• Published 20th Apr 2015
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Royal Marital "Problem" - Killjoy_Writer

Ever since her wedding, Twilight knew to expect the unexpected. But what happens if the unexpected was expecting?

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This Can't Be Happening

Author's Note:


I have created another FlashLight fic! This ought to piss off a few haters!

If not, then there's going to be another! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

To the non-haters: Enjoy!

----This Can't Be Happening----

What most ponies do as the night's moon flies through the sky is wonder what the the next day will bring. Some think that something extraordinary will come. But that something is usually solved before the day has ended and they go back on their usual business. But sometimes that extraordinary event will last a while and will not only cause the ponies affected to change what they are on the outside, but who they are inside. Flash Sentry lay in his bed as the sun's light crept through the drapes of the room he and his wife shared since their wedding. Soon enough, the light scrolled past his eyes. "Is this really what I get for marrying your faithful student?" Flash groaned as he rolled over, tossing the sheets over his eyes while aiming the comment to the mare who raised said sun.

He squinted his eyes to get some sleep but to no avail. With a defeated sigh, he sat up and stretched his aching body. It's been a few years since he married his wife, Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Element of Magic and the Princess of Friendship. He looked at his nightstand and smiled at the wedding picture of him and Twilight. A memory was surfacing as he looked at it. As it surfaced he looked over to the mare beside him, only to find turned over sheets and no pony there. "Where is she?" he quietly asked himself before looking around the room. "Twilight? Where are you?" A stomach-churning sound pierced the room.

"HUUUURRRGGGHHH!!!!!" Flash cringed and covered his ears as he heard the sound of solid chunks splashing in the direction of the bathroom. With a worried expression, he threw off what sheets he had and rushed to the bathroom. He put his ear up to the door and heard the sound of a toilet flushing followed by some low groaning. "Twilight? Are you alright?" he wondered.

"Does it sound like I'm okay...?" she shot back through a groan.

"Could you let me in?" he requested as he rattled a locked doorknob.

"No!" she shouted before blowing a few more chunks. "I don't want.....another pony......blowing chunks in here......" Flash sat down on his haunches and stared at the door, trying to hold back last night's dinner as he heard each puke loud and clear. With each one, his worry grew. After a few minutes, he heard the sound of a sink running and Twilight gargling something, probably mouth wash. He looked up and stood as the door swung open and Twilight trudged through.

Her features were a wreck. Her usually luscious lavender coat, now paled. Her mane, unkempt. Her eyes, bloodshot with bags, probably from being up so late and puking a lot. "Morning..." she weakly greeted with a weaker smile. "I think I got a stomach bug..."

"You look like got hit by a freight train." he commented. "How long have you been up?"

"Thanks a lot." she rolled her eyes. "About one, one-thirty?"

"Let's get you into the bed." he instructed as he helped her to the bed. Not even two steps away from the door and she trips over her own four hooves. If Flash didn't catch her with his wing, her face would be on the floor.

"Something tells me this is more than just a stomach bug." he noted as he helped Twilight under the covers.

"Could you get breakfast?" Twilight requested as she nuzzled her head into the pillow.

"Of course." he smiled as he kissed her cheek sweetly. He opened the door and looked at Twilight who started to smile as she slept. He gently closed the door as to not disturb her. Flash tried his best not to be worried about Twilight but he couldn't in a time like this. He looked back occasionally and couldn't help but think of what's happening to her. As he entered the kitchen, his eye caught the sight of Rarity, the Element of Generosity. "Morning, darling." she greeted after sipping some tea while looking over a dress diagram.

"Rarity? What are you doing here?" he wondered.

"Oh, Spike is helping Turquoise learn how to fly and Claire's in Canterlot with Illusion so I have a day off." Rarity explained.

"But why here?"

"I just wanted to see if Twilight wanted to hang out with me at the spa today." she told. "Is she up by any chance?"

"Yeah, but....." he sighed as he rubbed a leg.

"But what?" Rarity wondered with a raised eyebrow.

"I woke up and she was puking a storm." he explained as he looked down his previous path.

"Oh my." Rarity exclaimed with a hoof to her mouth.

"Not only that but she looked like trash as well." Flash finished as he put his head on the table. Now Rarity knew what was going on because she's been through this twice before. One painful labor for Claire, and an even more painful for Turquoise. For Flash, he didn't have the slightest clue of what was happening.

An idea popped into Flash's mind and both his spirits and ears perked up from the idea. "Could you do a favor, Rarity?" he started.

"What is it?" she replied.

"Could you watch over her while I get her some soup?" he requested.

"Of course." Rarity answered with a nod. As Flash began to gather Twilight's soup ingredients, Rarity strolled through the halls in the direction of Twilight's room. She ascended the stairs and halted at the door, her face flat. So you're going through it now, huh? she thought. "Twi, darling? You there?" Rarity called out.

"HUUUUURGGHHH!!!!!" was the only muffled response. Rarity sighed and opened the door. She looked around the room and saw Twilight sitting on her haunches in the bathroom. "Hey Rarity...." she groaned.

"My Celestia, you do look like trash." Rarity commented as she sat beside her.

"No, really?" Twilight groan sarcastically.

Twilight continued to blow chunks into the porcelain seat. Rarity couldn't help but to rub her "ailing" friend's back. At least it's the best option besides doing the Heimlich maneuver to help force the chunks out. With a final groan and a flush of the toilet, Twilight trudged to the sick and gargled mouthwash and started to head out. But she was caught off-guard when Rarity used her magic to shut and lock the door. "And where do you think you're going, Twilight?" Rarity nonchalantly asked.

"To my bed." Twilight sighed.

"Don't you dare think that you're going to get out of this conversation." Rarity warned. With a defeated sigh, Twilight moved towards Rarity and sat on her haunches. There was a silence for a while until Rarity spoke up. "How long?" she questioned.

"Almost a week." Twilight answered, not looking up. "It wasn't so bad when it started but now it's getting worse."

"I know, Twilight." Rarity sympathized as she lifted her friend's head. "But you're not alone."

"How so?" she wondered.

"You've got me and the others. You have Spike. You have Flash for Celestia's sake!" Rarity listed as she placed both hooves on her shoulders. "You aren't alone." Twilight smiled and pulled her friend into a hug. This was the first form of support she's received ever since the morning sickness started. Now she has to receive the second.

Flash walked through the hall with a tray of his and Twilight's breakfast balanced on his back. I just hope she feels better. he worried in his mind. He walked into the throne room and noticed Twilight and Rarity sitting around a table. "I just don't know what he'll say, Rarity." Twilight sighed.

"Say about what?" he interrupted. Both mares looked at Flash with surprise.

"Hey Flash." Rarity greeted.

"What's the matter?" he asked as he set the tray on the table and sat beside Twilight. She was silent for a few second to conjure up how she should say it.

"I....." she began. "I'm......"

"You're what?" Flash wondered.

"I'm......" Twilight spoke the last part in a softer tone.

"Twilight." Flash huffed. "What is it?"

"I'm pregnant." she announced loud and clear.

A silence graced the surroundings. Flash's jaw dropped. His mind was in a Rainboom-speed tailspin. His ears still registered the recent announcement as he tried to think of what to say. His silence didn't go unnoticed. "You're not happy, are you?" Twilight asked as she looked away.

"No, I am." he answered. "I'm just......surprised."

"Really?" she wondered as she looked into his eyes.

"Truly." he nodded. Then the full weight of what was said hit him like a runaway train. "Dear Celestia I'm going to be a father." he worried as his eyes shrank. His body fell backwards but was caught by Rarity's feinting couch.

"Doesn't hurt to come prepared." Rarity chuckled.