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Things have been going great for Babs Seed since she started her own Cutie Mark Crusaders chapter in Manehattan. She's met and befriended four other fillies who share her goal of obtaining cutie marks. But when a pair of prospective foals from neighboring Bucklyn think about joining, Babs learns that bullying comes in forms other than being blank-flanked.

Takes place just after "Apple Family Reunion".

Cover art by Spirit Shift

Chapters (6)
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"We're all here, that's great!" Babs Seed exclaimed tucked the scroll underneath her seat. "First order of business: Let's review what went wrong the last time we tried to get our cutie marks. What did we learn from miniature golf?"

"That we're not gonna get our cutie marks with putters?" Sugar Lips guessed.

"Well, sorta," Babs said with a shrug. "Mini golf isn't for everypony."

"Not if it isn't your talent," Middlemist sighed.

"I don't understand," Cirrus Curl said, shaking her head. "I must have gotten six holes in one yesterday."

"That one colt was just lucky," Nimbostorm sneered. "He got his after one."

Babs Seed is (IMHC) a professional golfer. She won a total of 15 trophies for golf at the Equestria Games in the years between 1970 and 1985. One of her (IMHC) favourite films to watch is 1980's Caddyshack, which is a comedy about golf. In 1981, Seed was quoted as saying, in reference to playing golf, "Well, there's one thing I like to do whenever I'm not singing or acting or whatever!" In 1994, Babs Seed was inducted into the Equestrian Golf Hall of Fame.

Babs smiled as she watched her friend trot out of the alley and round a street corner. With the rate new foals were joining her club, she could organize her own Cutie Mark Crusaders baseball team!

Watching baseball games is another (IMHC) past-time of Babs Seed. One of her favourite things to do whenever a baseball game is on is to "sing along with that guy on the TV who sings the national anthem. Of course, my perfect pitch always comes in handy." In my headcanon, she says that it especially came in handy after she moved to America in 1988; specifically, during the start of the 1990 World Series. Roseanne Barr (later, Arnold), from her hit TV show Roseanne, sang the national anthem that night, which led Babs IMHC to engage in a singing war not unlike the one depicted in the hit film Rainbow Rocks (i.e. between the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings). Naturally, given the kind of performance Roseanne infamously turned in, Babs, who IMHC is a famous singer, won the contest in the privacy of her own home. Remarked Seed after the performance, "Let's just say that I sung along with Roseanne on that TV that night, and I did a much better job at the Star Spangled Banner than she did. I think her voice, if anything, should be restricted to being a tool for getting interesting laughs on national television. And, I'm pretty sure that that performance was played for laughs too."


Very nice...but what do you think of the story?:twilightsmile:

Looks like color photography isn't affordable for everypony...

Interesting. I shall be tracking this.

An interesting beginning, but I suggest you work on that cliffhanger. It feels a bit incomplete, as opposed to making me want more.

6408874 It's very great. It looks like there is another somebody who hasn't forgotten that BABS HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE SOMEBODY OTHER THAN WHAT HASBRO HAS MADE HER.


I appreciate the feedback. :twilightsmile:

I wanted the reveal to come at the end of the first chapter if that's what you're talking about. I did have a little dialogue from Babs and the Crusaders after Fudge introduced himself as a colt. I moved it to the next chapter because I thought it would add more to just why Babs was afraid of Fudge joining the club.


At least for some families in Manehattan. It's a diverse town. :derpyderp1:

Thanks! :twilightsmile:

The word 'foal' means 'baby' not 'child'


Not necessarily. The show has terms such as "foalsitter" where "foal" is used to describe Twilight which she was at the same age as the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The MLP wiki even groups all the fillies in colts under the category of foals, even older ones such as Snips and Snails.

So, of course, they'll soon pass by... Avenue Q.


They'll come close...just a block off. :rainbowwild:

Sugar Lips halted but never did so much as face her friends, hiding her clenched her teeth while looking down at the road in front of her

That second "her" shouldn't be there.

It may be because I'm reading this pretty late, but how come Babs won't allow a colt into the group?

Oooh, so that's why she wouldn't let him join.


Corrected. Thanks for the fav!

Will this ever be continued?

Really hard to say. A lot of things in the FiM universe have changed since I started this. I have a few more incomplete chapters but they’re far from ready. I’m hopeful though.

Well, if it helps, you could add the AU tag on it.
I don't think it needs one considering it was started before the changes were made, but it's an option.

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