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I am the Historical Expert, especially about the Age of Discovery (Mostly are about the colonization in America of the Spanish Empire and the British Empire) and I am also the Master of the Ideas.



This story is a sequel to Island of Colossa

1000 years ago, before the time that all three tribes of the ponies will found Equestria. The Nagas, the most powerful civilization of the world, had come and colonize the land. But after the snow storm that caused by the Windigos, most of them are died and some had return to their homeland. And now they had return to reclaim everything back for their glorious empire.

* I got the inspiration of this story from Disney's Pocahontas.
* The laser weapons of the Nagas are inspired from laser weapons in Treasure Planet of Disney.
* This happened after the incident at Island of Colossa for 4 months.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 8 )

i must admit its very interesting, if not a bit slow.

What do you mean by that 'a bit slow'?

5159984 it would take forever to get to the point, and it took 2 chapters for the main 6 and the others to meet. i know about setting the pace but really?

otherwise its a good story to base apon

just wanted to ask, equestria has no muskets or guns that i know of. how come the foreign places have them?

The Nagas are the masters of the technology and also are the conquerors.

That is why they have the laser muskets to use. They had even traveled in space by now and of course.

Their alien enemies will play the big role in the sequel of this story.

Aah... anything else go wrong? Oh wait! You mean want me to change from 'died' to 'dead' right?


It's the only thing that stood out so far. That is till I start reading.

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