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This story is a sequel to My Little Miracle

Just a few weeks ago, Loving Miracle's world came crashing down around her. Now she has to pick up the pieces of her life and find the answers she so desperately needs, but will she even want them afterwards? Follow Loving Miracle as she delves into the secrets behind her missing memory with the help of her mother, a candy maker, and a princess.

The current cover art is temporary while I work on the real one. Also, cover made by me. ^v^

This story is a sequel to My Little Miracle, I recommend reading that first. ^v^

Chapters (2)
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ok and yay it is out :pinkiehappy: and oh no fluttershy is really badly :raritycry: who ever did that to her is so going to be dead or wish they never been born

Will read once it's complete. :pinkiehappy:

She had come so far in her lessons taking to magic like a natural, her flying could use work, but little Miracle was making great progress.

She had come so far in her lessons, taking to magic like a natural. Her flying could use work, but little Miracle was making great progress.

I have somehow managed to like this twice.

Me thinks a dark tag is coming...:fluttershysad:

Pretty good so far. You handled the exposition quite nicely, but as a whole the chapter feels choppy. There aren't any glaringly obvious spelling errors, but many of the sentences are either disjointed or improperly formed. May I suggest using coordinating conjunctions and commas?

Hmmmm..... Possibly.... I won't reveal much, but let's just say the current product differs greatly from my original idea and I'm just rolling with it. :trollestia:

MORE! WHY THE CLIFFHANGER!?! I can probably guess what appened, though... :derpyderp1:

more please.....if thats..um.. ok with you

This totally doesn't have the same idea as a certain other story. Yep, their both completely different. :ajsmug:


If only to wonder what would have happened if Loving Miracle came home earlier than she did:pinkiecrazy::duck:.


The beginning seems to be a little rushed/robotic.
But apart from that I enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

This was a great chapter bit I still hate you because fluttershy did not deserve anything like that to happen to her

:flutterrage: run changelings run. for the fluttershy has a new stare and this one may as well kill you

I have a feeling that Miracle is a changeling princess or something important like that.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Like the plant?

4612809 What do you mean? It was the changelings that did it. Hate them :trollestia:

I really like this story. I won't lie and say it's my favorite changeling fic (that goes to Mirror Image) but it's definitely one of the better ones. I can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Also, STUPID FLUTTERSY, LET YOUR FRIENDS PROTECT YOU!!!:fluttershyouch: Seriously, that mare's going to get herself hurt again, staying by herself so far from town. She needs protection.

Omgomgomg update update update update update

hearing about others with ADHD make me glad I only have ADD

blackrosedarkness i got a question when will the next chapter come out for this sequel

4663325 I also have ADHD but is mostly hyper in my head from outside i'm pretty calm.

Is this story dead, cause it hasn't had a new chapter in a long time.:twilightblush:

5609648 i am wondering that too

Ooooohhhhh get rekt xD I imagine fluttershy right now.

"Fuck that I'm going to crush a changelings head and save my daughter.

Will there be more?

6103912 Eventually. I'm dealing with a horrible case of writer's block regarding this story..... But I haven't quit on it yet. Don't worry. :twilightsmile:

It looks like you found a pan and teriyaki sauce for your broccoli.:ajsmug: (sorry about my running broccoli metaphor, I just bought a lot of frozen broccoli for a recipe today:twilightsheepish:)

For a moment there, you had me thinking that BonBon was a changeling queen that screwed her hive by leaving it without an heir ready.

Along came the beef to accompany the broccoli cooking in teriyaki sauce.
Well marinated, tender beef.:scootangel:
The story still needs better transitions between scenes and characters though.
Little sad that the burner has been turned off and the pan was removed from the heat.
Now I am left sitting at the train station waiting for a train that may not come. With only my travel bag.

As well as my bag of raw broccoli....

(For everyone else that comes along later, I started a broccoli metaphor in the first chapter of the first story in the "loving miracle 'verse, and since I shotgunned the two stories, I continued the metaphor in the next story)

blackrosedarkness is this sequel over

Don't die! Why?!! Why almost all good story I found dead? Live! Rise and shine.:raritydespair:

I also have adhd so I know how difficult it can be to not be distracted love the story and I wish to see it continued soon.

A very interesting story and I would love to see it make a return. :)

Please don’t cancel this

Welp, now we have a Mayo and Tomato Sandwich. Not great but better than bland. Too bad it looks like it will never be finished.

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