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I love playing video games. My favorite franchises are Pokémon and Super Mario. Fluttershy is best pony. Fluttershy is love, Fluttershy is life.


Fluttershy and Luigi must work together to help each other rescue Fluttershy's friends and Luigi's brother Mario who have been captured in a painting by the king of all boos, King Boo. They must overcome their fears and explore Luigi's Mansion to find out where King Boo has put them. Will Fluttershy be brave enough to rescue her friends in a haunted mansion and will Luigi be courageous to find his big brother from a evil and timidless Boo?

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3984883 I'm getting there. Hold you hooves lol.

i'm loving it so far cuz i suck at writing stories and other ones made by others make me happeeee

3985499 Well it makes me happy to see you happy.

3993247 I know, I limit my ideas to a certain chapter when I type them. Btw, not trying to be rude but other stories have few than 1,500 words when it comes to chapters sometimes.

Why is it considered complete?

3993539 I thought it's considered complete when you do a chapter. I will change it to incomplete for now. Thank you.

3993560 Don't mean to sound condescending if you already know this but, the complete at the bottom is for when the whole story is complete not just a chapter unless that one chapter is the whole story.

3993571 Yeah I just found that out lol. Thanks for telling me this.

So far I like this story, I'm a sucker for fics that with Luigi in them :rainbowlaugh:

3994397 Thanks, I'll try to keep this story 20% cooler.

Paragraph breaks tab does it for you

i use to have luigi mansion for gamecube but maybe youtube have it go and see

I hope it gets a new chapeter soon!

4031441 I'm working on it, I might add new chapters at minimum every week. For this chapter, I might add it by Wednesday evening or Thursday evening. I hope you'll like it.

Wow, Everyone is liking this, I should definitely view this!

4091213 well, I doubt everyone will like the story but thank you for view my story. :pinkiesmile:

This looks... interesting. I will wait for more updates before reading, though.

4176070 thanks for viewing. I will get the next chapter up soon.

4176083 Like I said, I haven't read it yet. This crossover needs to be multiplied.

4176083 Oh, and are you using the ghosts from LM 1, or Dark Moon?

4176099 Meh. Would have been a nice touch with the Sneakers and Hiders, but I can't say I blame you. The first one was better.

4176104 well I was planning to do a sequel for this story but I gotta finish this one first lol.

4176115 Sounds good. Let me know if you need an editor.

Good start but I feel that it rushed. I believe you should take out a few plot points and sprinkle them through the rest of the fic. That is my opinion.

Given the fact that Luigi is faster than Mario she would need help to keep up, like Tails using his tails as a propeller to keep up with Sonic.

4253945 that's true but she could fly to keep up with him.

4253959 That's what I meant, unless Fluttershy is really mad she really isn't known for her speed and stamina in flying.

my thoughts- it was okay, I just think it could have had better linking

i used to play luigi mansion gamecube

The Gameqube is one of the best Nintendo console ever. : Luigi's Mansion, Smash bros melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, Custom Robo, F-Zero, Metroid Prime, Metroid prime 2 Echoes, and a some other that need not be mentioned right now. Anyway Great story. Hope to see more from you. :twilightsmile:

I have to get this game.

Anyway, only thing I have with this is that Mario and Luigi never speak unless it's a one liner, usually a response to someone or something else, and very short. Otherwise, you've caught my attention. Good job so far! :ajsmug:

when ever i play Luigi's mansion i always would bang of the walls and have Luigi shout Mario XD

Hello? (pokes story with stick) are-are you dead?

How did I not know of this? This is an awesome idea!

Oh come on this is a great pairing!!! Whoever made this needs to continue!!!

I can't wait to find out what will happen next

Hmm... Don't know, how I feel about Luigi being so verbose.

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