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I may not make the best, but I try the best. I may not be a completionist, but if I like the story I'll read it through to the end. I'll help edit if needed. feel free to pm me if you do need help.


I have been deleted from your existence. Put into a different kind of purgatory, where hopefully I can once again reunite with my family. The creatures here are strange, Their magic fascinating, their willingness to help...
I must return some way somehow... To make my timelines correct.

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Both those comments have filled me with detirmination to continue! When I can I will be working on it.

Hehe, "blew". Hehe, "mind".

which fic is this an illusion too? i'm rather curious.

7034451 Toriel in Equestria by Golden Oath.

Could use some help with a few grammar errors, but I suppose I'm curious.

A few touch-ups are needed here and there, but it seems interesting enough. I'll put it on my tracking list.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh i tink i found another story that is good :pinkiehappy:

7104250 I'll do my best to make it good.

Ha that doctor who joke was clever

Allons-y and Geronimo! This was a great chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next.

This story looks promising so far. However, you misspelled "purgatory" in the summary, and at one point in this chapter, you added an extra E to "zebra". Don't let that get you down, though, other than that, the story is off to a great start.

technically its Karmic Retribution not poison. Its the weight of your sins you feel crawling on your back. Basically its karma bein a b*tch

7466130 Aaaaaaaaaah. I always wondered what that 'sins crawling on your back' thing meant........that clears up so much on that subject!!:rainbowlaugh:


Well.... Show me the Gaster cutie mark?

Well Chara will have other Bad time/s

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