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Pinkie is given a special gift that gives her a window into a fandom they never knew existed. But when she shares this with her friends, things don't go exactly according to plan. On top of that, a special mission from the mayor? Timing couldn't be worse

Written for the enjoyment of the fan community on /co/ during the three week episode drought after Call of Cutie, this comedy is, nevertheless, very enjoyable to any fan. Modeled take place like an unlikely episode and remain in character, keep in mind that due to the nature of /co/, there is an adult reference warning.

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What was a beautiful piece of fanfic was marred by that god-forsaken rule 34. That kind of stuff really gets on my nerves. Like, really.

So many things I want to reply, but I'm not sure which one. Can you tell me more about the problem? Maybe we can come to an understanding.

An awesome piece of pony fiction for any fan of the show. Heck it might make a few. One of the best, great characterization, wonderfully executed concept, and generally great all over. Read it, you won't regret it.


The scene with the 'candy vag' really bothered me. I understand that some guys on the internet do that kind of stuff, so I can't exactly blame you for being realistic.

Ahh yes. Sorry about that. I went ahead and expanded the description to hopefully give people a heads up about the references. Written for /co/, I certainly couldn't avoid addressing rule 34 in some way, and I hoped I handled it well, utilizing it for the humor more than the shock.

I just put up Act II, so, I hope the next part reads a bit easier now that you know what you're in for. I hope the fic will still be redeemable despite that taste in your mouth.


It's cool, and I would still rate it a 5-star. I love the story, I just don't understand how people can like rule 34 ponies. *sigh*

Oh well, I'm off to read act II.

0-o TROLLESTIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great fic, but the last line scares me a bit.


Flutterbox is best pony.

This story haz teh lulz :pinkiegasp:

Sort of want more... Perhaps Pinkie discovers Cupcakes (:pinkiegasp:), or the ponies' curiosities get the better of them and they search for the fandom's opinion of Luna.

I agree, Flutterbox is best pony.


389 sounds more up Molestia's ally for the applexmac

Applemac? Um ew. Lol I loved it. Say dash discovered cupcakes and started freakin out

Pinkie Pie discovers music videos and starts having parties with videos of Lionel Richie playing.

That last line. NO! Don't you even THINK of going there.

Besides, everyone knows it's MacShy.

Celestia has some weird tastes, but she's harmless.:trollestia:

Well that was.....inspired. Just be glad Celestia spared their minds and didn't show them /d/. :pinkiesick: :twilightblush:

EPIC. I hope they do find SOME of us good ones though!:moustache:

Its the nature of rule 34.

This fan fiction was surprisingly touching and well written with all the ponies being perfectly in character. The subplot with Rainbow Dash was the most well written in my opinion, especially the scene in Act II in which she attempts to apply makeup. I just couldn't help but feel sorry for her and her attempts to subvert her recently applied label.

Dash only shrank further. “I-I-I had no mirror, okay? I’ve never tried it on before.” Her voice began to crack and tears welled up behind her magenta eyes as she rambled. “I forgot to pack a mirror and I don’t know how to wash it off and . . .”

I don't know, that just really got to me and I could really understand her pain of being labeled. I thought it was really touching, but that doesn't mean this isn't without its flaws.

The subplot of Rarity was devoid of anything worthwhile, but this is understandable since she wasn't the particular target of anything on 4chan, but it seems like you could have done something more when working with nothing like with Fluttershy and her amusing shyness of hiding in a cardboard box, which made for some funny situations such as her comment towards Rainbow Dash.

Overall, this was pretty good. :ajsmug:

Thank you, I appreciate your comment a lot. It's very detailed. I think there is merit in all you said, too, and if gives me things to think about.

:rainbowhuh: RD's subplot was a particular favorite of mine. Her conflict left potential for both comedy and sympathy. Perhaps the most potential of any pony at that time, though it was a bit of a line to balance neither condemning or supporting views on her orientation. I intentionally left that open ended, though I have my opinions on it.

Funny. Chaos was watching that "Who's a silly pony" song on Youtube before reading this.
Chaos went back and finished.

:applejackconfused: WHAT!!!
Chaos: Nothing. Never you mind, you silly pony. No. Wait. Chaos means-
(Screams could be heard as the camera turn black)


lol that was great :pinkiehappy:

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