• Published 20th Apr 2015
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Royal Marital "Problem" - Killjoy_Writer

Ever since her wedding, Twilight knew to expect the unexpected. But what happens if the unexpected was expecting?

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Grounding A Princess Is Bad News

Twilight looked through a book and smiled. So many pictures of her and Flash starting from her coronation to their honeymoon. She was thankful to see blank pages.Now she knew that there was enough space for pictures of the family and their plus one. Speaking of her husband, Twilight looked around and found that Flash hadn't brought her choice of craving. "Flash! Where are you?" she called out.

Then she heard a clatter of plates and pots. She tried her best to force back a laugh but to no avail. She rolled onto her back and laughed uncontrollably as she saw Flash walk in with a pot on his head and a hoof while he balanced her food and a few pans on his wings. "Yeah yeah, laugh the baby out why don't you?" Flash sighed as he let Twilight calm down.

"Oh no!" Twilight jokingly cried out. "The evil Pot-Pony cyborg has come to terminate me!" She grabbed her craving of pickled hay fries covered in chocolate and a watermelon.

"Keep going or I'll kill my first pony." Flash joked back as he removed the last pan from his wings.

"Technically two." Twilight corrected as she bit into the watermelon. Flash shook his head and smiled. It's been a little over a month since Twilight's pregnancy started. Having to balance relaxation for motherhood reasons and her princess duties as put a lot of stress on her. But since Flash has practically never left her side and keeps massaging her, she has never felt more relaxed in all her life. Twilight smiled and looked past the watermelon in her hooves and at the small bump. It started to appear since her, rather interesting, eating habits rose.

She took another bite and smiled at Flash as she felt one of his hooves delicately rub the small bump. Rarity gave Twilight a rather long talk about how big the bump will get when nearing the end. It was typical of Rarity to worry as such and seeing Claire gain her "lady like" genetics makes it look like she and Spike basically duplicated her, minus the draconian appearance and characteristics.

She was going to miss their sessions on kirin study they used to have. She kept the book they put the data in and never touched it since Claire declared that things were starting to get a little more.....personal. Suddenly, Twilight's cutie mark lit up. "Well, the map calls." Twilight stated as she crawled out of the bed while carrying her unfinished food.

Rainbow Dash and Twilight sat looking at the map. Twilight's cutie mark floated above Cloudsdale this time. But when Twilight was going to say that she will do it, Rainbow Dash shot down that chance. "You know what it means when a pegasus is 'grounded'?" she wondered.

"I haven't got the slightest clue."

"It means they can't fly while pregnant." she flatly stated.

"B-But they can stay in Cloudsdale, right?"

"No." she denied. "The altitude will cause some problems with the foal. I'll handle this Twi. Just take it easy." Twilight grumbled and bit into the watermelon again. Grounded? Now she won't be able to perform her duties to spread friendship properly. Dash flew off and rocketed upwards in the direction of Cloudsdale while Twilight stayed at the table as the map vanished. Flash walked in and gave her a concerned look. "What's the matter, Twi?"


"Oh, Dash told you about pegasus grounding, didn't she?"

"Yeah...but I like flying..."

"I understand but you need to thing of the foal." Twilight looked at him and smiled. She knew he was right. She was going to be bringing new life into Equestria in a hoof-full of months. She needed to be cautious. But most importantly, she needed to brace herself for when she get a case of "The Swings," which is "mood swings" in Pinkie's terms.

A few days later...

Rainbow Dash flew down and entered the castle to find Twilight with her muzzle buried in a scroll. She landed and sat in her throne and waited for Twilight to finish. After a few silent minute, Rainbow Dash gave a cough meant for interrupting. Twilight's head snapped up and looked at Rainbow Dash, surprised. "When did you get in here?" she wondered.

"Like fifteen minutes ago, egghead." Dash replied. "I have my friendship report."

"Fire away."

"It was just Spitfire trying to train the Junior Speedsters. She felt like she was being to harsh, which she was, because she's used to yelling orders at older ones. She was struggling to get them ready for the big leagues."(*) Rainbow Dash explained.

"Oh. And was it successful?"

"Yep!" she smiled. "Now she's used to screaming at the Wonderbolts and calmly commanding the Speedsters!"

"Great job, Dash! I see motherhood came in handy!"

"Oh, don't get me started of Prism." Dash chuckled. "Remember when he was training for Weather Day?"(**)

"Boy, he sure was stubborn." They shared a small laugh. "Just come get me if your child gives you lip." Rainbow Dash winked before flying away.

"Cider season's coming up! Better start waiting now!"

"Oh I will!"

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Dammit, how did I oversee that? ._. Now I'm feeling dumb. xD Still thanks for making the story's!

I understand but you need to thing of the foal

I think you meant to say "think of the foal"

cant wait even though I hate flash sentry ill still read this ship :heart: :twilightsheepish: :twilightsmile:

I can't wait for this story to be finished.

Still waiting for the next part....

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