• Published 17th Sep 2015
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Fallout Equestria: Letters to Celestia - AlmanacP

Years before Littlepip stepped from Stable 2, the Wasteland greeted all ponies with it's usual contempt. Tome Tale and his silent partner, Stranger, live day to day on their next bag of caps, until they stumble into something bigger than themselves.

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It's been a while but its a nice surprise nonetheless. It's always refreshing to read a FoE fic that has a protagonist that can't win every fight. It was nice to see his instincts kick in with the scalpel during the show of dominance. It didn't work but at least he tried.

Thanks, I hope you liked the chapter. ^^

Only way to get better at spelling is when people point the mistakes out, and sorry, its work damage after being a pre-reader for 4+ years now.
I do not have any plans stopping reading this anytime soon, or stopping commenting on the chapters that I read, just don't know yet what pace that I will read them in since my life can be rather unpredictable at times.

No worries, take ya time, and just enjoy it. Thank you for the comments and reviews. ^^

Finally got around to reading this chapter and the story continues being awesome :rainbowkiss:

I had to cringe when Tome got kicked in the balls twice :rainbowlaugh: poor him.

Thank you!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

A great story AlmanacP. I am really enjoying it as well as the characters themselves. I can not wait for the next chapter of Tome, Sonnet and the gang.

I also hope things do get better for you. I understand all to well how one thing can effect so many facets of our lives.

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