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Hey there fellow aspiring writers! I'm an artist (who really should have drawn her own cover photo by now), and enjoys stories regarding the Princess of the Night.


Twilight's parents have arranged a marriage between her and a pony named Star Swirl. When Twilight finds out, she is not happy.

However, before she has time to dwell on it, disaster strikes.

A powerful unicorn named Sombra has begun taking over the country, destroying entire villages and towns as mere game. According to the breathless messenger, the nearest town, only two days travel, is already under his control. All mages who fought him have failed, even with their combined strength.
Burdened with this knowledge, Star Swirl immediately prepares for a long journey, one that he and Twilight will share. Legend tells of an enchanted book hidden deep within the mountain ranges, said to hold spells more powerful than that of ten skilled sorcerers. He believes it may be the only way to defeat Sombra before it's too late.

Throughout their mission, they will face many challenges and trials. They will make mistakes, learn new skills, and prepare for coming storm on their return. Together, they endure everything life has to throw at them.
Twilight begins warming up to Star Swirl, even enjoying his company.

And then one day, the realization hits her.

She is slowly falling in love with him.

(This story is set in the same time era of when the three pony tribes lived apart. But before the events that created 'hearts warming eve'.)

(Also, I know the cover photo makes him look old, but in this story he's really about the same age as Twilight.)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 9 )

Interesting concept. I've never seen something like this before. And, by the way, you should get an editor or a proofreader. I found several mistakes in the chapter.

Thank you :twilightsmile:
Eventually, I will find a proofreader. For the moment though, I just rely on comments.

4781641 Oki-doki. But I won't be much help. I'm on a phone with really bad wifi, so it's almost impossibke for me to edit. Sorry.

I kinda hope twilight doesn't like the engagement.

The only problem I have with this story is that I don't think this really counts as an arranged marriage. The description was slightly misleading but I wasn't disappointed by what i did find.... If that makes any sense....

What time period is this in relation to FiM? You say Romeo and Juliet, but that just says in relation to Earth time.

I think I get what your saying. I probably didn't write it out to well, but I was trying to portray it as they arranged it with Star Swirl, without talking to Twilight about it previously. Unless that is what your saying doesn't count, which I could understand.

It would be around the time the three pony nations were split up. But long before the windigo incident.

I'm going to modify the description to clear up confusion.

I feel like you might've written too much information that should unfold in the story in the description, it could very well just be me but I don't find it all that appetizing for a description to just say "Bam! here's the villain and also they fall in love." Also, night light accepting Star Swirl's offer seemed a bit quick, but given he has a history with Twilight it isn't terribly contrived.

But I can look past them since you seem to write well and I'm a sucker for stories that take place in the past so I'll read on. Good luck.

this story is looking interesting. keep up the good work. ^_^ :twilightsmile:


Have a like, fave and follow :rainbowwild: 😂

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