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I am the Historical Expert, especially about the Age of Discovery (Mostly are about the colonization in America of the Spanish Empire and the British Empire) and I am also the Master of the Ideas.



This story is a sequel to Empire from the Other Side

The Naga Empire decided to start a relation with both the inhabitants of Equestria and Griffon Kingdom. Princess Twilight and her friends, along with Spike were chose to be as the behalf of the whole land of Equestria to go as ambassadors. Meanwhile in the outer space, the two alien species that are the enemies of the Nagas had a plan to wipe out the Nagas once and for all.

* I got inspiration about this from Disney's Pocahontas: Journey to the New World.

Chapters (9)
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To whoever that press unlike my story because I did accident forgot to put the detail of chapter 3. Now I had fixed it. So at least come and have another try.

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