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Just another zebracorn living in Ponyville. I wear a top hat! A small thing to know about me in terms of this site is this: I am a SUCKER for crossovers! Mainly those of the ones I'm familiar with.


It had been some time since the attack of Lord Tirek and Princess Twilight Sparkle's brief absence from her world, but peace once again reigns for Equestria. That is, until a game has sprung out of nowhere that requires the participation of worthy contestants willing to duke it out with the incentive of earning one wish. The best part? It involves summoning.

Plenty of summoning.

Inspired by Fate/Zero
Further inspired by Humans Assemble! by Mistershield

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Further inspited by Humans Assemble! by Mistershield


Well Twilight summoned Rick from Rick and Morty
Rainbow Dash got Zoro from One Piece
Pinkie Pie got The Creeper from DC comics
AJ got Mario
Rarity got Morpheus?

As for the others no clue.

5806268 You got all but Rarity :moustache:

5806342 The Terminator, Wally from Where's Wally?, Harry Potter, Superman, Spengler from Ghost Busters, Cyclops from X-Men, Ugly Betty...?

...in hindsight, my character choice might border on obscure for some people :rainbowlaugh:

5806656 I won't lie: I thought about including him, but decided against it realizing how sadistic he really is :rainbowlaugh:

Inspired by Fate/Zero

Comedy Random

I do not think you have quite the right tone for a Fate/Zero crossover.

5807191 Discord's involved in this one.

Shiroe or Crusty from Log Horizon for Rarity
Shinobi from the same game for Fluttershy
Magus from Chrono Trigger for Trixie


Still wrong, although I applaud the guesses. Maybe I missed an opportunity with Magus...

Sadly, I haven't seen Log Horizon yet. :ajsleepy: I wonder if I should.

5807721 then I am completely baffled I have no idea and probably won't until they are revealed

Other than a few mistakes, it's not bad. Needed a bit more build up, but its not too much of a serious story, so it should be less build up- or more. Other than that, I look forward to returning.

5807843 Nah, it's an April Fool's joke, as you can already tell.

Although, I'll admit to possibly adding more to this if I'm that bored

I'd consider adding this to the TYPE-MOON group, but I'm concerned that, seeing as how it takes place in Equestria and presumably features little to no characters nor concepts from Nasuverse, it's only marginally connected to TYPE-MOON materials, meaning it isn't exactly a crossover or even affiliated with the Fate franchise so much as it was loosely inspired by it.

—Well, I haven't actually read it yet, so I can't say for sure if it belongs in the TYPE-MOON group or not. But, the fact that you've claimed it to be an April Fool's submission also makes me hesitate to add it...

5808167 You don't have to, man, it's cool :moustache:

Lol I was like
"Dafuq?" :rainbowhuh:
Then it's like
Then I remembered my science teacher nearly failed everyone in the school cuz I miiiiiiiight have out glue and thumb tacks in his chair then blamed it on my ex...
Heh.....no regrets? :twilightblush:

5817124 yup. She got expelled for 3weeks.
And iss for a week upon return. :pinkiehappy:
Teaches her to cheat on me! BOOM!

5818289 Wouldn't the correct term be suspended? Still though, that's kind of a dick move :unsuresweetie:

5818553 she deserved it! She was dating 3 YES I SAID 3 people behind my back whilst dating me. She even admitted to showing out with me first.

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