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Just a dude who loves to write. Favorite Genre: Slice of Life/Comedy. Favorite Ship: Rarijack. Favorite Ponies: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Twilight


My first ever MLP story, and a one-shot. Please excuse if it seems overly descriptive. I'd written it for those who might not know everything about the characters, and besides, it's kind of fun writing my own interpretations. XD

This is sort of an "MLP Meets Winnie the Pooh" story. Twilight, having put on weight recently, finds herself in a sticky predicament, one that her friends come to her aid for, but can they extricate a Wedged Mare in a Great Tightness?

Update: rearranged the title a bit to make it look a little cleaner. XD
Another update: Cover image vectored by ZuTheSkunk http://zutheskunk.deviantart.com/

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Having happily read YA novels well into my fifties, I'm not about to complain about a story that could be appreciated by a nine-year-old MLP fan. I'm certain this is several dozen times better than any of Hasbro's own storybooks.

Excellent work. It feels like it could be a real episode.

Good. Just plain good and delightful. :twilightsmile: I'm just surprised that Twilight couldn't remember some magic spell in order to help herself...

True, JustFairness, true, but part of the thing behind this story is that in a stressful situation such as this, it's easy to lose your better judgement. I'm not sure if that makes for an adequate explanation, but the thought of Twilight trying to magic herself out just never came to me, in all honesty. Heheh

This is a wonderful adaptation/homage/thing. Well-written and the characters 'sound' like themselves.

Keep writing! :twilightsmile:

she could've just teleported herself out...

I suppose. I actually might go back one of these days, touch it up, rewrite it a little. That is, unless people think it's fine as it is. I'm always looking to improve.

I got a story idea for your next one.

4212805 Are you okay with herd shippings?

4213060 Not particularly. I thought you meant a potential successor to this story.

4213654 What if Spike ate too much gems which cause him to grow bigger(not transforming into Greedy Spike)?

After Applejack's attempt failed and we moved onto Rainbow Dash, I was half-expecting that it would be Pinkie who got her free with melted butter because Pinkie.

Very nice. A splendid story, in fact, could be an episode in the series on its own. My only complaint is that Rainbow Dash wasn't snapped back on the rope and crashed into Twilight. Overall, an excellent tale. Well done, indeed.

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