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Twilight Sparkle's talent for magic is ever growing but when she starts learning long range teleportation she quickly finds that any slight error in direction can become great errors. Finding herself on the continent of Tamriel, a continent she didn't even know existed, she desperately tries to find a way back home. But between Tamriel's hostile climate and it's unique inhabitants seeming to relish in conflict fate itself seems to be acting against her.

note- This is a crossover fic with MLP and The Elder Scrolls that takes place between season 2 and season 3 of MLP and about 20 years before the events of Skyrim.
note- Much research has gone into this story to keep everything Elder Scrolls as accurate as humanly possible in it's portrayal. Every city, organization, and major event is established in Elder Scroll lore.
note- Despite the fact above, no knowledge of Elder Scrolls is required to understand what's happening in the story.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 12 )

This need some serious work! Please find a editor it really needs one.... Have a good day! :heart:

Well I enjoyed chapter one of the revamped version, though I did notice a couple errors here and there. If you're interested, I could edit for you and clean up those nasty little errors.:raritywink:

hahaha dangerous is an under statment


Addressing your points in order:
1: My idea was Equestria was the pony name for the land mass MLP is set on and from the Tamrielic side of things is actually Akavir, which in native Akaviri translates to "Dragon Land." Which is why they still have dragons after the humans hunted all of them on Tamriel to extinction. Despite Akavir being only about 4000 miles away from Tamriel (Which isn't much farther than the UK is from the US) there is very little known about Akavir in Elder Scrolls lore so I took advantage of that. I also intend to bring that up as the story goes on.

2: Not every Equestrian is aware of Tamriel but that doesn't mean there isn't a single pony that knows. Twilight was ignorant of it yes but that's one pony who, until like a year ago pony time, the furthest she had been from Canterlot was Ponyville. The cover-up is going to be brought up more in later chapters (very soon actually) but to satisfy your needs I'll give the short version: Select task force for guarding the boarders on Celestia's behalf and forbidden from saying anything about it. there is much more to it than that and it's a bit more complicated but if we're looking at it black and white then that's the gist of it.

It's going to be explained as the story progresses and there is more exposure to Tamriel. I've altered little things (like Equestria is an informal name for the land of Akavir) but I do intend to explain it.

If I may briefly go off on a ever so slightly relevant tangent: given her travels Daring Do most certainly knows about Tamriel but being the loner that she is and given that her personal adventures happen in Equestria and therefor don't make it into her books she doesn't tell people (she probably wont even be mentioned in this story at all but I'm just saying). Hell, continuing the Daring Do route some of Ahuizotl's minions of vicious cats resemble certain breeds of Khajiit. The race of Khajiit is bound with the moon cycles and depending on moon phases it's appearance can be wildly different from that of it's parents. The Suthay-raht breed of Khajiit is by far the most common and what comes to your mind when you think Khajiit but there are 20-some odd races of Khajiit (which is going to be touched on later in this story). Most notably are the Ohmes (who look the most like humans and are often mistaken for elves when viewed at a distance given how much their appearance resemble the Bosmer (wood elves)), the Senche-raht (who are essentially mammoth sized Lions. Walk on four legs and everything), and then the Alfiq, which is the reason I started named Khajiit races. The Alfiq is described as being "nearly indistinguishable from the common house cat." While they are unable to speak they have a Khajiit's intelligence. They are also often used as spies since no one accuses the house cat of eavesdropping.
Which I only bring up because why else would the Ahuizotl have a warrior house cat ...

But that's (mostly) irrelevant.

3: As I said it'll be brought up more as the story progresses. Twilight from the outside looking in and seeing how Tamriel views what is going on, the other 5 (at least for a while) as they past the blockade and start asking questions. And I also intend of Spike to start asking Celestia questions as they start sending letters back and forth and certain topics start to go over his head.

None of it really has to do with Oblivion per-say. This story is being made with not only super fans of the series in mind but also people who casually enjoy elder scrolls, as well as people who have never played it before. Twilight is going to have the same questions the person who has never played before is going to have and while there are going to be certain parts that will mean more to the super fan it wont leave the other readers in the dark for long.

I'm sorry you're having a hard time but trust that I have this completely planned out and certain parts I want to build up to. I just didn't want chapter one to be a huge info-dump mess. I want it to feel more organic and right now my intent was that the rest of the mane 6 are concerned enough that Twilight might be in real danger that they are willing to let quite a bit slide by but as the initial adrenaline wears off they start picking the situation apart. Please bear with me here but I promise it'll be sorted soon. The story is going to focus on Twilight and certain things have to happen in order to have her friends question what's going on.


Don't worry about it. I'm sorry you had to ask at all, I guess it's something I'm going to have to work on.
Frankly asking questions shows you're at least a little interested so if anything comes up don't hesitate to ask. I'll most likely have an answer because I have a full timeline of events planned out and you asking will help me see what I should have explained better. I'd definitely prefer you asking questions than saying something akin to "screw this, this is stupid" and just stop reading so thanks for that :twilightsmile:

I'm also noting that you have replaced Akavir with Equestria in this fic, Where would the Blades have come from if not from Akavir?

reads last chapter so far.
*gulp* :twilightoops:

Great work :) I found this when looking on the similar of the Skyrim mlp fan fic im writing (its not done, and not even uploaded yet)

Edit: its uploaded now :D

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