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Just a dude who loves to write. Favorite Genre: Slice of Life/Comedy. Favorite Ship: Rarijack. Favorite Ponies: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Twilight


When Applejack gives Rarity a lick on the cheek, both mares find themselves thinking about their friendship in a whole new light, while a young dragon must face reality...

My first romance story, originally posted on deviantART. Inspired by the cover art, drawn by mellowhen.

Contains Rarijack, chubby Rarity and semi-chubby Applejack

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No pun intended, given when happened in the story, but wow this was sweet! I like it, sweet, tender, and very heartwarming. Very cool work!

Their friends can handle it but Spike?

6371024 If Spike could handle Rarity having a crush on Trenderhoof, I don't see why not

Then again...that might make for an interesting plot point to continue with.

6371056 Spike could move on to the next thing: little sister.

Have a fav now that this story is continuing. Glad to see that it is.

Interested to see where you take the Spike thing. Sparity is one of my least-favorite ships. It doesn't make any sense to me, following the logic that Spike laid out himself in this chapter.

So then, on to more Rarijack...and Swike??

:fluttershysad: you broke Spike
:twilightoops: Spike's wrecking Ponyville
:rainbowhuh: not cool
:applejackconfused::raritystarry: where's everything? It's all ashes!
:pinkiehappy: Sugar Cube Corners fine
:trollestia: Send out the dragon squad
:twilightoops::ajsmug::pinkiecrazy::fluttercry::rainbowdetermined2::raritystarry: We are the dragon squad!
:eeyup: NOPE NOPE NOPE :fluttercry: here's your Smarty Pants doll
:coolphoto: pictures on the news at 10

If anyone can heal Spike's heart it's Sweetie Belle.

It's SpikeBelle Time!

:raritystarry: It's not extra weight I'm carrying?
:applejackunsure: Well you wanted a family didn't ya?
:raritydespair: But how?
:twilightsheepish: Spiked punch? Sleep over?:duck: No!

:ajbemused: you know who's on diaper duty. . .full time!
:duck: yes.

Now if only Sweetie Belle have the same courage to tell Spike how much she loves him.

“You are such a silly pony,” she said.
“Who is?” asked Applejack, playfully.
“You are, Applejack.”

The second I read that :rainbowlaugh:

Aside from that this is such an adorable story so far :twilightsmile:

just wanted to thank you for this story! youare a masterful story writer and teller! the way you write about every ones feelings and emotions is just fabulous! cant wait to read more! congratulations once again for this fine story!

There's one more Apple Family member you forgot to add on there.

6415898 Is there? Applejack, Big Mac, Apple Bloom, and Granny are all there. Or did you mean Pinkie? XD

6415919 We know Pinkie knows.
here's a hint: family pet.

6416014 Ohh, right, Winona! I forgot about her. :twilightsheepish: Next chance I get, I'll try to put her in. Shouldn't be too hard

Sweet sisterly moment and Speaking of Opal.....

6418392 She's appeared in the story, too, don't worry, and I added Winona to the last one. :pinkiehappy:

Funny, it seems to me like these moments make for a better story than Rarity and Applejack.

6419668 Well, when I started this story, I had only written the first two chapters, and was unsure where else to take it. Then I realized I had forgotten about Spike, and decided to build more story on that, while also progressing with revelations and such. The Rarijack relationship is still the main focus, and I only hope I haven't been doing a poor job representing it with all of this in-between stuff. :twilightsheepish:

6419758 adding Spikes pain adds depth to the story.:raritystarry:

This is going to be interesting.

:ajsleepy: Ah Rares we got a little problem here
:duck: What's that AJ?
:ajbemused: Foals Rarity foals
:raritystarry: Oh I had no idea at the time
:applejackconfused: Spike?
:raritystarry: Spike!
:twilightoops: Spike?
:moustache: Double or nothing?
:facehoof: Spike!

6440313 I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love writing Slice of Life stuff, but this was my first attempt at a romance story.

Total closure.

I enjoyed it too much that there might be a sequel coming soon that involves Sweetie Belle and Spike.

I have to say this is an amazing story and you have a great potential for writing keep it up :)

"I know it's not perfect."

Sez you.

Shot through the heart. And you're to blame...

I'm gonna miss plump rarity. good story though

“Oh, come now, Twilight,” she said. “You can’t honestly be suggesting what I think you are. It was just a silly foalhood crush. We all go through them when we’re younger, and then simply move on after a time. Spikey-poo and I have always been friends. Surely he knows that.”


Aww !:yay: Is that TLK? If it is, it's the first I've seen referenced to on fimfic. Adorableness! Rather enjoying this story so far ^_^

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