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Hey there fellow aspiring writers! I'm an artist (who really should have drawn her own cover photo by now), and enjoys stories regarding the Princess of the Night.

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A collection of poems telling about Luna's life before Nightmare Moon, and after.

They are expected to be anywhere from 50-500 words each, and will be written as I think of them. Story and/or character tags may change as I write new poems.

These don't necessarily have to be read in order, each chapter is its own poem/story, and ill probably have about 10 different styles of poetry. So chances are, you'll hate some, and possibly love others.

(Some of the poems are about the night in general, and don't mention Luna. It'll put this "~" little mark on them.")

Cover is from CSImadmax on deviantart.

Chapters (7)

Twilight's parents have arranged a marriage between her and a pony named Star Swirl. When Twilight finds out, she is not happy.

However, before she has time to dwell on it, disaster strikes.

A powerful unicorn named Sombra has begun taking over the country, destroying entire villages and towns as mere game. According to the breathless messenger, the nearest town, only two days travel, is already under his control. All mages who fought him have failed, even with their combined strength.
Burdened with this knowledge, Star Swirl immediately prepares for a long journey, one that he and Twilight will share. Legend tells of an enchanted book hidden deep within the mountain ranges, said to hold spells more powerful than that of ten skilled sorcerers. He believes it may be the only way to defeat Sombra before it's too late.

Throughout their mission, they will face many challenges and trials. They will make mistakes, learn new skills, and prepare for coming storm on their return. Together, they endure everything life has to throw at them.
Twilight begins warming up to Star Swirl, even enjoying his company.

And then one day, the realization hits her.

She is slowly falling in love with him.

(This story is set in the same time era of when the three pony tribes lived apart. But before the events that created 'hearts warming eve'.)

(Also, I know the cover photo makes him look old, but in this story he's really about the same age as Twilight.)

Chapters (1)

I stood there silently, looking deep into the eyes of each and every one of them. I wouldn't leave until I had what I wanted.
"Well?" I asked, growing impatient. "Do we have a deal?"
One stallion stepped out of the shadows, "Oh, we have a deal all right." he stated.
I grinned at him.
"But," he added, "Only because we know what you are."
"Oh?" I asked, my grin turning to a smirk. "What am I?"
He looked at me coldly.

The following description is guaranteed to at least a little change with time. I'm kinda writing the story as I go. But here's a basic description to go by.

Poison is a young mare who, because of trials as a foal, has become an assassin unmatched in skill. She was born into the badlands outside of Equestria's harmonic reach, and into an evil monarchy government.

The evil dictator running it all is known for taking every precaution against all threats. Those who escape his wrath are few, those who escape his kingdom are fewer.

And those who survive opposing him are almost non-existent.

The experiences and horrors she endured after being taken from her home have taught Poison one thing; never give up. She was originally taken as another foal he could use in his ever powerful army. But ever since she escaped, every waking moment is spent seeking out ponies within the monarchy to take down.

One day, she discovers he has plans for their neighboring country of Equestria. Plans that include releasing every demon in Tartarus upon them, leaving him to rule over the remains. With the danger of this new threat, as well as the fact that Equestria is completely unaware, Poison makes the decision that it's finally time to join forces with the resistance.

She offers her services, which they gladly accept thanks to her reputation. She is given a team of elite fighters and spy's who, combined with her skills in assassination and keeping undetected, make an invincible force. They will be the key in taking down the monarchy, and keeping the demons in Tartarus where they belong.

Poison, along with her new team, strive to end the evil monarchy once and for all.

Nothing will stand in the way of her completing her mission.

Even if it kills her.

(I'll probably include the CMC in here somewhere because it AU. Not quite sure where yet.)

Chapters (2)
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