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I may not make the best, but I try the best. I may not be a completionist, but if I like the story I'll read it through to the end. I'll help edit if needed. feel free to pm me if you do need help.


Mario and Luigi try to rescue Princess peach once again from Bowser's clutches... don't they ever get a break?
This time, however, Discord has teamed up with the brute to have just a little chaotic fun with the Mario bros. This, in turn, has made things a little worse as Mario and Luigi's past foes show their faces in Equestria, as this transpires the mushroom world too receives threats they've never had to deal with before.

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This is good so far, and it looks like Cackletta will be the first blast from the past. looking forward to more.

Comment posted by Storm Rival deleted Oct 29th, 2015

Luigi and Lyra, huh? I ship it.:scootangel:

I'm really loving where this is going.

I thought the line about being a doctor was funny. And Mario does make a point.

saiyan brony I thought the exact same when I wrote it, I even went back through to re-read it a couple of times.

Mario is pretty much everything BUT a plumber since hardly any games actually do involve plumbing.
Popple is one of my favorite characters next to fawful.

hello pointless comment incomming.
I have played the new game, and even if I´m not sure if the games are getting better, or slightly worse but I still like it.
However because of that I want to give another Mario story a chance, that and I really need more storys to read.

6769930 I'll try to make this a pretty good story. I also plan to include most all the events in the Mario and luigi rpg's. That said I hope you enjoy the plentiful jokes and the story in general. And thank you all for taking the time to read my fic.

"I'm a so sorry bro, but Its a me and only me this time." Mario said back tossing the telegram back to Luigi.

Luigi read the telegram and before Mario left for Bowser's castle "Go get him bro. For me!"

yep Mario is an idiot.

Was he going back to 8-bit if so, why'd he want to battle why not just settle the differences and call peach as good as rescued.

That is as if he would think of his own world as a game.

"A-and my name's Spike student's assistant. The Drake Responded. "Is it possible you're name's Mario?"

"Well My name's... wait how'd you know?" Mario asked "and I Might as well start from the beginning."

I hope he somehow has his own universe, and isn´t just a game character in your story, but till now it looks like they only have a game that looks like Mario brothers.

I just started reading, since I couldn´t really find a good moment to read for a while, and I promised I take a look.

Also apologies for the random cutscenes I did intend this to be more like an actual game than a fanfic, I hope that this just isn't too unliked and that I can continue writing something I've wanted for a long time.

I would honestly prefer it, if they still are seen as real, like in a fanfiction, but it could be a world where the stuff that in the game would happen, happens there too.
That or Discord just transformed the world into a game, I don´t really like storys, where the characters are traumatized, because someone is telling them they don´t really have an own life, but that someone is thinking about what they are supposed to do.

Thankyou anyway Twilight," Mario said. "You wouldn't happen to have a map would you? I'm sure If I had one I'd know where to find Luigi." Mario stated.

He isn´t talking about a magical arrow, that pops up only to tell him where to go, like in the game right?

"Sorry, Rarity, but I'm not stopping til I catch this thing."

Rainbow dash went for a dive while Luigi dodged last second "Mamma miaaa!" Luigi yelled trying to escape the enclosed area.

that´s funny, but the parts where you want to force it to look like the game are pretty weird.
Maybe you should just mention that you use the game physiks, and stuff like that, but not that they talk to the sky like they wanted to talk to us, and stuff like that.

"He probably hid in a tree or something I'm going to ask Fluttershy..." Rainbow remarked to herself.
Dash got closer to Fluttershy "I want to get it back but its underwater. Is there any way your animals could help?"

If she was honestly not seeing him at first, then you made her suddenly knowing where Luigi was, but before she didn´t knew it.

Well I know every game, but I guess it was to long since I saw how her laughing looked like.

It is not bad, I mean I noticed a different writing style as well, but that probably comes with the fact, that you are trying to make this a game, rather than a story. But like I said, you could just make it look like the game, but still treat it like it would be real, just like the other storys.
I somehow think you want to make it that way, so you don´t have to think about how they are able to use their moves, and carry that much stuff.

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was not expecting to see Flowey at all. i really can't wait for Fawful to show up. my question though is he going to go back to being cackletta's servant or will he be more of his BIS role?

this chapter just made my day.

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