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I love romances, mild gore, and comedies. I'm a new proofreader in the proof reader group. Look in there to find what i prefer to read, etc. I look forward to proofreading for you.


This story is a sequel to Law, Order, and Life.

After a lot of riots all over Equestria due to the Firing of Equestrian Prosecutor LawWing, Equestria was split into three districts. The Ponyville-Canterlot District, the Manehatten-Fillydelphia District, and the Las Pegasus-Appleloosa District. And a agency that used to protect Courts, has been given news jobs. Credit to http://rlv.zcache.com/keep_calm_and_trust_the_marshal_yardsign-ree94f9cda0084dd2b976e3f41a8d3454_fomuw_8byvr_324.jpg for the pic.

Teen for some dark crap.

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5550289 :3 Made a 2nd story fot shetz and giggles too XD it a buttonbell

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