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Howdy fellow readers and writers. My name is Tiger; I'm a storyteller and I want to write epic stories no one has ever written before.



This is a story about a misfit. A misfit who was born from magic and destined for greatness. She starts as a servant with nothing to her name and later becomes a knight that saves Medieval Equestria from the forces of evil. Join Windy Belle on her quest for answers as she battles daemons in her dreams, discover answers to her mysterious birth, and end the tyranny of a darkness that was thought to be long dead.

What secrets will she uncover? What was the reason for her magical dreams? Can a war finally end the tyranny of one dark soul or will Equestria perish before it? This is the story of Lady Windy Belle, Lady Knight of the Crystal Empire and hero of Canterlot.

- Cover art done by me ^^'
- Edited & Proofread by: Xhoral1865 & Conner Gordon
- The dark parts happen at the end of Part 2 of this story.
- Second Generation OCs used in this story belong to HazuraSinner .

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Today is Starchaser’s birthday, but no pony is celebrating it. Windy Belle, one of Star’s closest friends, decides to give her a talk to cheer her up.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The OCs used in this story are not mine. Windy Belle, Starchaser and other OCs in this story belong to HazuraSinner. Used with her permission.

Cover art quickly drawn by me. ^^'
Edited by: Dan_The_Jerk

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For many years the city of Cloudsdale changes and now it's going through the biggest change of all. City wide surveillance and security all thanks to a mysterious group of mysterious terrorists that attacked Cloudsdale twelve years prior and left a horrible scar on the people. One of those scarred souls is Rainbow Dash. While the street level fills with fear and corruption, Rainbow stays up high above the streets in the roof tops where there is peace and freedom. It was here in the roof tops that she and Applejack created a big courier business for those that the security calls enemies of the city. Whatever the message or parcel the client sends, it will be delivered discreetly and on time.

One day Rainbow was given a parcel from a mysterious new customer with a huge pay check. Without a second thought she delivers the parcel herself only to help in putting away an innocent woman behind bars for the disappearance of one of Equestria’s Princesses, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Rainbow Dash must right the wrong she caused and save the whole city from the ones that want to ruin Equestria.
Edited by: Xhoral1865 (First few chapters) & An-Twan Star
(This story is inspired by the game: Mirror's Edge by Dice and EA games.)
(Rated Teen for language and some adult themes)
(Cover art drawn by me. Not my best but, hey it's better than nothing right?)

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This story is a sequel to Treasured Moon and Stars: Vol. 1 Luna's Treasured Moon

The crew of the Fancy Flute is back and in peril already. Captain Scratch, thought to be alright, is slowly dying. Of what? That is what Octavia wants to find out. Octavia has to find a way to save Vinyl and she has to find the Elements of Harmony. But how can she find them when the other three elements were out of sight and the three she already found are bickering and not trusting each other?

Meanwhile, Vinyl is traveling between life and death. She finds a place where everypony lives in harmony, rich and poor, riff raff with the nobles. Vinyl faces her past head on and meets the one pony she lost. Even if she was reunited with the ones that were dear to her in the past, Vinyl thought of something that made her heart flip. Can she ever face Octavia, again and tell her about her true feelings for her?

The story takes a darker turn as more mysteries are revealed and the past reveals itself. Is it possible that Octavia might find the answers to who is really the true leader of Canterlot’s corrupted government? Can she save the Elements from themselves? What truth is Rainbow Dash trying to hide from Octavia? So many new questions and yet so little time for answers; can Octavia find the answers she seeks? Discover the answers for yourself in Volume 2 of the Treasured Moon & Stars trilogy.

Edited by: Xhoral1865
April 9th, 2014: Added the cover art. I drew it myself with PS. Hope you guys like it.

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Apple Bloom, Applejack and Vinyl discovered an ancient chest that was filled with old photos and books. Until they discovered something that made their minds flip, they found an old photograph of two women that looked strikingly similar to Applejack and Vinyl. What could this mean? The sisters opened an old dairy to find out.

Join the Wild West adventures of two young women, Annabelle “Annie” Apple and Melody Liker as they journey to the hard wild frontier town of Frontier City to stake a claim of gold and become legends. Melody only wanted the women, the gold, and the riches that she could never get at home. But Annie just wanted a new place to make a farm and be herself. But of course fate has different plans for these two women.

Can they achieve their dreams? Can they find love in this new place? Will Melody’s past come back to bite them both in the tail? What will Vinyl and Applejack learn after reading the story of these two women? Jump in and find out.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro & Lauren Faust
Apple Scratch Verse (c) Mariacheat-Brony.
Now this story is considered canon to the Apple Scratch Verse Series.

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Colonel Lyra Heartstrings is well known in the Hoofington space station as a hard, war torn mare. Even though she looked evil outside she has a big soft heart on the inside. That heart of hers can lead her to problems in the future if she’s not careful. This dangerous secret she kept for the last five years will kill her. A secret that can determine the fate of the Equestrian Galaxy.

Lyra has many secrets throughout her life but the worst of these secrets is one of the worst possible things that any pony in her station is capable of. She’s in love . . . with an earth pony. An earth pony mare, like Lyra, that just wanted to protect the children of Hoofington.

(This is a side story to Treasured Moon and Stars Volume 1. This story is set at a couple of days prior and right after the events of Chapters 11 & 12. It’s not required to read the story but it might be confusing. If you want to understand the back story then you must read the main story first to Chapter 12. The Sex tag was added just to be on the safe side.)

Edited by: Xhoral1865

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It has been ten years since Octavia has seen her mare friend Vinyl Scratch since they parted ways for their careers. But when the cellist meets Vinyl again she noticed something was very off about her. It turned out her fears were true after receiving a call for help from the DJ. Only thing is that seeing Vinyl again just unlocked a hidden trail of a murderer. Octavia must find out who the pony is and what was his motive for hurting Vinyl. But sniffing around might lead to more trouble for both Octavia and Vinyl. She won’t be alone of course, she’ll have old friends helping her including, Lyra Heartstrings, Bonbon, Apple Fritter, Beauty Brass, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Ditzy Doo.

Can Octavia and her friends uncover this murderer’s plot in time or will her efforts to save the mare she loved come too late?

(Edited by: Xhoral1865 & Roybgp)

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After a terrible Civil War that segregated the three pony races, the galaxy became a terrible place. Earth Ponies and Hybrids (mixed ponies) are seen as dung under the hooves of the aristocrats. But after thirty years of turmoil ponies wanted it all to stop. But no side dares to back down. One day a princess was born that rocked the entire planet of Canterlot and the surrounding Equestrian Galaxy: an earth pony hybrid princess.

Sixteen years after her birth, Princess Octavia was always protected by her unicorn parents but that changed during her sixteenth birthday when the ship her family was on was attacked by pirates. A young thief by the name of Vinyl Scratch rescues Octavia from the blades of her attackers. Who’d ever thought that this meeting will change their lives forever?

Vinyl had dreams of becoming a rich merchant as Octavia dreams of bringing her people back from segregation. But how can these two fulfill their dreams when evil pirates, assassins, and aristocrats try to stop them at every turn? Adventure and treasure meet their sights as these two mares meet a college professor and her assistant with a clue that will lead them to the greatest legendary treasure of all time. They must find the legendary Luna’s Treasured Moon where Luna’s treasure rests, and the rumored burial ground of the Princess Explorer. But the only key to get there is Octavia’s necklace, The Luna’s Tear.

(This is a crossover between Treasure Planet, Castle in the Sky, and Ponies. It’s not really a crossover but you’ll recognize themes from both of these movies in the story.)

Jan. 4th, 2014 - Feb. 9th, 2014: TMS 1 has been edited.
Edited by Xhoral1865
March 4th, 2014: Replaced old Cover art with a new one. Drawn and painted by me. Hope you guys like it.
October 11th, 2014: TMS 1 turns 1 year old. I drew up a new cover art in celebration.

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