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Artists sometimes spew creation like a fountain of colorful vomit. Other times we must work, and toil, and practice until our fingers paint our keyboard and our story red with our efforts.


Twilight Sparkle has always had strange dreams about Princess Luna, dreams that she has never told anypony about. These dreams were new to her, and very sensual. So she has spent years trying to ignore them, and she had done so very well. Until one day Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell tell her about one of Princess Luna's special powers.

Twilight becomes paranoid and loses sleep out of fear, how will she deal with the revelation that Luna can enter dreams. And how will she confront Luna about this?

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A little fast paced by well written :twilightsmile:

4935148 Thank you. I'm glad that enjoyed the story. It is a little fast paced on purpose. I usually write longer stories, but this was just a cool little idea that popped into my head.

This story was fast paced and all over the place. It was a bit difficult to enjoy the story, but I liked the idea, it was kind of funny if I'm being honest :ajsmug:
So, good job, but there is definitely room for development, just keep doin what you're doin :pinkiehappy:

5243581 Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you found if funny, it was supposed to be a little comical. XD

That was really cute

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