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>not liking lamias

Get a load of this pleb!


Smooth scales, big tight hugs, light bondage elements with coiling (more intimate because the partner is using his/her own body to tie you up), more extreme bondage elements with hypnosis/mind control.

It's a hodgepodge that allows for the expression of a lot of kinks.


Different strokes for different folks, man. No big deal.

Thunderlane really got the short end of the stick. Getting a double tailjob and not remembering it? Poor sod.

...Please, tell me how you're finding as much lamia as futa. Please. I cannot find anywhere near enough decent lamia fics.

As for why people like it, Shockwave covered most of the basics already, but there's also the draw on the sub side of cool flesh for those of us who tend to overheat, and on the lamia side, extra sensitive senses leads to new feelings of control (as per feeling a heartbeat or being able to literally taste a partner's emotions with snaketongue). Also, aesthetically, the lamia has extremely fluid motions that can arouse in the same way a trained dancer's movements do, can alter their bearing and height to be imposing, cozy, or any number of impressions, making them particularly dynamic partners.

In short, lamia is a fetish designed to work on power play, material-based fetishes, and fluid motions. Nifty little bundle for those who like it, but I definitely know that it doesn't scratch everyone's itches.


These are the sort of fics that i am waiting for all year. Thank you based Shockwave.

“Yeah, but I think we should save it for a rainy day. I mean, it’s not like somepony is going to steal it…”

Yeah, famous last words as they say.

I don't often complain by the way HP but... How come you can get all the fancy cover art!? :(


By making friends, or doing it myself.


Oh he remembers....just like he'll remember being the twins' little servant the next day.

6170492 First one, I don't want to just run up to people and be like "Can I haz art?" It's rude.

And you know I can't draw! D:


You should try drawing! It's fun!

Jeez, maybe it's not intended this way but there's this horrible rapey vibe in the story.

Like wtf thunderlane, your brothers gets cursed so you decide the best idea iis to use him to mind control your friends into kissing each other for your benefit. True he didn't get to do it but that's what he planned to do before he got arrested.

Then the sisters decide to play with him like he's some kind of fucking doll with a dose of humiliation on top.

What friends these ponies are.
Do they have any respect for each other? Like at all.
Horrifying read. Well written through.

6170594 I've tried, trust me, I can't do it with a mouse on computer and my drawing hands sucks just as much :(

With a title like The Twin Snakes, and mention of potions, I was fully expecting something R63. Snakelike beings was a nice surprise.

Ha! That was really fun and well done, good to see you back MS!
" “What?! No!” Flitter near-shouted in panic, shaking her head ferociously. “I don’t even know where the vagina is on this thing!”"

Made me laugh more than I ought to have. Good, coily kinky fun!

Twin Snakes? Liquid and Solid?

“Well, girls,” he said, bowing his head nervously as he began to back away towards the Prench-door entrance to the kitchen, “that sounds like an interesting proposition, but I just remembered I left my little brother in the freezer. I guess I should get going.”

And that's what makes the difference between mindless clop and real stories (about mindless clop. Literally.)
You've grown a lot since the first story you posted here, and I hope to see you grow even more as a writer.

Also love how you're tying the stories into each other (though I have to admit I had to think hard to remember even parts of the last story after all this time :derpytongue2: )
And hot damn, that cover art is just all kinds of awesome. :moustache:

Too hot to trot! Absolutely loved this! Make more like this! The orgasm denial was almost to much hottness for me! Amazing job

You should make a sequel with either Thunderlane using the snake oil or him and flitters go on their date and she or thunder use the snake oil.

6173362 had the same reaction when i saw it.

“Thunderlane,” Flitter began, finally getting within hoof’s reach of him, “if you really don’t want to do this, that’s fine. It stops being fun when you’re not playing around too.”

I was going to object to their behavior until I reached this point. They were starting to stretch what you should do here--consent and trust are the most important parts of bdsm. You built up a sense of him as a just a toy/victim in the latter half of him being wrapped up.

Flitter withered under her friend’s wide-eyed stare. The lustful energy that had previously suffused her very being drained away like water through a sieve as she realized that she had, in effect, raped her friend.

Yeah. Yeah, you did. Objections returned. Seriously, even if you know someone likes you that doesn't mean they're alright with you taking advantage of them when they're in the most helpless state of their lives. It's luck that he wound up feeling alright with that and not used and violated.

Thunderlane... I didn't turn you into a mindless slave.

Alright... what's the distinction, then? He couldn't act, react, respond, talk, think, or do anything other than feel and relax like they told him to. He didn't actually do things like a slave would, though... mindless sexdoll, then?

Cloudchaser's a bitch. There are some sex play that are supposed to be consensual; erotic asphyxiation is one of those.

Thunderlane’s brain could only barely feel Flitter’s tail binding his hand legs together.

Can someone draw me a picture of Thunder's hand legs? Something tells me it's something I want to see...

I'm looking forward to a sequel should you choose to write one.

>Uses snake oil
>Becomes a lamia
...someone's been playing corruption of champions, haven't they...

I thought the shadows at the base of their heads were their mouths at first and I was laughing for a solid 10 minutes

Like seriously, this is my favorite mature piece on the site.


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it! I prefer to write SFW stuff with the barest hint of erotic, but who knows if I'll feel in a cloppy mood sometime in the future.

“Thanks, Thundy,” Flitter said, taking the platter and setting it between her and her sister. “I’m a little thirsty now. Could you go make me a mango smoothie?”

Mmmmmm Mango

One of these days I'll be able to pay people online for stuff and I will get all the stories. This shit is hot.

Yep. It's time to bring this comic to life,

....in sort of a way. I have an idea.

Alright, where's the sequel when the last remaining supply of snake oil in Equestria is stolen?

Hmm. Time to move away from sex play, and make some sort of mission-impossible thief work in the next one?

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