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Howdy fellow readers and writers. My name is Tiger; I'm a storyteller and I want to write epic stories no one has ever written before.


Today is Starchaser’s birthday, but no pony is celebrating it. Windy Belle, one of Star’s closest friends, decides to give her a talk to cheer her up.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The OCs used in this story are not mine. Windy Belle, Starchaser and other OCs in this story belong to HazuraSinner. Used with her permission.

Cover art quickly drawn by me. ^^'
Edited by: Dan_The_Jerk

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Comments ( 4 )

Cute story. I came by this thanks to HazuraSinner and think this goes well with the ending picture she made.

5998434 :twilightblush: Happy to know you enjoy the story.:twilightsmile:

I saw the picture and it is very adorable. Way more adorable than what I first imagined. :raritystarry:

Cute little story, good work. Finally someone is doing a story for Hazura's Universe, I love it, it's my favorite :twilightsmile: I really hope you can do more of it!

5999401 Thank you.:twilightsmile:

I am working on a darker verse story with the characters on DeviantArt. And here before too long I'll be posting the story here on FIMfiction as well.

I'm hoping, when inspiration strikes again, I'll write another cute story like this one.

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