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Hi there! The names Kro! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Huh... Surprised that no one else tried to comment on this unlisted story...

PS. Surprise!:pinkiecrazy:

i'm going to save this for later >.>

Well that kind of stuff happened in the midevil times

Ummmm gotta to take care of something.......right now!!!!

The "start-up sequence" that you are describing when Button turns on his laptop is actually called "booting."

Remember when you could think about Milano cookies without getting turned on? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

such a fantastic mother-son one shot. A little rushed in parts, but very well paced overall.

Read, Fav'd, Liked, and will enjoy again in the future.

5237149 Jesus Christ! I'm dying!:rainbowlaugh:



"NO! Not now!" She screamed, pulling him onto the bed as their positions swapped, with her now on top of HER.


Interting clop here, gj for your first time.

Okay. Where's the hand lotion...

alt name has already been taken for other fics heh.....

Why the hell did you put that giant ass author note at the top?

~Skeeter The Lurker

Although...Now that she thinks of it...he was growing up to be a very handsome young stallion. A smart, good looking and rather toned young stallion. It would be a shame to any of the young mares who won't date him, just because of his gaming addicting

Just because of his gaming ADDICTION... You put the wrong word...

"Yea! You should! You're lucky you have that stallion of yours. Although...he's really odd. Keeps saying he's the doctor, even though he isn't" Lyra said, pouting as she crossed her arms.
"H-Hey! Don't make fun of him! Turner's a really good guy, even if he may be odd at times" Derpy said, feeling a little flustered. "And he always has this weird blue box..." she added in a very soft tone, scrunching her face.

Doctor Whooves reference, good job man...

Now this is quite a good clopfic, well written too...

You really need to make a sequel to this...

5241903 Of her being impregnated?:moustache:


Not necessarily, just a sequel of some more Button on Milano action I guess...

5242203 Err....I dunno. This is my first ever clop, so I'm still kinda new to the concept. A sequel would probably be on a real huge hiatus until I can get a better grasp of this certain genre.


You actually did an extremely good job for I first time clop fic writer.

This is good and all, but I noticed a few places you could touch up...

Why not find an editor and clean it up?

~Skeeter The Lurker

I agree..


I clopped to this. :heart::rainbowwild:

And the results are in... Button Mash...YOU...ARE...THE FATHER.
(Live studio audience cheers)

5245762 I can't believe I got the reference so damn fast :rainbowlaugh:

I tried to resist the clop but lost it.

well it looks like Button may have a little sibling soon

aaaaaaaannd.....boom goes the dynamite. :rainbowlaugh:


5254353 Jeez, calm down. Haven't you seen pornographic cartoons? No one gets pregnant, literally no one.

5258186 dude that was all in good fun. i was only joking around.

Mr Quill

Was his first name Silver?

5260904 Idk. Just thought Mr Quill is a cool name :applejackunsure:

5261097 so...whats your opinion on foalcon? me? its funny as hell when your reading it to yourself XD

5261191 Personally, it's...strange. I'm honestly intrigued when a story like this comes up and I wonder to myself "I wonder how we got into this set of circumstances" so I sit down and I read it. Most of the time it's okay, this one was actually quite good, but as for foalcon itself... well there's two different kinds of that: foal X foal (Which is slightly better in my opinion both story wise and logic wise) and adult X foal (Which I like less because parents having intercourse with their kids is weird and I wouldn't want that happening in the real world, forgive me for being Kantian.)

5262235 I take cooking classes, so I won't judge :3

other than that, foalcon is just plain comedic platinum to me XD

5262678 Ah, cooking class, I really want to cook as a profession.

5262726 yes yes of course. Now hush for a few minutes, I'm baking a cake

5262852 Did someone say cake?! But I thought the cake was a lie?!

5284945 I meant that i was actually baking a chocolate cake....

Surprised this hasn't come up yet:

There are some things you may want to edit.

It would be a shame to any of the young mares who won't date him, just because of his gaming addicting.


With that, using her other hand, she removed a black in in her mane, making her mane fall gracefully, shaking her head slightly and using the same hand to set aside a few stray strands of her mane away, all the while giving Button a seductive look.

That should be something else.

Smirking to herself, she then used one of her that was on his dick to massage it,

You're missing a word.

She then removed her jeans to reveal her black laced panty, a rather damp area could be seen. She took the two articles of clothing before hurling then to the other end of the room.

That should be "panties;" and "them".

She then began to quiver as she realized her son was still doing his job of pleasing him.


"NO! Not now!" She screamed, pulling him onto the bed as their positions swapped, with her now on top of her.


With whatever, strength Button possessed, he managed to grab his mother's breast, causing her to gasp out loud, massaging one of them and using his mouth to suck on it as he bit on the nipple of her other breast.

And there shouldn't be a comma there.

5300072 I was half expecting that.

I think that this thing needs an epilogue. Milano just did Button in the throes of her heat manifesting, and she said that there will be more sessions until the heat is over. And I have to say that generally heated mare + no protection + willing stallion = foal in about a year. So there is gonna be a foal that is also gonna be a son/daughter of Milano and brother/sister of Button. There is probably a story about those consequences, unless there is gonna be a deus ex type of memory swipe that keeps things status quo.....:duck:


Found something in the message.


when she uses the mic to tell her foes to "Piss off you cunts!".

ever-so satisfying to imagine it in a british accent :rainbowkiss:


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