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I may not make the best, but I try the best. I may not be a completionist, but if I like the story I'll read it through to the end. I'll help edit if needed. feel free to pm me if you do need help.


Life and stuff here... · 6:32am Dec 31st, 2016

I apologize for giving you all a false plan here. I had hoped to be working more on my fan fictions here though as of late another story has got my attention that story being Hero story of which I will paste on the end of this (I hope this isn't against the rules as this is unfortunately not pony related.) Along with that I have been very busy finding a job and not getting kicked out of the current place I'm staying at, which requires more hours at my job. As far as the last bit of things go

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Back to it. · 2:32am Oct 29th, 2016

Well, back to it. This hiatus was good and now that I have taken this small break I feel As though I should address a couple things:

First: as far as primary oc goes I will take a look back at Sweet Symphonies And Clarinet cloud as well.

Second: my next goal is to complete one of my crossovers and considering a few things, fan and other things aside the undertale one will take priority.

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well… where did I leave off now? · 2:55am Sep 3rd, 2016

You know that meme about leaving a video game for months then having no idea where you were at… That's happened to me… now. where to continue from here? I've gotta get my bearings then once I do I'll continue writing again. though for now, I'm in a temporary hiatus.

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new situations new inspiration. · 3:22am Jul 6th, 2016

welp, those of you wanting more undertale, Its on the way.

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Just a random question to my followers and those who've read my earlier fics... · 1:35am Apr 18th, 2016

I got to ask: do i have good fanfiction ideas but just back out on them based on stats and whatnot? Its been a good year since i've kept tabs on Sweet Symphonies, however i can tell- even though i sort of abandoned it- that it has grown somewhat in numbers. Same said with my mario crossover. Undertale is undertale which is why its so popular... (Yes i plan to continue it.) i would absolutely like your guys' feed back.

Storm Rival.

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Stories storis stories. · 2:34pm Mar 25th, 2016

With me working on new stories, i'm trying my hardest to make sure that each stpry gets its fair share of edits and time in writing.

Usually as goes my oc fics, they've all crashed and burned... Just like firebrand burned them himself... Hehe...jk.

Anyhow with these new fics i don't plan to be too cought up by them, and plan to equally give each fic time to continue and whatnot.

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New stories, no time. · 4:06pm Feb 19th, 2016

Heya everyone, Storm Rival here. Because of my job, I have a lot of free time just to think up stories. That said, I'm going to try to get my ideas on paper, however more importantly I'd like to get the ideas out to you guys.

First off cos of internet issues yet again, I'm not able to work on my older fics. however I'll start the newer fics as I wrap up the others' loose ends and chapters.

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Mario as luigi's special chapters · 4:05am Jan 28th, 2016

So, I've had a few ideas on what to do with these, and I do plan to publish these small ideas later, however for the special chapters, I'd like to ask what do you guys see me doing for them?

I'm into the basic anime, however I haven't watched much other than bleach and dbz.

Also, undertale fan for those out there, (got my own fic (shameless self promotion...))

So, I'm open to suggestions, and I'll do what I can.

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Back and Ready Let's a go! · 6:30am Jan 23rd, 2016

I'm back and have full internet rather than very spotty wifi. I'm able to work on Mario and Luigi, and I've also got a couple of other stories under my belt as well, oh boy, how oh how to work on all of them? I'm not sure how, however I do plan to do things somewhat like so, I'll focus more on Mario and Luigi, however the other two I'll work on weekly or biweekly depending on things. other than that new chapters are planned to be out shortly.

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internet stuff... · 8:54pm Jan 6th, 2016

welp, internet's down, waiting for it come back on then I'll get the new chapter to you guys soon as possible. and for anyone wondering this was written at the library.

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