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A magical mishap results in Twilight being shunted across the dimensions to the land of Nirn. Though overjoyed to have finally returned to Equestria, the scattered reports she kept and delivered to Princess Celestia indicate that not everything went smoothly in the years she was stuck there. (For the Friend-off, based [very] loosely on http://okiedokielowkey.deviantart.com/art/Moon-and-Star-01-259866995. Sorry)

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Fuck. Yes.

That is all I can say.

Fuck. Yes.

I got a wing-boner the second I saw this story.

We need more Morrowind, and you will provide it for us. If you do not, then...ah screw it, I love this fic! Sure, there are a few errors here and there. But since it's Morrowind, I can easily forget it.

That said, I would love to read more in-depth details about her adventures in Vvardenfell and Mournhold.


Oh, and I hope she still carries Trueflame!

Neat idea. I like how you put some focus on the aftermath of the adventure rather than the adventure itself.

This is marked as complete though. I hope that is a mistake as the story doesn't really end, just stops.

A very interesting and enjoyable read.
One minor complaint: I don't believe that altmer were ever taken as slaves, I think it was only ever argonians and khajit due to the frequent border wars between Morrowind and Black Marsh.
Other than that, a very good representation of the elder scrolls game. Perhaps you could write a couple of sequels dealing with the events of Oblivion and Skyrim.
Until then ::moustache:

Thank you so much for this. My favorite game and favorite pone combined to make my favorite fic I've ever read. I love just how much you expanded upon my stupid little idea and turned it into something amazing. Please don't be sorry.

The transitions between Equestria, the letters, Morrowind, and back were all done so seamlessly and flowed wonderfully. You did a fantastic job of portraying Twilight, especially her emotions. The jump in the number of days in the letters, and the fact that she still wrote them to Celestia really tugged at my heart. I can only imagine her writing, day after day, for years, never losing the hope that she'd return.
Her progression from naive and lost to being a learned adventurer is what I'm sure everyone has gone through when playing the game. It felt familiar yet refreshing to see the experience that I once had being viewed through someone else's eyes, as if I was experiencing it all again for the first time. What surprised and excited me (even moreso than I was already) was that you had her go through everything, including Mournhold.

I know I am going to be the only one saying this, but I would be more than happy and satisfied even if you decided not to continue this. This, in and of itself, needs nothing more or less. I love it, and can only hope that you like my half a fraction of the amount that I enjoyed this. It was a pleasure being paired with you, thank you again!

Dude, this story is pretty fucking fantastic. My only complaint is that I wanted to see more, of everything.


I'm glad you enjoyed! Being a huge fan of Morrowind myself, I couldn't help but write this when I saw that you were the artist behind one of my favorite pictures in this fandom. I was nervous about how you would receive this, but you liking it makes it all worthwhile!

Fics are nice and all, but there's an appeal to seeing your fantasized realized in artwork, and yours was awesome! I couldn't think of a more worthwhile partner for this, and I'll certainly be keeping an eye on you in the future.

As always, your approval serves to bloat the hyper-inflated balloon that is my ego. Really, though, thanks. It means a lot, coming from you.

Can we expect more in this vein, AP? More Twilight in Vvardenfell?

I would love to see her interactions with the Daedra and everything.

Yes? Yes! ALL of my yes!
PLEASE, for the love of justice and hot peppers, write more of this!


On the plus side, she found a whole bunch of really sweet potion recipes to share with Zecora!

Many fall, but one remains. :rainbowdetermined2:

Is that a sequel hook I see? :pinkiegasp:

*not sure if updated and chapter 2 was removed then or just story was removed then returned. :trixieshiftleft:*

I was trying to fix the syntax in this story a bit, but I mistakenly unpublished the chapter. :facehoof:
My apologies.


thanks for explaining, still liked it the first time i read it (made me install Morrowind again and play it :rainbowlaugh: )


will there be a sequel?

Now this is some fun stuff.

Though I would love to have seen Twilight & Sheogorath.

"Discord, is that you?"
".... Maybe."

Hah, what a good idea for a crossover. Twilight as Nerevar reborn. I love it. :twilightsmile:

Something would come of this endevor, she vowed.

Found an error for ya.
Liked the fic.
EDIT: I then realize the latest comment was posted over 2 years ago...

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