2878912 sir you did a great job at eple the rest of us feel.

But my way of thinking is that in the end they can't go back to the thing use to be no, my gusse is that thx to this it cost them to go see the world, i mean if they can take on this and bet it than what stoping them from tarlvling the world and helping people.

right now im downloading grimrock, you sir, have convinced me to download it! thank you!!!!

This is awsomer evertime..... i wonder how the ponies will act once they see twilight and mac love to eat meat now

4988150 I like how your username is the absolute truth. I last updated this Jan. 31 of this year, yet you've already commented on it within fifteen minutes of posting the newest chapter. Faithful reader indeed. :pinkiehappy:

4988178 Well, what can I say, I love to read. :twilightsheepish: Heck some stories haven't even updated in years... so when I see one that hasn't updated in quite a while actually update I cheer, cuz it gives me hope for any fic to come back! :pinkiehappy:

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