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I love romances, mild gore, and comedies. I'm a new proofreader in the proof reader group. Look in there to find what i prefer to read, etc. I look forward to proofreading for you.



LawWing has power, money, a mansion, and a high ranking job! But this is all starting to get to him. He has no family, few friends, and pretty much works for fun! This however, his is life story of greatness and regret. To sustain a peaceful, and great land, justice must rule-LawWing
Cover art by: Harmonic Brush!

Rated T for: Mild language, mature plotline, murder scene, and weapon violence.
Sex tag for: mild sexual comments, or mentionings.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 31 )

This is pretty good, can't wait to read further chapters!

5416001 Yep!
5416004 Thanks, chapter 3 may just surprise you :3

5416174 All I know is that I'm in it, and, I can make cover art for you, it's much better than a pony creator.

5416177 Ok! Thanks. I only need one of LawWing(if you can add a brief case as a cutie mark too.)

5416210 Ok I'll try to get it to you in about 30 minutes - 1 hour

5416212 WOW! That's quick. Thanks, I owe ya one!

"And the judge?" said LawWing in a quite voice.
"Alive." she replied.

Well at least I'm still living :pinkiehappy: This was a funny / mild gore chapter. I like that about it. I think I know what the romance tag might be for...

5416395 If you do, pm me. I want to see if you can figure it out :3

5416001 Does your comment have anything to with the story?

"I'm a Prosecutor, not a pimp" best line in the whole chapter!!! :rainbowlaugh:

"I see." she retorted. " should be "I see." she replied. " or something like that a retort is used in an argument. Like this "I saved the kittens" Joe said grinning. "You did not" Sam retorted " you were too busy flirting with mares!"

5416694 Thanks for the advice. I'll fix that right now.

5416426 I got it right! yay! Awesome.

5417001 Can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

5417009 I can't either XD heads up, LawWing is going to fail at life :3

LawWing just sat there, checks red. Filled with stupidity.

Uhuh, what are checks? Do you mean cheeks?

What an intriguing concept! I've never considered a law / justice system in the MLP universe, but of course, a utopia is a hard ideal to maintain longterm. It am certainly hopeful that Law and Gentle will work out, as I'm an idealist, but I have a feeling in my gut that something is going to happen to the sweet mare. Law fits his role very well: serious about the job, serious about himself... until a dame walks in and turns things upside down for him! :derpytongue2: I certainly didn't expect what happened in the courtroom - and I enjoyed the puns! "Izi? An izi? Is that... ah-ha! It is!" Poor D.A. Octavia, though...

All in all, keep up the good work and don't give up!

"Buck that!" screamed Mr. Govi as he pulled out a izi automatic weapon.

From where? There is no place that he could have possibly hidd–

"Everyone get down, he's got a gun!" ordered LawWing. Pulling out his own Flock 17 pistol from his white suit.

Is there no security in Equestria at all? You know what, not going to bother.

This looks like a great mystery/trial story, it just feels a bit rushed. If you would spend a bit of time explaining the environment instead of the action, it wouldn't recieve as many downvotes.

Hey, great story so far, I would like to point out the mistakes I just happened to notice while reading.

The door opened, and a a white unicorn with a red mane walked in. Closing the door.

There should only be one a.

"Yep. Your GentleLure i presume? "

The i should be capitalized.

"Er, yes. I heard your training me, and that you have a case for us?" she questioned.

Should be you're not your.

He then began to run to the coffee shop next to the CourtHouse.

Court House is two words.

He just opened a desk drawer, pulling out a small china class of scotch.

Perhaps you mean glass?

"Oh buck!" said a angry LawWing.

Should be an.

I'm sorry if this offends you in any way and I apologize if it is a bit much. If you need any help editing the grammar on your stories, I would love to help you out. I've been told I have a keen eye for those kinds of things. And you did fantastic on the spelling!

Also, this story has earned my like! :pinkiehappy:

The first chapter is way, way too short, and the concept of dialing 911 in Equestria already made me lose interest, especially with the immediate kick instead of slowly introducing the characters, including the dead mare.

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