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Twilight Sparkle teaches a filly that no pony is ever truly alone so long as there is somepony, somewhere, who loves and cares for them.

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Its nice but nothing special. Nothing that I have not seen several times before, well written all the same though.

Good story with good morals. There are a few noticible grammar errors here and there but that doesn't stop me from giving you my like.

Where the story lacks in emotional power and satisfying depth, it makes up for in its remarkable simplicity and show-accurate innocence. Twilight in the show is meant to explain and help us celebrate the simple facts of life - and the magic of friendship. Giving a filly a lesson for how to cope with long-distance friendship reads like an action Twilight would actually do, and the piece delivers perfectly with natural dialogue.

In a thousand words, you capture the essence of the show.

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