• Published 20th Apr 2015
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Royal Marital "Problem" - Killjoy_Writer

Ever since her wedding, Twilight knew to expect the unexpected. But what happens if the unexpected was expecting?

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Twilight paced near the closed doors that led to the dinning room of the castle. How could she tell them? Her friends? Her family? This will send them all for a whirl. Not to mention the father-of-two drake Spike. He was more worried about Twilight than Rarity at some points of their marriage. But how will the others react? Will they be happy? Shocked? Both? She needed to find out. But first, she needed to wait for her husband who was late for a very crucial meeting. Minutes later, Flash trotted up to her with heavy breaths escaping his mouth. "Sorry I'm late..." he spoke between pants, "We had some trouble in the guard quarters."

"But you're almost half an hour late!" Twilight informed with a gesture to a nearby clock.

"Is everypony here though?" he wondered, purposefully changing the topic.

"Yeah. They're in there." Twilight gave a nervous look down to her hooves. Flash took her chin in a hoof and gave a warm smile. "Don't worry Twi." he reassured. "I'll be right beside you." Before Twilight could speak, she felt the tender touch of his lips upon hers. Twilight knew it'd be rude to deny a kiss from her lover, so she smiled and kissed back. After their lips separated, Flash pushed the door open and gestured her in, noting the slight fatigue in her steps.

Inside around table were their guests: Spike and Rarity, accompanied by their younger child Turquoise Blitz, Princess Celestia and Discord, Rainbow Dash and Soarin, Applejack, joined by her only child Golden Delicious, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, Pinkie Pie, who sat with her daughter Cotton Candy, who had a homemade cupcake in her hooves, Princess Luna, and finally Fluttershy. Most of them were caught in their own idle chatter while the others were enjoying the spread in front of them. With a small cough as she and Flash reached the table, Twilight caught the attention of everypony at the table. Before she could get a solid syllable out, Rarity spoke up. "By the state your face and mane are in, plus the small stumbling I just saw," she began, "You're pregnant, aren't you, Twilight dear?"

Twilight's jaw dropped. So much for a grand announcement.

"Rarity!" Cadence spoke up with shock of her own, "Don't jump to conclusions!"

"Excuse me, Cadence." Rarity shot back. "Are you the pony in here who had two children? Two dragon children?" Cadence shut her mouth. There was no point in arguing after this. She turned her attention to Shining who was staring at Twilight with an identical look to hers.

"Twiley." he managed to speak. "Is it true?" Twilight's head shook to clear her mind to Rarity's supposed mind reading.

"Yes, Shining. I am pregnant." Twilight confirmed, earning a look of triumph from Rarity.

Spike's lowered jaw from Rarity's accusation and Twilight's confirmation was the main inhibitor to him getting out a single vowel. Celestia was the next to recover from the shock. "I-I'm surprised, Twilight." she admitted, trying to formulate a solid sentence. "But it would've been more shocking if it came from your own mouth."

"Yeah." Twilight agreed as she shot a small glare to Rarity.

"At least it wasn't a mix-up." Discord added as he bit into an eclair.


"Well....." Discord began, "Tia was mad at me and to make it up I asked for a favor from Pinkie Pie." Pinkie shrank and tried to hide herself. She knew this story all too well. "I wanted a special cupcake but it ended up being a Poison Joke cupcake that made her..." He coughed lightly as he and Celestia shared a small blush, "...go 'in the mood'...."

Everypony around the table shared a blush at the story of how Illusion came to be. Twilight never thought of that. They sat in an unnerving silence for a little until Celestia spoke up. "But in the end, it was worth it." she added, trying to reassure the still-blushing Twilight.

"Yeah but you need to watch out for the mood swings, Twi." Rainbow Dash warned. "I wanted to throttle Soarin for making me grounded."

"Oh. Yeah." Soarin agreed as he remembered that she would yell at him over the smallest things.

"Pregnancy can be tough, Twilight." Pinkie added. "Pokey had to keep me from doing things that were deemed unsafe for Candy."

"That's right!" Dash agreed. "You would try to go crazy with a party and we had to hold you back."

"Thanks guys." Twilight smiled. "This is all very reassuring, but I'm still worried."

"It's only first-time mother jitters." Cadence informed. "They'll be gone in a few weeks along with the sicknesses."

"Thank goodness." Twilight sighed. "I don't think I can take anymore of that."

Flash began to rub Twilight's back. He couldn't help but to think about what she'll be like when the moods hit her. Angry? Crazy? Everything? He didn't know. The most he can do is prepare for what's to come later on. Flash noticed that one pony here hadn't spoken up at all this meeting: Fluttershy. "So how have you been lately, Fluttershy?" Flash wondered, causing Fluttershy to jump a little.

"Oh...it's been...fine." Fluttery answered in her usual manner.

"Anything else?" Cadence wondered.

"Well it's just that...all of you are married....and have children...and I'm....single...." she admitted.

"Well you don't need a husband to have a family." Dash added.

"I-I know...I just don't think being a single mother would be.....right...for me."

"Who are you and what have you done with Fluttershy?" Applejack spoke up. "You are the kindest pony I, no, any of us have known! Shoot, if I were an orphaned filly, I'd want you as a mother." Fluttershy blushed lightly and smiled.

"I guess I could give it a try..." Fluttershy admitted.

"I bet there are a lot of fillies and colts that would love for you to be their mother!" Pinkie added. Fluttershy nodded. Even though she doesn't have an actual job, she still liked being Ponyville's signature vet. A few hours passed and they finally split from their meeting.

Twilight lounged in her study, her muzzle buried in a book as usual. But this time, she was reading one of the books about pregnancy that she had. She had no use for these until now, but her friends and other ponies needed them for answers to any questions they had. She needed to know everything. Flash walked in with a tray on his back that had two cups, a tray of sugarcubes, and a kettle. "What are you reading now?" Flash wondered with a smile as he placed the tray down.

"A new book called "None of Your Business," Flash." Twilight joked.

"I hope those are just your hormones speaking." he joked back as he poured the tea.

"Fine." Twilight confessed. "It's one of my medical books on pregnancy."

Flash nodded and gave Twilight her cup and laid beside her. They sat in silence, only interrupted by the sound of one of them slurping their tea and Twilight using her magic to turn the page. Twilight jumped a little when she felt two hooves caress her back, a feeling she hadn't felt in a while. Her wings shuttered as Flash began to massage her tense back and shoulders. Flash braced himself when he pressed between her wings. Twilight smirked and playfully slapped him in the cheek with a wing. "I'm more used to it now, Flash." Twilight giggled.

"Thanks for letting me know." Flash sighed as he continued his massage. Twilight closed her book and gave a light stretch and yawn. Flash took this as his cue to nudge her lightly up. "Come on. Let's get to bed." Flash offered. She didn't protest, she just yawned again and trudged to their room. She crawled into bed and flopped her head down. She jumped lightly when she felt Flash spoon her and rub her abdomen lightly. "We're going to have a wonderful family." Flash tiredly spoke into her ear.

"That we are, dear." Twilight agreed as they shared a small kiss and closed their eyes for a night's rest.