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A Straight Flush! This is perfect. I can win, tell them to go home and pretend this never happened!

That was suppose to be in italics. Probably didn't post right in the PM

I really enjoyed writing this and its pretty awesome being in a project with Fusion Fool. Hopefully I'll get the chance to write more for this :pinkiehappy:

5586454 I actually thought that, but I thought you wouldn't like it and I didn't want to change it, dood. Thanks for letting me know, it shall be fixed.

Oh Discord and Fluttershy, you sly bastards/ingenious.

Call me when the first 'full' clop arrives :twilightsmile:

Brilliant. Twi dressed like that would be awesome to see. One could only hope she has a move from Demitri's powerset of Midnight Bliss. Could be hilarious.

i hate cheaters... there needs to be a follow up chapter where twilight finds out how fluttershy cheated, and makes her the groups bitch as retaliation for a night.

In an attempt to try and get more appreciation to whomever wrote the prompt, I've added a link to the author themselves in the AN, dood. Just click the link to see if they did anything else, dood.

5588928 Just noticed this. I WAS considering making a short fic based off my submission, but it wouldn't be written in the way you are thinking. Though Twilight would get her revenge

Nicely done. There are some tense shifts here and there, but not bad. I had to google the characters. I haven't played Guilty Gear in a long time

5605826 I recently saw Xrd and shit myself in glee, dood. And the Laughing Salesman is juts there because his anime is so odd and weirdly charming, dood. And that is what Fusion Fool the 3rd's writing looks when it's not proof-read by someone that's good at it.

And then tomorrow on to some classical music and a similar incident. Followed by Twi having a musician harem. Please.

Ok, this one made me lol. The first two not so much, but this one definitely made me lol.

Night Light is an awesome dad. I highly doubt most fathers would be this chill about this sort of thing.

Well, it seems to me that he's had a long history, at this point, of dealing with out of the ordinary stuff with Twilight. As he mentions before going into her room, she does not have 'normal pony' problems.

I might continue this in later prompts if I get the time.

That was surprisingly cute and sweet with just a hint of naughtiness thrown in.

the color of the sky...HA - just had an idea for gold...

5612791 It... it looks blue most of the time, dood. It's white and grey right now because of winter.

Fusion, you forgot to put the anthro tag in the chapter description. Sarod, good story but a shame the good bits had to be cut.

As much as it sucks to say, a small amount of the already small amount of people who thoroughly enjoy futalight are writers. :applecry:

5647660 I figure there would be more writers in favor of Futalight, dood. It's not as popular as Futashy but it's up there, dood.

5647727 True enough, dood.

id make a joke about having what twilights having..but thats impossible..still..that was sexy

I was sitting here trying to figure out who it was. Luna would've been too obvious. I suspected the ending, but wasn't sure. Well done :rainbowwild:

i had such hopes for this one.....

I had a similar idea to this. But my idea was Twilight using the pool on Rainbow as I thought the same thing our friend here did about the 'doubly mared' rule of the pool.

5724596 Timelord358 has but he's been having problems finding time to write it, dood.

The name of description of this just screams "guy with tits" archetype, but perhaps with a more comedic undertone hehe.
Might could be amusing though. Quite sure it will either be heavily gay or straight content wise though xP As it seems like a fic that aims to perfect the bland norms... which tbh feels derp to say, considering the content haha. It's like "standard fantasy setting". It's just a really derp term x3

Trailing off here. But yeah, seems it could be a silly flick. Standard bar a bit more comedy to what I can deduct :P

Cut to fit doesn’t work when you’ve got bits that aren’t seen are involved.

Whoops, I let a typo slip through. That should be: Cut to fit doesn't work when you've got bits that aren't seen involved.

5850554 I fixed it, dood. Sorry I didn't catch it when I read it.

Doing Author's Notes differently, dood. Gonna just throw it ALL out and have it say who the author was with a link to them.

This was really well written. I can't normally say that about porn. This was more along the line of tastefully written erotica. It was much more realistic and pleasant to read then a lot of the junk I see floating around. A lot of stuff I'll see and stop reading halfway through because it's so unbelievable. You even had them use a condom, that was great!! Good job. It's nice to read a story like this where there's not some unreasonable bucket of cum coming out of a single person and the girl doesn't beg to have a bucket of it dumped in her face. I normally like your regular stories and it looks like I like your erotic stories too.

Why thank you! I'm honestly glad you liked it.

Speaking of standardized porn/hentai tropes...I never really saw the point of them in written media. They make for fine visual queues. But if you take those same things and then describe them, they rake up a lot of text and frankly, due to immersion factor of writing they become grotesque and downright painful sounding.

I'm reminded of a clop fic I read a few months ago that went whole hog on those things, and I quite clearly recall the phantom pain it caused in my gentleman's area.

Furvert manages to deliver some good stuff. I am not disappoint.

...And thinking of stuff he's written has made me tempted to go delve into the Twilestia collab again.

Behold this mess that proves I might be slipping into insanity, dood. Gosh darn FF14 and lack of writing, dood.

Well then...

Discord: I'M HELPING!!1!1!!

Everyone else: STOP HELPING!

...Wait, how does Celestia know what Twilight's dick feels like?

*raised eyebrow* So, what, she's already taken a look (or ride) then, is that it?

...I want to see that now. Dammit, Fusion. Why u do tis to me?

6255882 Maybe you need ta do a story where twi is a FF character an she bucks a fine filly dressed as your favorite fully from FF bucking. Like Roleplay! Then you'd get ta best of both worlds. :eeyup:

6256109 Princess initiation, Twilight needs to know what it's like to be a stallion, dood. Idunno.

6256109 I tried to do something like that where Twilight was gonna have sex with characters from WoW (not the canon characters, random Avatars, dood) It didn't pan out because Xover romance or even Sex rarely appeals to me, dood. As much as I want Sylvanas Windrunner forcing Ruby Rose to fuck her hard into a coffee table while Lightning has the biggest 'WTF' face when she walks in to her own home.


Princess initiation, Twilight needs to know what it's like to be a stallion, dood. Idunno.

Sounds legit enough to me.

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