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I love romances, mild gore, and comedies. I'm a new proofreader in the proof reader group. Look in there to find what i prefer to read, etc. I look forward to proofreading for you.


ButtonMash never really got romance. He was a big time gamer, and that seemed to be all he needs, or could ever want. But, a female classmate seems to be acting, different to him. In a good way. At least from most point of views.

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Comments ( 34 )

Nice short little story. I love young love... needs a little work though.

Yeah, i struggled for that 1000 limit XD

Dam, Buttons has an easier time getting girls than me

Hmm, I need a sequel!!!

Hmm.. If you expanded the details on this story, and less grammar issues, then this would be amazing! But because mistakes are semi-frequent, my rating is only 5/10 right now.

5550437 I may just make one. This seceded over what i was expecting.

5550451 Thank you for your input.

5550493 well what ever you do grate story man.

5550515 I though this was going to be a flop to XD

:rainbowderp: Woah I thought it was opposite like Button liking Sweetie Belle And that was extremely fast. I liked it but it was faster than Rainbow Dash doing a Sonic Rainboom but it was pretty amazing I got the feels so thats good:pinkiesmile: keep up the good work

Misspelled names and bad grammar everywhere. Good grief.

I'd be more satisfied with a sequel with a couple thousand words and a grammar check. :twistnerd:

Whelp, I love myself a good ButtonBelle! My personal rating:
6/10, AKA Decently Written.
Now, let me explain my ranks.
10/10 is reserved for only the most BadAss of ButtonBelle, sorry.
9/10 is perfect in most sense. This was a bit short to go here.
8/10 is a flippin awesome story. This lacked detail and characterization for my liking.
7/10 is a great story, worth the re-read. This felt a bit rushed, and you tried to fit a non-cliche ending into 200 words. I too fall into this fail, but it is a massive one.
But everything else was awesome! It really is refreshing to see more ButtonBelle.

Errors that were noted:
You kept spelling it SweetieBell and ButtonMash when it is Sweetie Belle and Button Mash.
Rushes kept occurring, making the story much less readable.
Low characterization. We only knew half of what we should have about your take on Button Mash before we jumped right into the plot line.
Needs a bigger conflict. If it's "Oh, he gets the girl like that", then where is the climax? Conflict?

I am not picking on you. Just posting this so that people can see this, including you, and fix their own stories accordingly. Maybe you should get an editor?

5563507 welcome. Keep calm, And ButtonBelle on.

15 out of 11
Nice story.

~Button Mash was here.

A few grammar mistakes here and there and a few misspelled names, remember, ButtonMash isn't his name, it's Button Mash. Same goes for Sweetie Belle. Also, this:

It seemed Sweetie always had her ayes on him. Kind of creepy actually.

Ayes? In this case, I think you mean eyes.

Finally happy I got around to reading this. It's been on my Read It Later for a while. Short and sweet. 12/15. Just clean up your grammar and spelling a bit. Upvote & Fav!

5580094 My crappy spelling at it's best :D. But yeah, I think I need to use Microsoft Word or get and editor XD

5580094 Oh, and thanks for the fav!

Really? Mooncraft? When there is PonyCraft, MineLittlePony, HoofCraft, and more! I have been offended. Btw, this story seems kinda rushed......

kinda rushed and they both like each other duh:facehoof:

I think it's pretty brilliant! :pinkiehappy:

Will there be a sequel???

6089139 I was planning to, but I just don't have a story line for it.

6089463 Oh ok, maybe their wedding or something cliché like that?

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