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I am the Historical Expert, especially about the Age of Discovery (Mostly are about the colonization in America of the Spanish Empire and the British Empire) and I am also the Master of the Ideas.



This story is a sequel to New Owners of the Castle

Captain Tabaqui Rann, one of the greatest and the most feared conquerors of the Naga Empire during early time of the expansion in space of the Naga Empire. He had conquered and caused the extinction to many alien species. He and his crew are also take their riches from them. For more than 500 years, no one had ever find the Trove of Captain Rann. But there is a pony of Equestria who will do it! And her name is Rainbow Dash!

* This story is inspired from Treasure Planet of Disney.

Chapters (14)
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A Treasure Planet crossover?!


This is kinda like that one Empire Earth crossover I found:
Kinda weird sounding but also really cool sounding at the same time.

Of course! This is Treasure Planet crossover!

Damn. Hopef for Scootaloo as Jim but, eh, at least it's truer to. The movie.


I already tried to think about Scootaloo and other two Crusaders. I did many times,

but then it comes to point like when the Captain had to give the laser muskets.

I don't like to see the kids in age of middle school to playing with real weapons.

And I don't think they are old enough to being responsible to do such thing as carry weapons.

Not to mention about let little three fillies walk into an unknown forest on an unknown alien world.

5511513 well sonce it is fanfic you cOuld write them as older mares.

I love how you included this moment. This song plus the scenes they have to go with it always makes me cry. Not afraid to admit it.

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