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Moonlit Oasis

Hey there fellow aspiring writers! I'm an artist (who really should have drawn her own cover photo by now), and enjoys stories regarding the Princess of the Night.


A collection of poems telling about Luna's life before Nightmare Moon, and after.

They are expected to be anywhere from 50-500 words each, and will be written as I think of them. Story and/or character tags may change as I write new poems.

These don't necessarily have to be read in order, each chapter is its own poem/story, and ill probably have about 10 different styles of poetry. So chances are, you'll hate some, and possibly love others.

(Some of the poems are about the night in general, and don't mention Luna. It'll put this "~" little mark on them.")

Cover is from CSImadmax on deviantart.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 6 )

Aaaaannd favorite! But now I must wait for more, yet I know it will be worth it.

Would you be willing to make anything about the NLR? I would be very thankful if you do.

Yeah, I can probably do that. It might take me a while to think of something though.

I really liked this one, how it showed her gradual change. I especially liked that ominous ending.

This one was fun to read. I think the first verse was my favorite in this chapter.

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