• Published 13th Oct 2014
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Story of the Moon - Moonlit Oasis

A collection of poems telling about Luna's past life, present life, and time spent on the moon.

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When They Were Young

When they were young


Hush! Listen now,
Can you hear the sound?
Of the pony sisters,
And their whispers,
As they play around?

Quietly conversing,
Adventures what they seek,
They have no fright,
Their eyes are bright,
For neither one is weak.

Together they will run,
And hide and skip and dance,
And all their fun,
Has just begun,
They say as whilst they prance.

They'll be there for each other,
For each the other's fond.
For every day,
That fades away,
They share a special bond.

Both the yin and yang of life,
Together in a whole,
Both so fair,
And filled with care,
Yet each a different soul.

Look now! See their eyes,
That droop in need of sleep,
They'll rest once more,
Just like before,
And in their dreamland keep.

Author's Note:

This is new poetry style I decided to try. Don't know if it's got a name or not, I just decided to make it rhyme this way.
I wanted to write a few from when they were just little fillies, this is my first attempt.

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