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It's been a few years since Shining Armor retired, longer since the birth of his daughter, and longer still since his marriage to Chrysalis. He's an old pony, older than most, but that doesn't stop him from loving life and loving his wife. Age waits for nopony, though, and it catches up to the best of us.

A/N: This technically takes place in the same universe as good-end True Love Never Changes, though you don't really need to have read that to get this. This is a possible future based on the good end, and may or may not be considered canon as you feel suits you.

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How are you not more popular?

This was a lovely story I read. So Shining Armor passed away in his sleep at age 98? Not a bad way to go if I had to say. Though did Chrysalis just die at the end after releasing that love spell? I can't tell exactly given the description of that last paragraph and final sentence.

SOB! SEE I knew I like original better! SOB! :applecry: why why am I crying happily?

I like it, but I can't help but see the (unintentional?) similarities with The Bitterness of Mortality

:pinkiesad2: :fluttercry: :raritycry: Chryssie no...


Chrysalis smiled one last time and closed her eyes.

Many hours passed until she next opened them. At least, she thought. Time had no meaning in the realm of the dead. She sighed, almost inaudibly, to herself, and walked into the heavy mist surrounding her.

Suddenly, or so it seemed, her legs tired, and she collapsed onto ground that was and wasn't there. She sat back up, tilted her head to the sky(?) and wailed with longing and despair. She was so caught up in her grief she almost didn't feel the hoof on her shoulder.

"Shining Armor?" she whispered, wiping tears out of her eyes. She brought her chin down slightly and found herself gazing into the endless blue eyes she remembered so well. Shining, in this realm, looked the same age as the day he'd married her. She supposed she did too."Shiny!" she cried again.

The two ponies embraced, and broke apart after mere moments. "Oh Shiny, I missed you," she said, kissing her husband. The force of her kiss pushed her husband into his back, until she lay on top of him.

Chrysalis stepped back, smiling. Whatever happened, they'd be in it together, forever.

I agree with this ending. Its a good one. I read the first story. Hated that second ending. This story just completes everything in that world.

Well, can't say I didn't see that sort of ending happening early on in this one-shot. Rather bittersweet.

Sucks for those that were left behind. Especially their daughter. She just buried her father, now her mother is gone. Bet if there was a follow-up to this, some would be quite angry. I can see the daughter's wife being a bit pissed that Chrysalis put them through that, for example.

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