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Howdy fellow readers and writers. My name is Tiger; I'm a storyteller and I want to write epic stories no one has ever written before.


Colonel Lyra Heartstrings is well known in the Hoofington space station as a hard, war torn mare. Even though she looked evil outside she has a big soft heart on the inside. That heart of hers can lead her to problems in the future if she’s not careful. This dangerous secret she kept for the last five years will kill her. A secret that can determine the fate of the Equestrian Galaxy.

Lyra has many secrets throughout her life but the worst of these secrets is one of the worst possible things that any pony in her station is capable of. She’s in love . . . with an earth pony. An earth pony mare, like Lyra, that just wanted to protect the children of Hoofington.

(This is a side story to Treasured Moon and Stars Volume 1. This story is set at a couple of days prior and right after the events of Chapters 11 & 12. It’s not required to read the story but it might be confusing. If you want to understand the back story then you must read the main story first to Chapter 12. The Sex tag was added just to be on the safe side.)

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Wow! I was kinda pussed in the actual TMS seeing as Lyra was Royal Gaurd and also, she's my favorite. However, this story took my breath away seeing how Lyra was keeping Sweetie Drops a secret and living a double life! The story was paced evenly and I truly hope you'll (one day) consider adding an extra couple chapters! Beautifully made!

:twilightsmile: I'm happy that you enjoyed it. It was an idea that popped up since I had a secret identity type of thing for Lyra and other soldiers like Blossom and Raindrops. So I also wanted to sort of reveal this secret army through Lyra. not to worry, Lyra and Sweetie Drops(or Bonbon :unsuresweetie: I can't choose between the names) will have a future role in the last book of the trilogy. :raritywink:

So since you liked this you think I should make another one shot about a character in the trilogy?

Heck yeah you should! :D It'd be tough to pick a character that you haven't used yet though. Maybe... Give a perticular character more backstory? A few characters it'd love to see how they joined Vinyl, like Derpy for example maybe? Or another idea could be Pinkie Pie or another cameo character?

Oooh, good ones. I was already thinking of a story for Daring and Spitfire. I'm leaning to Daring since I haven't given her much of a backstory. But hmm I never thought a origin story for Vinyls crew . . . I might think of doing that next. I mean vinyls story will be revealed later I just haven't thought of the Fancy Flute crew.

As for pinkie, her story is coming in the main story soon. Book 2 gives you guys the answers on the mane six and a little bit of their pasts. :raritywink:

I do enjoy the insight on certain characters, like lyra, who may seem to be one way, but has an exremely good reason for it.

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