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Loving it so far mate! Keep it up!

Damn is that cover art awesome! Who made that covert art mate!?

Anyway, story is looking good so far! Pleased to see this continuing proudly!

I like it, way better then mine, both the story, and cover art.

I won't lie. I clicked this story because it had a very well done short description, and a word count of only slightly over 500. Those two normally don't mix. Good to see it was a mix up on the sites part.

Not gonna lie, as soon as I saw the short description and Free, I immediately thought of This Guy, and that's the only reason I clicked the story.

While the megaspells snuffed out millions of lives in an instant, not everypony was granted so quick a demise. Those that didn't perish in balefire found themselves faced with the horrors of the new world birthed from the destruction of the old. Everything became a fight. Fighting off starvation, dehydration, sickness, monsters and even fellow ponies.

You forgot the Vaults. The Vaults (or Stables, and if you're that picky then off is the general direction in which i wish you would fuck) were not actually designed to keep people safe. They were actually Social Experiments funded by the government, and then when the threat of planet-wide nuclear war smacked them in the face, they decided to repurpose a couple of them to be safely inhabited for extra money. Most, however, were unchanged, save for some uniforms and what was on the doors. Those were horrifically deadly to anyone inside. Hell, one was BUILT with a crucial design flaw to LET the radiation in, just to see what would fucking happen!

I mean, good intro, but unless this isn't part of the canon universe, then something MAJOR is missing.

And for those of you coming into the Fallout lore with no previous knowledge? You're welcome. I put spoilers up over the bits with spoilers.

And for those of you that didn't want spoilers, but hovered over them anyway?

Well, that's you're own fucking fault, isn't it?

Comment posted by The Slending Angel deleted Jan 24th, 2016

Well, I'll just eat a bag of dicks if this isn't well done! This was fantastic, and I'm glad I found it!

It seems to be a series of cliches tied together, but it's well written, so I'll say this is definitely better than the average FoE fic, so I'm interested to see where this goes.


It will come into its own. Everything needs to start somewhere.


That's all very true, but there's what Stable Tec knew, and then there's what the average pony knows. I doubt that the experimentation side is widely known.

And I haven't watch Soul Eater yet, though its in my Netflix queue.


No worries, I'm glad you enjoyed what you read so far.


Don't sell yourself short. All great artists (writers and painters) have to start somewhere. Keep it up and don't let anyone keep you from expressing yourself.


Cover art is by the ever talented Sw1tchbl4de who has done the cover art for many FO:E related stories. He's very talented.

I'm glad you like the story, stayed tuned for Chapter 1.


Awesome! I'm glad you liked it.

wow this is really well written and very interesting, can't wait to see where it goes, Free seemed to mature very quickly given his age and situation, especially when it came to his injuries and the infestation. makes it seem like he's tougher then he seems, given that he's just a child after all. although as a child i'd expect him to show more pain when it came to his injuries and the fact that he had to keep them for a long ride back with nothing to sooth the pain. also with the title it doesn't seem like Carefree is losing his innocence, more like his freedom and lifestyle but considering he's never seemed to have killed then i'd still say he's innocent.

also love the amazing cover art, one day i'll invest in cover art but at this point i'm not interested in spending money on my story.

Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

He's maturing quickly because there's no room for children there. With the added pressure of Bucket and Jerry looking to him it was a step up or step down moment.

You can also blame it on Thrash and his mom. He had to be courageous to face the slaver and try and rescue his mom.

Awesome! Thank you very much. :D


True, ether way great so far, can't wait to see where it goes XD

6868503 Ha, I really like you XD you have got a great outlook.
No sarcasm intended.*

6871271 Oh, it really sounded like Third Person Omniscient. Sorry.

And you should watch it. One of my personal favorites.

Nah, the Introduction is just that little bit that's read by Ron Perlman at the beginning of each game. It tells you about the world, and that's about it. It can't just dump all the horrors on you at once, it has to reveal them slowly through the course of the story so that it truly bothers you.

6884567 Eh. Sounds legit. But, to be clear, we will get to the horrors of the Vaults soon enough?

Has to get out of The Dig first. But I promise some horrors will be thrown his way. It is just starting though, so I can't promise it'll be right away.

6884797 That's fine. I just wanted to see some Vaults, like the Clone Vault, the Puppet Vault, and the VR Vault.

Nah, none of those. I'll have to think up something properly twisted.

6885110 Oh, some originality? Sounds intriguing. To be honest, I design Vaults in my spare time. Some deadly, others torturous. Some, the tiniest bit beneficial. If you ever need ideas, let me know.

6885225 Like Vault 704, for instance. What would happen people couldn't feel pain? That might not seem bad... But what if these people were drug addicts, and were crazy? 'The Laughing Dead'. Wounds that should kill them from shock alone don't even phase them. Cut off a limb? They laugh even harder.

Sorry for the slow response. :twilightblush:

I'll hit you up for some ideas when it comes time. For now, Free still needs to get out of The Dig before he can find anything.

7042259 :twilightblush: Thanks! I have almost 3.5 thousand words written for chapter 1 so far. I should have it ready for posting sometime next month.

I like this new stallion, has promisexperienced and I now have a small idea, a few actually, of how this all will go down.

7042735 I will neither confirm, nor deny anything. :scootangel:

Very interesting ^^ can't wait to see where this goes XD

I'd been meaning to ask about the cover art, whats with the sunset shimmers bill bored and what appears to be a changeling in the shadows in a shack on the left? i am interested in the character on the right but feel he'll be less of a secret and so will show up sooner.

That billboard actually says Sunset Sasparilla. I let the artist choose what to put on there. As for the figure in the shadows, I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about. :applejackconfused:

Thanks Danny :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you approve. The first chapter should be done in relatively short order (knock on wood) and then I'll have that bit up as well.

I'm even trying to work on a map for the whole thing too.

Now I know that I won't be able to start a fic about an escaped slave, not complaining. I'll read this some other time, in the meantime you can see the fic that I do have on my profile.


There is absolutely no reason you can't make your story about an escaped slave. :twilightsmile:

It is your story to tell.

Well, you got my interest....

Free is an interesting character so far....

I look forward to more.

Okay, I'm liking this story so far! The characters so far are likeable, or hateable in the case of Lash. I'm also interested in finding out who this mysterious stallion is. Anyways, this story is looking good so far, and I'm looking forward to more chapters.

Hey there! Thank you for your interest. I hope I don't disappoint :pinkiehappy:
EDIT: Whoops typos

A great half chapter, so Bucket's gone, for reasons made obvious. But uh, is Whips the stallion in the side chapter? from what I've read, it sounds like he's the same pony, But I'm not completely sure if he is. Onto the next part of the chapter then!

I'm really sorry! I could've swore I responded to this.
Yes, Bucket is gone, though the exact story behind that has yet to be told.
However, Whips is NOT the stallion from the side-chapter. Whips is the stallion from the prologue who captured Free and showed the trio around The Dig.
The stallion in the side-chapter has yet to make themselves known. Though there are clues in the side-chapter. Feel free to PM me with guesses, but try not to post them here so as not to spoil things. :twilightsmile:

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