• Published 13th Oct 2014
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Story of the Moon - Moonlit Oasis

A collection of poems telling about Luna's past life, present life, and time spent on the moon.

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My name is Luna,
I'm the princess of the night.
I rule over the dark,
And shadow things from sight.

I control the galaxies,
I made the Milky Way.
The night sky is my canvas,
Behind the light of day.

I've created stars,
And given them a glow.
Arranged them into patterns,
That fables soon would show.

My ponies have these star maps,
And use them to create,
A way to travel onward,
To find a new landscape.

I'm a fraction of what I once was,
Before I met defeat.
When I thought that if I took the day,
My night would be complete.

I know now that I'm loved,
And I know that I've been missed.
I wish I knew so long ago,
That I'd end up like this.

A thousand years ago,
I got trapped inside the moon.
Because I was so angry,
I though night was tossed and hewn.

The ponies didn't love me,
I was a creature in the dark.
Something to be scared of,
Something to be marked.

My sibling had a war,
With me, her only sister.
I led the attack,
While she was the resistor.

She'd wept and pleaded with me,
And said she would not fight.
But I ignored her anguished cries,
And stuck with all my might.

She'd fallen hard against the stone,
It stunned her for a while.
But she got up with teary eyes,
And sent me to exile.

While I was causing havoc,
She thought back to a tree,
That defeated Discord and,
Restored that harmony.

The last thing I ever saw,
Were tears inside her eyes,
As she gazed up sadly,
And whispered her goodbyes.

I don't deserve forgiveness,
Don't think I ever will.
I caused so much misery,
And even tried to kill.

Forever more, this will be,
My ultimate regret.
If I could I'd change the past,
And just hit the reset.

But I can't, what's done is done,
It'd be best not to dwell.
I for one feel terrible,
But Tia does as well.

I owe it to my sister,
Who saved me from my fate,
To be a heartless monster,
Only filled with hate.

Were it not for her,
I would not be here.
Consumed in my own darkness,
Living life in fear.

Although I've made great beauty,
I'm not a perfect soul.
I still have my errors,
And each one left their hole.

My little ponies need me,
In truth, I need them to.
We both have suffered much,
From the sky of deeper hue.

I'll leave this tale with you,
And hope that you can see,
Envy won't reward,
You could end up like me.

My name is Luna,
I'm the princess of the night.
Remember what I've told you,
As you fall asleep tonight.

Author's Note:

Well, what do you think? I've always loved writing poetry, and I've got about 20 more sitting in 'unpublished' files, because they need a bit more added.

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