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At some point you must have thought to yourself "I could break into that house and nobody would know it was me."


Fillies and colts go to sleep at night wondering if there are monsters out there, just waiting to come and get them, only to be assured by those who love them that there isn't anything of the sort.

They are wrong. The monsters are coming, and the monsters are hungry.

Prequel to A Canterlot Wedding.
Audio reading by Pages Shiki.
Audio reading by ToonKriticY2K.

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How can a hive on the brink of starvation have the time to plan out and execute an attack (surprise or otherwise) against a superior force?

I have never believed the trope the changelings were 'starving' or anything like that. No army in history ever invaded because they were nearly dead from starvation. It makes no sense.

Logistically, you would have to feed your best troops and prepare them. You would need reserves. You would need a supply train to keep your troops in fighting trim, even if it was for a short war.

Going to war because you're starving is like a half dead rat deciding the elephant would look good on a sandwich.

6467612 I don't think the same logistics can apply when the attacking force feeds on the power of love and can disguise themselves as the enemy, they literally need to invade in order to eat in bulk. Plus for all we know the changelings could have been taking ponies and eating them in the months leading up to the wedding, and then replacing them with one of their own.

6467612 Maybe the changelings weren't starving per sey, just extremely low on resources like food?

Not literally saying that the soldiers/Chrysalis were personally starving themselves, but perhaps there was just a shortage. Ever heard of hyperbole? I think that was it

6467654 There's on glaring problem with that. Even if changelings could do as you suggested, they would need stores enough for one swift attack. This is not like the French Resistance against the German army, but something more along the lines of the Tet Offensive. It would still require resources and an enormous amount of planning.

6467612 What you say about planning and resources is true and Napoleon summed it up in his quote "An army marches on its stomach." But this is true for a human army not insects. In this story author portrays Changelings as insects and Chrysalis as their queen mother. Hungry insects are usually more aggressive and hunger doesn't impede their ability in fight. Honeybees empty their stomach before they invade another hive for resources. On the other hand fed honeybees with full belly are basically harmless. (Sidenote: honeybees that specialize in robbing other colonies have often black and shiny bodies.) So if changelings have characteristics of insects, it does make sense that being hungry would not be so big obstacle in their war effort. Although author does portray famine in the colony as severe (changelings not moving and mostly sleeping), but that might be just a form of hibernation (when their queen yelled they rushed to help her, hunger not being problem any more). So to conclude, I think that even starving changelings could pull off an invasion.

6467612 Ditto. Maybe they were feeding something else... the monster within.

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